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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unlocking retirement income

One of the biggest assets many of us develop over the course of our lifetimes is our personal home and property. Many of us spend a lifetime paying for and updating our homes into a very personal space. In today's society of increasing expenses and decreasing incomes there are alternatives for people that are approaching retirement that would like to unlock the value in their homes without selling them and moving into retirement homes or in with relatives. Looking into reverse mortgages is a real alternative that can help you maintain your monthly expenses and as you are essentially borrowing money from yourself there are no monthly payback payments required with your loan as long as you live in and maintain your home. There are many
Reverse Mortgage Benefits available to you that you might not realize, the first step is to find out the details of how a reverse mortgage works and than to find the value of your home which can be asseced by the current market value of your home minus the current amount you owe on your home. Taking the right steps to secure your future retirement can be very easy and helpful by using the steps to acquire a reverse mortgage on your property. These types of loans are available in all states just click on the link to find out more information about reverse mortgage California and get on your way to financial Independence even in your retirement.

The impending Big 3 Bail Out

What is your opinion on the impending bail out of the big 3 car companies in the US and Canada? I am very upset that the government would even consider using the taxpayers money to bail out 3 companies. Yes I agree that these companies were an important part in the history of our countries here in North America but it is just business none the less. If it was any other company out there would there be this big push to dole our millions/billions of dollars to save these companies. In the name of big business if you can't make a go of it than you go out of or sell your business to someone that can. I personally feel it is an complete slap in the face to expect this to happen. If any one person is facing financial struggles the government doesn't bail them out are we as people not an vital part our the country?

Reconnecting with old friends

How many times has it happened to you, you were out for a while and you missed some phone calls, sometimes people leave messages but sometimes they don't and if your anything like me it is annoying to have a phone number on you phone that you don't know who it belongs too. Advances in Reverse Phone Lookup services allow you to track any number no longer does it matter if it is a blocked number, land line or cell, you can track them all quickly and easily. It's much easier than just dialing the number and seeing who answers on the other end because it allows you a chance to get prepared for the conversation. You can also use this reverse phone lookup service to reunite with old friends and loved ones. The service will allow you to enter an old phone number that you might remember and actually link you to the persons current contact information, what a great service for finding those old friends that got seperated over the years. Using this type of service from can be a great time saver as you no longer have to make multiple phone calls to find these old acquaintances. For more information check out the website to register and get started on your search.

It's almost over

What an exciting day, I have to admit I am almost finished the dreaded Christmas shopping list. We got the last couple of things for the kids the other day and only have a few stocking things left to pick up, well maybe I exagerate there because we got these giant stockings at the dollarama the other day and it will take a bit extra to fill them up. I am getting really excited for Christmas this year, I can't wait to get the big day here and take a week with the kids.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Social Networking

To help with my Christmas shopping decisions I thought it might be an interesting idea to turn online to find a review site that could give me reviews from actual owners of the things I am looking for. A great new site that was launced recently is acobay which pupose is to bring people with like interest and products together. The site is fairly new and is still working through some of the growing pains but is pretty cool because you can go on and review the products you own and get connected with other people whom own the same items. You can browse different catagories of merchandise from cars, phones, camera's, computers and many other products. For my first stuff item I discussed our current van which is a Montana SV6, which we've had for about 3 years. It has been an extreamly reliable vehicle and has a comfortable ride. It is a little piggish on the gas tank but with the price of gas going down recently it doesn't seem so bad lately. If you would like to link to my stuff discussion check out the Montana Discussion that I left. Take the opportunity to sign up for your free account now and start letting your opinions be heard all around the world. It's a great way to start connecting to people that share the same interests as you do.

Unbelieveable Temperatures

Keep in mind it has been pouring rain here for days but that is way better than if it was cold enough that we actually would have gotten snow. If it had been colder we would be a few feet of snow for sure and had everything closed down. Today it was 17 out mind you a bit windy but what a nice break for the heaters. One thing for sure it doesn't feel much like Christmas without any snow around but we'll have to get over it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A new View

I have been a eyeglass wearer for the last 10 years and have always had the same pair of frames. Now while wearing glasses has become very natural to me the one thing that always bothers me is that I have my glasses and while I like them sometimes I would like some different styles to wear but it is hard to make it fit into my budget to afford extra pairs of glasses. My wife has been talking about getting me a new pair for Christmas so I began searching for good deals. Little did I know that I would actually find the best deals online at optical4less. They have a great selection of eyeglasses with great features like anti-reflective coating, uv protection and anti-scratch just to name a few. The really impressive thing is the price, what a great way to save money when they are offering a big over stock sale of only $15 a pair and free international shipping if you order more than 1 pair. Think about this you can actually afford to have a different pair of glasses for every wardrobe or every day of the week for less than 1 pair of glasses at the eyewear shop. They even offer a virtual try on system so you can get an idea what the frames will look like before you buy and with their speedy delivery system you could be enjoying your new frames in less than a week

I'm not sure I'm impressed

Today was our first snow, and while it didn't really amount to an great amount of snow it was also our pup's first experience with the cool white stuff. She was very timid when first going out but once she got the hang of it she couldn't be convinced to come in. The kids where just as bad as her when they got home from school and they headed to the back yard for some fun too. Wondering what she will think when we get some serious amounts of snow built up for my little winter princess.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outfitting our Young Man

After my son joined cadets he has begun to show a lot of interest in dressing with more of a military type wardrobe. It was challangeing to find much gear in our area but with a little searching online we were able to find a site that offered all types of tactical gear that would suit his developing tastes. They offer tactical pants, boots and even 5.11 tactical shorts that he liked for hiking. They even offer all kinds of great accessories to complete his look from sunglasses, backpacks and boots. Right now they are offering great specials including when we buy 2 pairs of tactical pants we get free shipping a free hat and if needed free return shipping. An extra bonus right now is with every order you get a free Shick Quatro razor so there is a bonus gift for me by just getting him the clothes he wants.

Flying Solo

With my wife working every night I have been flying solo with the kids a lot more than I am used to, last night was the annual kids skating party for my work group and I got to take the kids. It worked out alright, just takes a little longer to do every set of skates. The kids made it there and back without any major injuries and they all had a great time with skating, pizza and a visit from Santa who had big bags to give to the kids including a bear, coloring kits and some treats. Trinity even said it was the best night of her life when we got home.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Preparing for the economic slowdown

With the economic down turn the country is facing I have been considering taking other courses in case I need to find other employment, I have been looking into a online university degree program that I can use to work around my busy schedule at work and home. It is very difficult to find the time to go to a classroom to study at set times so the alternative from Capella university is great for me and thousands of other students all around the world. I can work on my own schedule and still get an degree from an accredited university. The Capella program is very different than a traditional university as it operates completely online serving students from all walks of life from all over the world.

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Great Family Pictures

We have been so busy this fall that we struggled to get our annual family picture done. We finally bit the bullet and went out last Sunday before my wife went to work and got the picture done, it was a little cold but I think we actually had more fun than we ever had getting the picture done. The kids are all getting a bit older which makes it a little easier to get co-operation from them and we had 2 camera's this year so after the family portrait was done we just let them loose to have some fun and got some action shots. Of course Trin was posed in every picture but what else would you expect from the only girl.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Interesting Weight loss article

If you have ever wondered why you find yourself Weighing more at night than you do during the day check out the article I found on MSN it has a pretty interesting take on why your weight varies from different times of the day. I can't imagine eating a whole pineapple in one sitting and I don't think I'll ever look at an eggroll the same way again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finding a new career

I have often wondered what different career choices I could have made, I suppose everyone considers this at some point in their life but really I have considered going back to school for something different. I've always liked working with hair and have been considering possibly going to Beauty School to learn more about this great service industry. It's so easy now to find a beauty school near you using the find a beauty school website to search by area. The opportunities in this market are like gold . They share so much information with you from the different careers available to tips and trends in the beauty job industry. They can even offer you guidance in finding help to pay for your education which is a big help in these times. I'm looking for that pot of at the end of the rainbow and my new career will hopefully lead me there.

Christmas Decorations

We have had some really hard wind here the last couple of days and our outdoor decorations have certainly taken a beating. I am hoping to get a few minutes later tonight to get out and get things fixed up. They were lookign really good but I'm sure when we get out there we can fix them up and make them better than before. I'll try to get a picture posted on once we get things fixed up.

A morning with the boys

After being out at a party for work last night I got to spend a couple of hours with the boys this mornign before I go to work. They wanted to have some breakfast and watch a new movie "The Reef". It's pretty cute story about a little fish protecting his reef from a shark. Too bad I have to get up and get going to work, but the day should go by quickly enough.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life in the Denver Area

With the busy lifestyle we are all living in this day and age it is great to have a resource you can turn to that gives you updates of the events in your community. The Denver Magazine is just this resource for the Denver area, covering all sorts of information on local events, sport teams and Denver Restaurants to keep you up to date. Denver is known as having some of the best culinary experiences in the country along with also serving up some of teh best beer and wines from some of the premier brewers and wineries. Checkout the resource and set yourself up for a night of great food, drink and some great sporting entertainment or entertainment.

Reporting an honour student

I was quite excited to see my son's first Jnr. High report card arrive this week. He has been doing ok the last couple of years but not really up to where he used to be or where he can be. I knew he was having a pretty good year and to see the average mark of 92.8 was proof that he is back on the right track with his school work. He is really enjoying the new school and doesn't feel as much as an outcast as last year when he was new to his Elementary school after our move. This year everyone was new to the school so he has been able to blend in. He gets along well with all his teachers, we are hoping for a good year with his studies.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Working on a healthy attitude


My wife and I have been on a journey of weight loss and discovery for the last year. At the first of the year we made some significant headway with the purchase of our new treadmill and watching our diet choices. After the first few months we got to a point that we were feeling pretty good about our selves and were very proud of each others success. We are at the point that we are now working on a few problem areas that need some focus. The part of our bodies that we feel are the most struggle are our bellies so we looked for a Flat Belly Diet that can help us focus on the flabby parts. The flat belly diet is specially designed to combine cutting edge nutrition plans with tips and advice from experts that have literally tried everything to reduce belly fat. At the core of the program is the research that shows eating healthy fats at every meal will specifically target belly fat. There are lots of great foods you can eat that are loaded with great flavor. Right now to get started on the road to success you can get a free copy of the flat belly diet book, if you are really interested in losing the belly fat and like to share your journey with others through blogging, upon successful completion you may be eligible for a 1 year membership to the flat belly website and be listed as one of the success story programs.


Rain Rain Rain

It has been raining buckets here for days, now don't get me wrong it's better than the white stuff but it sure is hard to get my outdoor fall clean up finished. I am working the weekend so it will be difficult to get things finished up but we are at least planning on getting the last of our Christmas lights up.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ease of access

For many people shopping online has become a basic way of life, think of the elderly or physically challanged person that has difficulties making it to their local store or the busy person that works all day and really want's to just stay home when they are done for the day it is much easier to find a few minutes to shop online and get what you need delivered to your home. The same holds true for medical equipment, supplies and health equipment, companies like Allegro Medical have developed to meet just this need. They have been in the online business since 1996 and have served over 1 million customers. Their main website offers over 55,000 products from all sorts of categories including maternity, children, health, exercise and dietary products just to name a few. Customers can set up automatic delivery of products they use on a regular basis and can quickly find what they need by shopping by a number of catagories and conditions to make their search inquiry relevant to their needs. It's a changing world with easier access to products and services thanks to online companies like Allegro.


Being rainy today my daughter was disapointed because she had booked today for me and her to go selling her bars door to door. I had a much better idea and took her down to my work where she made quick work of her bars with all the customers coming in for the sales this weekend. We set her up a little table near the front and she would ask as people went by. I was there to support her and help her make her change but she did all the work today what a great little seller.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

When is it time to recover

It can be incredibly difficult trying to find a solution when you or someone you love is struggling with addiction. When it comes time when it is time to get help you need to be able to have access to good rehab clinics. My family has been struggling with a certain member of our family for some time and it is really frustrating being on the outside watching as they struggle with denial and everyone tries to cover for them as this goes on. I am hoping he will come to grips with his situation and the impact it is having on his children and the rest of the family and realize he needs help to recover. We have been reserching recovery centres and discovered Promises Treatment Centre they have been in the business of helping people recover and reclaim their lives for over 20 years and have specialist available 24/7 the aid you with your needs.

Candy Girl

This week the next stage of our fundraising trip for my daughter arrived. The sweet smell of chocolate is filling my kitchen with 2 fantastic choices. There is a rice krispie bar, Carmel bar and a almond/caramel bar. They have been selling quickly to friends and family with the combo bar being the favorite at this point. I sure hope she appreciates this trip as it has been a lot of work so far.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Selling Real Estate

Whatever the reason you are planning to sell your home once you have made the decision to sell it's usually important to you to make the deal fast and get your property sold. It's important to do your homework if you want to sell house fast and get the best deal for you. The experts at secureasale will make the deal fast by getting out to see your property and making an offer an offer within 48 hours. Once you have accepted the offer they take over all the costs and get you your cash fast. Whatever your reason to sell their team of experts can be trusted to make you a fair deal and get the process done fast so you can move on with your life.

Movie Day

The struggle of our busy schedules has been a bit annoying, we have been trying to find a day that we can take the kids to Madagascar 2. The first movie was a favorite of the kids for a long time so we were all excited for the new movie to come out. We looked at the schedule and luckily there is an early show at 12:45 that will allow us to make it to the theatre (1/2 hour away) and back before my wife works at 3:30, not much time to spare but some. I told the kids tonight(big mistake) they are so excited they are spinning out of control.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Safety Footwear

In creating a more safety aware workplace my company recently introduced a new policy which required all workers to wear safety work boots. This caused a little bit of turmoil as they have been used to wearing whatever they wanted to for years. We worked out a rebate program to get everyone started so they wouldn't have a big financial hit and also searched for places they could go to find quality, brand name work boots at reasonable prices. We found some local spots but also great websites like workbootsusa that offers all the best names in work boots and also free shipping for orders over $50 anywhere in the US. They are set up to handle orders of any size and take all forms of payments through their secure site.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The new designer

Normally my wife does the Jack o lantern design but this year she decided it was time to pass the torch down to our oldest son. He was very pleased and made a few designs for everyone to pick from. We all worked together to empty out the pumpkin and then he drew the design on and I cut it out.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

EBay Buying and Selling

In an effort to save a little money I have made many efforts into learning how the system works on EBay so I can buy some great deals and have them shipped direct to my door. This system is becoming more and more popular as a way for people to buy and sell virtually anything they might want. The system works very easily and allows potential shoppers to locate the items they want by searching on categories or looking up by price. It's a great situation when you can say this is the right place. iSold It on eBay is a great slog gin too use to show how easy it is to sell products on EBay. It's really easy to get started by building your account and posting your ads. It really is a great place and allows buyers and sellers to come together in a new virtual yard sale which allows people to sell their products direct to people that really want it and gives them a secure format to complete their financial transaction. I can say it is a fantastic opportunity to be Selling on eBay and hope for many years to come of great finds and deals on this unique site.


Winter has arrived

We were heading home Sunday night from our weekend away and the 5 hour drive was very tiring, especially because about 1/2 way into our drive we hit snow and icy roads. We managed to see 5 cars off the road all together and we were almost a 6th car because someone infront of me signalled they were turning off but than he began swearving back and forth in front of me. The drive certainly woke me up and I didn't even have to stop for Baby Mild

Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting through the tough time

With the tough economic time we are all facing it has become important to find ways to cut spending from our household budget. With the cold winter months coming and of course Christmas it has become quite a challenge to work out a budget that allows us to work everything out. We have turned to online shopping to find great deals and cut down on our trips to the mall which is about 40 minutes away. We have been lucky to find all sorts of great deals on Christmas gifts, and have taken advantage of many savings normally with free shipping. We have also discovered you can save on many everyday products by cutting out the middle man retailers and dealing direct. I recently had an accident with my eyeglasses and although I was able to put them back into shape they are quickly becoming in need of a replacement. We began the search on line and found great deals where I can get a complete set of eyeglasses for as little as $8. Zenni Optical has lots of great styles and features you would expect from an eyeglass dealer at a fraction of the price including, high quality frames, light lens, anti scratch coating, UV protection and more, also every order comes with a free hard shell glass case and a cleansing cloth to help you take care of your new glasses

Wild Weekend

What a busy weekend we had with Halloween, a trip home and Blake's 4th birtday it was busy. I'll try to put updates on about all our activity but I would have to say Halloween was fun as we trick or treated with the kids for a bit and then we went to a haunted house to visit. The kids surprised me and had a great time at the haunted house for the most part. Luckily Halloween is on Saturday next year so we will hopefully get to go visit again.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sharp Dressed Man

With a new ownership coming into play at my work one of the first things that they have put into place is a more business orientated dress code. Over the last few years there has been a steady deteriation of our dress standards at work as we moved to a more business casual style. So as I began my search for new suits I found myself struggling with the off the rack retailers, nothing seemed to fit and it was difficult to get the service that I really wanted. All I really wanted was a Made to Measure Suit that would suit my style and fit the way I like it too. The MySuit Experience walked me through the discovery of what I found comfortable in a suit from the cut to the fabric. For me I prefer a single button suit jacket with pleated pant in a dark fabric with small pin stripes. Using a service like my suit allows you to make an appointment for fitting right over the internet and they provide a wide assortment of fabric, colors and styles to they can match up to whatever style suits you. They can provide your custom suit in as little as 2 weeks at fantastic prices ranging from $499+.

Preparing for a trip

What would you do if your were going to be away from home on Halloween weekend? We are setting up timers around the house for the lights, have talked with our neighbors to have them watch our home and we are forwarding the home phone to our cell so we can catch the calls that come into the house. Do you have any tips to help protect your home when you are away?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Drug Rehab Centre

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to finally realize that your life is taking the wrong direction. When you have come to the point where you realize you have a problem with Drugs and it is effecting your life and those around you in a negative way it is time to find help from a drug rehab centre, there are many available in communities all over the country but it's good to take some time to reserch and find one that can provide the best help. Centeers like the Promise Treatment Centre can help you from one of their 2 facilities in Malibu or West LA, they have been treating people suffering from addictions for over 20 years and have a dedicated and well trained staff that have seen every situation and can really help you overcome your issues and regain control of your life.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Van Frustrations

I am having a hard time with my van lately, I have had it in for various work 3 times in a row and still haven't been able to get all the work done. Now of course my warranty is running out and I am trying to get all the little things fixed before it does. Again today I didn't get everything finished up and I will have to take it back in again for more work.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Martin Sands

Are you looking for someone with great investment experience to help you in the many areas of investing? Martin Sands could be that person you need. He has 24 years of experience in the areas of money management, real estate, investment banking and many other areas. Martin Sands is the co-founder of Sands Brothers.


With the leaves turning colors it would make for a beautiful trip back home to visit our family. We have a trip planned for the 1st of November but after the rain and high winds we have been having I am not expecting there to be many leaves left on the trees. This will be unfortunate as our trip back home last fall was late and we missed out on the beautiful scenery.
The weather has been so cold here that the heat has been turned up and it's time to unpack the kids winter jackets, boots and mittens which are all definite signs of winter.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hotel Investment Opportunity


In uncertain times it's good to find a safe investment for your money. If you are looking for a warm destination to purchase a second home or getting ready to retire take a look at the Hotel Casco Antiguo that is currently being restored to hold 34 Condo units available to purchase. This beautiful hotel has gorgouse views of the water and is close to all emenities. The program works as an investment as you purchase the hotel suite and it will be rented out throughout the year but it is reserved for your use for 30 days a year. Panama has an evergrowing economy so this investment is considered a smart one as the hotel value increases your investment grows with it, use your suite as long as you like and sell when your ready to. This vacation destination offers all the great emenities, hospitals, fine dining, shopping are all just minutes away. For the outdoor lover you are surrounded by beautiful beaches, and breath taking views all around you, protected from Hurricanes by it's geographical destination is just another of it's great assets. If you are interested in more information about this unique investment opportunity Register for an eBrochure Here


Going on a trip

I heading off on business meetings for a few days, this is usually hard for the kids as they are used to having me around to tuck them in at night. It's especially busy now because my wife is working nights too so they will have a sitter tucking them in at night for the next couple of nights. Luckily I only have to go to meetings every few months.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weight Loss Alternative

As with so many medical procedures there have been many medical advances in the field of lap band surgery. This type of surgery is a better alternative to gastric bypass surgery and has become extremely safe and successful in helping people defeat their weight issues. If you are seeking help check out one of the free weekly seminars for lap band houston with Dr. Collier one of the leading doctors in this field.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fundraising is done

I have spent the better part of the last 2 weeks helping my daughter sell tickets for spaghetti dinners at a local restaurant. This is all being done so she can afford the trip down to New Yorkk next year with her dance group. She is very excited to go and did a good job helping to sell tickets. Her deposit is paid today and that was a big deal, now she will have other fundraisers to come that will take up my time but it is all worth it to see her excited face. Her mother will get all the glory by being able to go on the trip with her but I know we all worked together to make it happen for her.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting Cheap Airfare

With the speed of travel these days anything you can do to make it easier to find you. The competition between airlines is getting more fierce and the real winner in all of this are the people making the flights. A new tool can be used to help people find the quickest airport route to your destination. The Cheap Flights Map Widget is a fantastic tool that will show the fastest route and than search for the cheapest flights between the two points. The service is available in 20 languages and can be installed on your site for free. The "sky scanner" service is a great tool for hotels as it allows them to fix the destination point and allows the customer to enter their departure point. For airports they can use the service to fix their departure point and potential customers can enter their destination point. My wife and daughter are planning a trip to New York next spring with her dance group and the school trip co-coordinator has used the service to find their best flight options. The tool is easy to install and very easy to use you can be up and running in just a few minutes. The Skyscanner service compares the prices of over 300,000 flights from over 600 airlines to ensure you have the best offers available.

Movie Night

With my wife at work for the evening I got the kids to work getting the house cleaned up. They did a great job of helping without complaigning so I surprised them with a movie night after we were done. I had to rob a movie from our Christmas movie stash but it can be replaced with another one. The kids were excited to see a new movie and we had a nice night together. Mr. Magorium was pretty funny and we really enjoyed it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

For the love of music

With a busy lifestyle with both myself and my wife working and us trying to balance that with the 4 kids school and activities with them. My son decided he wanted to take guitar lessons but we couldn't find anywhere to fit it into the schedule. Searching we found the Amadeus Home Music School this is an extremly cool alternative for people that are struggling like us with scheduling. They offer lessons in your home at a time that is convient for you, after supper, on the weekends its all possible and you can enjoy learning virtually any instrument you want. There qualified teachers can work with you to find the schedule that will work best for everyone.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mommy I miss You!

Well after a long afternoon with the kiddies I finally got them all off to bed. Mommy was at work and they are still getting used to her not being around every night at bed time. It's getting better for the most part and we are getting better on working together and building routine. Tonight Blake had a moment of realization that Mom really was gone, the first couple of nights that Carrie worked I would get him out of bed to go and get her, the other kids would be asleep and Jay would watch out for them. Tonight was the first night that Carrie took the van to work so we wouldn't have to go get her. When I was tucking Blake into bed tonight he asked if I would get him up to get Mom and I told him we wouldn't have to tonight he wasn't happy. He said we needed to go walk down and get the van so we could go back and pick her up. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BUDDY. It was dark, bedtime and on top of that raining so an hour walk to get the van wasn't in the cards. I got him settled after a while but he came out with a noose bleed and we had to deal with that get him all changed and back to bed. Well I went up to change over some laundry a few minutes ago and this is what I found at the top of his stairs. He's a cute little fellow, all tucked in bed now it's time for me to turn in for the night. :0) Vacation is over :0( but I did get the molding done in the bathroom.

Go Green, Save Green

Everyone loves to save money, and with today's society and all the raising costs we face everyday it's important to search out opportunities to save in anyway we can. When it comes to utilities like phone, cable and internet chances are you use all three in your home so why not save money using services you want to use anyway. Choose Charter to save money by bundleing all your services with one provider. You can save up to $400 by bundling all your services for 12 months, your best value. Right now you can not only save money on your services but with every registration you will be entered into a draw for a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid featuring up to 45 mpg highway gas rating with all the newest features available including power windows, cruise control and much more. This vehicle is specially designed to use less fuel and save you money at the gas pumps. Now who couldn't use a new hybrid car that will save them lots of money, it would be fantastic to win this prize and drive off into the sunset while surfing the net talking to friends and family and watching the coolest shows. Save your Green and go green with this fantastic promotion from the group at Charter.


Life under the microscope a Sarah Palin Story

I picked this clip up at methodshop thanks for the laugh. What a rough couple of week's it has been in the Presidential Campaign of McCain/Palin. This video is a skit from SNL but the scary thing is how close it actually was to the interview between Palin and Katie Couric. It's scary to think of what the other vice presidential candidates McCain had to pick from if this was the most capable person his team could come up with. I feel bad for Palin she sure is taking it on the chin from the media through this campaign. McCain shut his campaign down for the week to deal with the economic crisis in the states, humm I'm not so sure if it was that or to slap his team around and come up with a damage control plan. Good Luck.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Looking your best

Wanting to look your best is just a natural part of daily existance and finding the right accessories to go with your wardrobe can be a challange to the pocket book. In today's world of increasing expenses it is important to still feel your best while being budget concious. Using fashion jewelry as an alternative to the real high end jewelry can be a great cost saver and with the quality available from companies like Holsted Jewelers you can look your best and no one will know you are wearing fashion jewelry. Their "Immitation Diamonds" are of such quality you wouldn't know unless they were tested. Their product is not sold in stores and has been growing in demand over the years because of their quality and price. Every item is double checked to ensure the best quality is delivered to your door.

New York, New York

My excited daughter is going on a trip next summer to New York with her mother and the dance school she attends. Now my wife wasn't letting her go all on her own to the big city so she will be going as a chaperone/assistant for the group. Now this type of trip isn't going to be cheap so they will be doing lots of fundraising over the next 6 months or so. They have to have their deposit ready to go for the end of October, $35o each so we will be digging deep to come up with the necessary funds to get their place secured.

The Make Up Gift

Well, as I mentioned I really let my wife down the other night, with no excuses I had to come up with something to seal my apology. I know she was looking for a new camera since summer vacation when her camera got broken(nothing to do with me). She had her eye on a pink sony camera so while we were out shopping this morning I picked one up for her. I know she will enjoy this little pink bundle of joy for years and we will have lot's of great family pictures to share.

Education Online

In today's demanding society in which we are all time-stressed it is becoming even harder to keep up our education levels up to our potential. Once the demands of bills and families come into play it becomes more difficult to just stop everything and focus on our education. The day to day expenses sometimes demand long hours of work and leave little time to think about education. In the last number of years there have been more alternatives for people to increase their education and acquire their university and master degree's using online university services. Capella University is a fully accredited, online university that delivers world class education at your convience. Their curriculm is specifically designed to work for people that need flexibility in their education growth.

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Flying Solo

Well I have survived the first week of my wife being back to work, almost with out any disasters. I have been struggling getting any sleep thanks to the puppy that wants to go out to "P" 2-3 times in the night. Usually once I wake up it takes me a 1/2 hour to 1 hour to get back to sleep so if you do the math I have only been getting about 4 hours of sleep a night for the last few months. It all came to a head Wednesday when I also had to go to work early so I got up at 5 losing another 2 hours of sleep. I worked all day and than traveled the kids around to their activities. By the time I got home it was almost 9 and I put the kids to bed and decided I wasn't going to do anything so I sat on the couch until picking my wife up at 11. Oops I fell asleep and was so exhausted I didn't hear the phone ringing to go get her until 11:36. Needless to say she was pissed and I certainly don't blame her one bit. I was very disappointed in myself for letting her down.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Auto Body Repair Shop

When we were rear-ended in a collision last summer it was a very upsetting experience for our family, we had to ride to the hospital via ambulance for our daughter with neck pain. Luckily she didn't suffer more than pulled muscles but at 7 it can be very dramatic. Since we had just recently moved we had to search for auto body shops
in the area so turning online to the collision repair experts was a great resource, it gave us all the local body shops with ratings from actual customers that had used the service. We got repaired and back on the road in no time thanks to the great service from our local body shop.

The new bedroom suite

We purchased a new(used) bedroom suite for my oldest son today on a local buy/sell website. It's a great resource that lets you post ads for free and gives you access to all kinds of great deals. This was a steal, a queen size bed/frame/headboard with long dresser w/mirror and a tall boy dresser all for only 200.00. There were a few nicks and stuff in the dresser but it still looks really good in his room.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Security Wear

As a business manager I was looking for tactical gear that my security officers could wear that would handle the demands of their job and allow them to carry all the gear they need to be safe on a daily basis. The 5.11 tactical pants that we found fit the bill perfectly, they are affordable and made of high quality material. They feature lots of easy access pockets to carry the cell, walkie talkie, flashlight, hand cuffs etc that my guys need to have everyday. If your in the market for high quality tactical gear checkout the experts that will cover all your needs.

Paint Job

This weekend I will be painting the bathroom and putting up new molding, another project to keep me busy. We were hoping to replace our vanity too but with expenses the way they are we have decided to repaint, add some new hardware and hope to get through with it for a little while longer. The molding was ugly so that needs to be replaced with something a little newer looking and we will be replace the antique(ugly) door soon as well.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cell phone community

In todays world where information spreads so quickly via the Internet it is great to use online forums to ask questions, or voice opinions. I was recently trying to find out some information on various cell phone plans and checked out someCell Phone Forums. It was fantastic because these forums bring cell phone users, vendors and manufactures all together in one place. I was able to view through various threads and find out all the information I was looking for and it really only took a few minutes.

Doggy Dilema

I can't believe what my dog(puppy) did this time, we were getting the kids tucked into bed and when we came down stairs our darling little princess had ripped the carpet up in our room and chewed the corner off it. We have carpet tiles in our room so she dug down and got one up. I figured out what was going on later as my son told me she had taken a treat down and hid it earlier and my wife found it and picked it up so chances are she was digging around to find her treat......errrr.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Brotherly Moment

Jay and Blake had a brotherly moment last night, Blake is into Transformers and asked if someone could build a Optimus Prime out of Lego, not quite sure we volunteered Jay for the task. He didn't think he could do it but with a little encouragement they were off. As you can see the results speak for themselves and the boys got to enjoy a few moments.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Save your Money

Running a business is a lot of hard work, in these trying times when the economy is struggling and expenses are skyrocketing, there is increasing pressure everyday on the operating profit of any company. My job in managing my business is to review expenses and find alternatives to save money. A relatively new system allows for companies to set up a new VoIP phone systems that uses any broad band connection to make high quality calls. The wonderful thing about this system is that there is no set up cost and the maintance costs are relatively low. Another great feature is also that costs anywhere in the US is completely free and calls anywhere in the World to another Nimbus VoIP phone is also free.

The first day of school

Here's a shot of my boy being very proud getting back to school. He's moving on into grade 1 this year and is having a great time so far. I'm glad he loves school so much and is really into having fun. He is learning how to read this year and is already back into the swing of things. I get a kick out of the amount of homework he has everynight, it's more than my daughter in grade 3 and my other son in Jnr. High. He doesn't get down about it though he just gets to work and does a great job, with lot's of pride.

Feeling the Heat

Searching for tickets and wanting great seats along with great deals for all your favorites, you can now turn online to premiumseatsusa to find tickets to all major events from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Nascar and of course many concerts and events. They will find you the tickets you want and save you time and headache. One of the hot tickets this fall will be Miami Heat tickets, this team is on the cuspe of an exciting year and have developed into one of the greatest teams in the NBA. These and many more tickets are available quickly and easily and of course you will be able to have the confidence in knowing your transaction will be secure.

Anti Bullying Day

The kids schools had a no bullying day last Friday so we had to go out and buy the boys pink t'shirts to wear to school. I was very proud that they were willing to participate in the cause, I was even more impressed when my oldest Jay came home at Lunch and kept his shirt on for the afternoon even though there wasn't any other boys willing to wear a pink shirt in his school. I think it is a great idea that the school's set up this program

Play Day

Blake is working on getting ready to go to school next fall so it's fun for him to start spending time with other kids. The other day after school my wife's friend let her daughter come over and have a play day with Blake. They had a great time playing together and are planning to have another date soon

Collectible Network

Stop searching for the best collectibles, you need to start shopping at the Collectible shopping network online at Shopcsntv to see the greatest assortment of collectibles that you can imagine. They now have a great assortment of new dollar coins available to give your collection a high quality coin that will hold it's value and beauty for years to come. They also offer a great assortment of stamps, other coins, models, stamps and sports collectibles. They also offer great services and fast order processing by using their secure checkout system to protect your valuable information. Start to build your collection easier and more efficiently than you ever imagined from the source you can trust.

Bath time

We decided that our puppy needed a good bath so we (my wife) put her in the tub and suds here up. I was working on getting the kids to bed but heard my wife calling for me. She thought she might need some help getting her to stay in the tub. I ended up getting the camera instead and taking pictures of the princess being excellant in the tub while we got her all cleaned up and she smelled delicious, probably because we had to use the kids Strawberry shampoo to clean her up.

My Boys

Well this year my youngest son (Blake) will be joining one of my other son's (Kohl) at dance class. They are in different classes because of their age differance, but boy are they excited to be getting to class. Kohl is taking tap/jazz and hip hop this is his 3rd year and Blake is going to be taking tap/jazz classes this year is his first. I'm very proud of their determination to have fun and do what they like.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Software Protection

When it's time to protect your companies software and business data you need to turn to the experts in disaster recovery software. Syncsort has been producing quality products for over 40 years and it is currently serviceing companies in over 50 countries. When you turn to Syncsort you know you are getting the best, just look at their client list to see that they are surving over 90% of the fortune 100 countries. Their programming is designed to help speed data warehouse processing, improving database loads and query performance and back up and protect your important data. Syncsort's emphasis is on excellant customer service and providing the support you need in your time of need.

Getting Ready for Halloween

For the last few weeks my Youngest son, Blake has been talking about Halloween costumes and specifically his favorite costume "Optimus Prime". I finally got one in at work and he had to try it on right away. When he slid on the suit and finally the mask all I heard him say and you have to appreciate his little robot voice, "I am Optimus Prime", what a fun moment. I can only wait for Halloween night when he gets ready to go trick or treating and get that suit on.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Buy Fresh Gain Points

In today's rush paced world of child's activities it is so challangeing to make it to every activitiy we have to keep our children busy and out of trouble. Sometimes you can feel the frustrations at the events, I can remember my son's league last year and one kid's mom, I'll refer to her as "Crazy". She would arrive about 5 minutes into warm up every game and be yelling as soon as she arrived, she constantly complained about ever call and everyone just looked at her like she was, well "Crazy". Her young fellow was always wanting a snack because they dind't have time to eat before the game time. Now we always tried to keep the kids happy by bringing fresh fruit like Chiquta Banana's with us to give through out the game. Wouldn't it make good scence to stay healthy and energized through the game. Now seeing how we are purchasing this and other fresh express products anyway you can earn points through participating freshfunds Produce to use to bid for weekly prizes or give to the charitable organization of your choice. Checkout the great clip from The Sproutwells attached above for some cool fruit and veggie inspired animated fun

Gas is Soaring

With the impact of Hurricane Ike still being felt it is so frustrating to see our gas prices continue to soar. When will we start to see some relief at the pumps, will it continue on, there is some who believe it will continue to get worse and some that say it will begin to get lower. The heating costs are going to be outragous this winter and it might be hard to decide what to do, stay warm, pay bills or put food on the table.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My son's wishlist

My son is getting a little older now so it is time for him to start putting up a Christmas wish list of things he would like to have. Of course as any young man a new Microsoft Xbox gaming system is on his list of wants. He has had a Playstation 2 for about 3 years and it is beginning to be obsolete and un-cool. We are trying to save up enough money to try and get this big Christmas wish list.
We are looking at the Core Xbox System as an introductory item for him and to get him started. He just got a new room this year and wants to feel better. By using ShopWiki to help search the entire Internet I was able to discover different sites that sell these items. This is a great tool because it allows me to search availablility and compare pricing at the same time. I found the best deal in the Amazon Pricing stratagey and hope to have one here at the house .

Gas Gauge

I had a terrible shock this morning when I went past the gas station. When I came home last night gas was selling for 1.33 a Litre and when I went back by this morning it is now 1.45 a big raise overnight. Supposedly this is all because of Hurricane Ike coming up through Texas. Now it's frustrating because we don't know what effect it is going to actually have on everything. The government needs to step in and really take control of the oil companines

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drug interactions

With so many different medications available on the market these days it is difficult for even the best medicine practioneers and pharmacists to keep all the posible interactions clear in their mind at all times. There are now resources that are available that provides software for doctors and pharmacist to review drug interactions quickly in their office or on their pda. Access to this information is so critical to ensure that nobody has to suffer through drug interactions that can be harmful to them. Without this type of software use someone could be suffering from an Acute Headache and if they aren't careful get something that may interact with other medications they might be on.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to the treadmill

Now that summer is offically over it is time for me to get back into the treadmill, it was just too hot and with vacation and the kids around every day I found it was too much. It was exciting the first morning back on and I felt great at work all day long after getting going in them morning. I hope to have many more great days ahead now that I am back on the treadmill again.
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The Full Moon

I got quite a surprise the other night, now our oldest son tends to sleep walk sometimes so it's not surprising for him to get up in the night but the circumstances I found him in the other night were a bit much. I heard him come downstairs, which means he walked by 1 bathroom. He turned on every light along the way and I heard him in the bathroom. I heard the distinct sound of doing number 1 but it sounded a bit off I figured I better check and when I opened the door there he was, he stripped off his drawers so I got the full moon, he opened the shower door and did his business in the shower. I asked him what he was doing and he looked around and said what is it a crime to have a pee, well no I said but if your having it in my shower I don't think it's that great. He looked at me with that are you crazy look and went on about finishing his business...we all had a great laugh in the morning.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Online Shopping for Health Supplies

When you are struggling with mobility or reliable transportation to get out to get your medical, fitness, health supplements there are alternatives to having to go out. You can now shop on-line for a great assortment of products from vitamins, health supplies, medical equipment to maternity and baby supplies at great prices and have your purchases delivered to your home. When purchasing medical supplies from industry leaders like Allgromedical you know you are getting the best quality products at affordable prices to help you get to where you need to be. They are currently offering a labor day sale discount of 10% but hurry as this offer ends tonight at midnight. If your wanting more advise or information you can contact the hotline at 1-800-861-3211 to speak to a representative that can help you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where has the summer gone

Today we emptied and cleaned out the pool, the kids are getting ready for back to school, we are tempted at night to turn the heat on because it is getting cold, the apples are falling out of the tree. These are all signs that summer is over, and boy did it go fast this year. I think it was taking 2 weeks of vacation the first of August because once we got back it has been a fast couple of weeks getting everything caught up at work and home. It was a fun summer none the less and it makes me look forward to next year.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily Laptop Giveaway

What an exciting oportunity that is available right now from Charter, they are headlining a new campaign to provide you with great savings on services you need anyway. Take advantage of anyone of 3 packages that Charter provides, choose from High-Speed Internet, High-Speed with Digital Cable, or the best value for your money in High-Speed, Digital and Home Phone. All three packages have special savings for up to 12 months to ensure you get great savings and great service. There are more added bonuses with your order right now you will qualify for a gas card from Shell and will be automatically entered in the new Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway. Charter will be giving away 1 lap top a day starting September 1. These fantastic new HP Compaq Presario C770US notebook with Neotec Laptop backpack, feature Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor, with 15.4" WXGA Screen, with 2GB RAM -160GB hard drive with a DVD Burner and built in Wi-Fi. What would you do with your new laptop, I already have great plans for mine, currently I am tied to a desk in my office and can not use my computer unless I am there. A laptop will give me the freedom of roaming around my house and not having to hide away from the family just to check email and surf my blogs. I hope I am lucky enough to be one of the lucky daily winners once the draws start on September 1.

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The chase is around the corner

There is only a couple of weeks left until the Chase for the Sprint Cup, this week finds us in California waiting to see whom will be the next winner and what the standings will look like after the race. Over the last number of weeks it has been a juggling game around the 12th and final chase spot with it changing virtually every week. Who will be on the outside looking in after this race we will have to wait until Sunday night to find out.
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finding the right Job

Once you've finished your training it's time to head out and find the job you want. Sometimes it's all about knowing where to look and how to market yourself to find the job you would like. In the beauty industry there are websites you can turn to to find the right job for you in the right place. When looking for hair salon jobs you can create and account and search by zip code to find available jobs in your area. This is a great resource tool to bring potential applicants and employers together in one space. There are many reputable companies that sponsor and use this site to fill job vacancies in their company. Companies like "Great Clips", "Regis", "JC Penny Salons" and "Life Spa" to name a few use this resource to find their next great stylist.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You lookin' at me?

All this and brains too? I'm not so sure sometimes you can get some interesting shots when no one is looking. I got this picture of Trinity when she was least expecting it. She is always beautiful and has spent the summer at dance camp having a lot of fun. She is going to spend the next couple of weeks getting rested up and getting ready to go back to dance lessons.

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Nascar Controversy

I was surprised by the announcement today that Nascar would be placing Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch on Probation for the next 6 weeks. Every time some of the drivers show some emotion and inject some excitement into a race the Nascar Brass come down on them and basically sends the message to everyone not to do anything to bring interest to the sport. What we saw basically was them venting a little frustration in the end what harm was caused accept to the guys back at the shop whom had to fix the cars?
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Injury Law Firm

If you've been injured by neglignece of someone else you need support to ensure you have made them be held accountable for their actions. You are the one suffering through daily life trying to recover from the injury, effecting your quality of life and possibly even your work and household income. Representing clients all over the state of texas you can find the Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorney that will best represent you. The team from the Law firm of O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath has many years of experience helping injury victims all over the state of Texas. They have your best interest top of mind and work on being supportive for you and aggressive towards those against you. Their personal injury lawyers will provide you with an initial consulation for free anywhere across the state of Texas and will set up appointments to meet you when and where it's best for you.

A buggy Experience

When camping last weekend we found many different kinds of experiences at our new camp ground. We were able to swim in a lake which the kids loved because there was no jelly fish around. The camp ground had a movie screen so we could watch movies with the kids each night. When we were packing up the boys were entertained by the caterpillars that were found on our tent and trees. They got a collection of them built up and carried them around on their arms and hands

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Lingerie Dreams


After a busy day of work I got home and found a nice supper all ready for me, my wife has her mother visiting with us for a couple of days and they decided they wanted to go out shopping on a girls night for "underwear". Now I was thinking they may actually be going shopping for some Lingerie, you may ask why I went there first, well they have both been losing a lot of weight and are feeling great about themselves. Tighter tops and even a bikini(wife) have started to pop up in their wardrobes . As they were going out the door I told my wife to get some sexy underwear thinking maybe she would surprise me with some Designer Lingerie, not for me to wear, for her and for me to enjoy. Some of the favorite designers we have seen include the Freya brand. Freya is full of fun designs for everyone and comes in a variety of fashion colors and have a fantastic fit. There are so many fantastic choices in the boutique ofFreya Lingerie it's hard to pick a favorite but I like the "LOLA PLUNGE". Lingerie can be beautiful for everyone Fayreform is designed specifically for larger-cup ladies who want to express themselves with vibrant colors with fashionable designs that are designed for romance. Fayreform Lingerie is brought to Boudiche from New Zealand is is one of their boutique's best selling brands. Now back to the shopping night, I'm not sure how it went but they brought home bags of socks and underwear but there was some giggling going on as they were showing me all their purchases so as normal I'm not sure what was going on....go with the flow and see what surprises await me I suppose.

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New Tires

Well this is a month I dread, we have a lot of things that all hit in the same month and from a budget point of view it makes it hard. The kids are going back to school so we need to get the supplies, clothes and of course the fees. The oil bill is due, we have payments every month but have to pay off the balance for the year this month. The van's inspection is up this month which means I have to get new tires for sure and there could be some other things too. Next month we will get focused on the upcoming Christmas season....less than 5 months away.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Auto Repair Experts

It's so easy now to turn on-line to find almost anything and finding the best option for your auto body repair needs isn't any different. All you need to do is enter your postal code and you will quickly be given a list of reliable auto body repair specialists in your area. All the experts work will give a written lifetime guarantee on their work so you know you can trust the service you get.

New Visitors

New visitors arrived at our house tonight, my MIL arrived with one of my SIL for a visit for a few days. This is the first time they have been to our house since last fall. We will be very busy for the next few days and I'm sure we will end up getting into some projects along the way. It's nice to have company around for a change.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hurry to Enter the Stouffers Panini Contest

Not only has a grilling revolution begun, I am completely hooked on these new Stouffers Panini's, they taste great and come with a new cooking platform that grills, yes I said GRILLS your sandwich up crunchy and hot. Right now until September 2 they also have the Stouffers Panini Contest thay you can enter instantly on-line with no purchase necessary. After registering you can enter the contest and find out right there if you are one of the daily winners, there are great prizes in the Stouffers Panini Contest from the grand prizes of Vespa LX50 scooters to one of 40 panini prize packs that are given away everyday. The contest is hosted by a funny talking balogna sandwich whom isn't too happy about these new Stouffers Sandwiches nudging in on his turf, you have to check it out it's a great laugh, good luck in the contest.

Hard Penalty for Gibbs Team

I was disturbed by the recent developments in Nascar where the Gibbs nationwide teams for Joey Logano and Tony Stewart where caught decieving the Nascar folks by placing magnets under there accelerator peddle to deceive the dyno tests post race. There is a couple of issues I have with this first being why is Nascar limiting the Engines in the Gibbs camp to begin with if those teams can build a better engine than everyone else within the limits and rules set by Nascar than they should be allowed to do it, if they dominate the races than you know what the other teams need to work harder to catch up. It is a shame that they felt they had to deceive the tests, it is aweful to be the best in Nascar isn't it, we should penalize and hamper the teams that can do the most within the rule book. If you can build a better car you should be able to run it. Why do you thing Petty or Earnhardt were so good for so long, yes good drivers but they also had the best of the best equipment that was out there.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Game Night

When I was a youngster going through school I can remember the great times we had playing games like bingo, 7up etc on Friday afternoons. We would all gather around after lunch and play the games the lucky winners would get prizes to take home it was a lot of fun. We decided that we should have a tradition like that in our home and we now spend Friday nights home playing games with our kids. We set up for the evening having a fun supper with all the kids favorite meals, usually taco's or nacho chips when we are done we move onto game choice and usually during our game we will have some snacks to add to the fun. The kids are getting into the DVD games like the scene it titles and Disney Bingo, the kids enjoy the disney themed games because they recognize the characters from their favorite movies. Which generally moves us to the final stage of the night which is movie time, this usually ends the night as our younger kids fall asleep as they are cuddling with us on the couch. The Bingo game is new and we found it on and at a great price.

Sponsored by Screenlife Games

Christmas Shopping Early

We made a decision to start shopping for Christmas presents early this year, we began by getting gifts for all the neices and nephews first and than began working on our own kids. It is great to have a head start on the shopping because it can get stressful if we leave it all to the last minute both time wise and money wise.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vehicle shopping

I have been considering getting a second vehical so we don't have to try and juggle all our activities with one van. With Back to school coming up soon it also means all the kids sports and dance will be starting soon too. My wife is planning on going back to work in the fall also which will make it more interesting than usual around here. I was looking into Ford Mustang Faqs, what better vehical to have than the Mustang one of the most storied vehicals in the automotive industry. The limited edition Mustang BlackJack really caught my eye but after I saw the price tag and discussed with my wife she brought me back to reality so I may have to re-think my shopping plans.

Renovation Project 2

I have taken on an extra job so to speak helping a friend of mine from work renovate a giant old turn of the century home. We have been spending our free time the last couple of months working on gutting this old place. Only now do I think we are making any progress, there is a lot of work yet to be done but we are almost past the demolition mode and that will be a huge feeling of accomplishment.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Investment Software

When trying to decide where to invest your money it is important for you to make educated decisions to protect your future and that of your family. You can turn to stock options software that was created by PowerOptions which is the only internet based data provider that can give investors the best decision support technology software that actually can sort options and find the highest return options so you can focus your investment dollars. This software will automatically sort, filter and analyse all the options and help you find teh investments that will best meet your investment goals. They are so sure that you will love their product they will offer a 14 day free trial and online user guide and toll free support line.

Nascar Chase

Only a few more events until the Chase Field is set for this years Sprint Cup Championship. In recent weeks Jimmie Johnson is appearing to be re-capturing his championship form. At this point it appears that between him, Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards will be among the favorites to be the champion this year. It will be exciting coming down to Richmond in only a few weeks as the final spot for the chase has changed hands every week for the last few weeks, so it will come down to the final laps to solidify the field.
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Puppy Days

We have our new puppy and she has done well with us during our vacation, we are looking forward to getting her home and working on here house training. She is doing well on the road and has only had a couple of accidents while we have been on vacation. It will be nice to have this behind us so we can get our house back in order as we have had to close off areas to ensure she doesn't have too much space to wonder around.

Paint Ballin'

My son recently began playing the game paintball with his friends at a local paint ball facility. He has basically become hooked on this game and is really beginning to out grow the equipment he has been borrowing from his friends. He has begun shopping for new equipment to get up to the level of his buddies. We have started looking for equipment from many great manufactures like tippmann, he's currently looking for a new paintball gun and of course lot's of ammo. Shopping online has become a great alternative for us as provides great shipping rates and an easy to use website.

Olympic Games

Are you interested in the Olympic Games that started this morning? The opening ceremony was an exciting show and I will find myself watching some of the events as they come up. I usually watch the pool, swimming type events and the sprints but other than that I probably won't watch any more of the events.

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Wedding Planner

It is one of the most exciting and significant events in your life, with any luck it is a once in a lifetime event but that takes work for sure. Once the question has been popped and the proposal accepted it is on to the next phase, the planning of the big day. So many people are time starved today and need to find assistance in planning their weddings, more and more people are turning online to get the assistance they need. You can plan the perfect wedding of your dreams right down to the Wedding Gifts and mints on the tables for the added touch.

To text or not to text

What is this new fee on texting for bell and telus, I can't believe they would do this to customers. It isn't fair to be charged for incoming text messages, as you can't control how many you get on a regular basis. I can understand being charged for sending a message as this is a choice you make. It appears as the government isn't going to step in and stop this program from coming into effect.

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2X concentrated

Have you noticed a differance in the laundry aisle of your local store lately, all the laundry products are now marketed as being 2X more concentrated. It is said this was done to reduce the enviromental impact and produce less waste. Let's be realistic if companies were really interested in the environment they would have done this package change many years ago. The real route to this raising oil costs, which is a major ingrediant in the process of making plastic bottles so it is in the bottom line best interest for the companies to use less plastic with the raising cost of oil.

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The Denver News

Things are always exciting in the city of Denver Coloroda and to get in the know of everything you can check out the monthly feature in the Denver Magazine this publication focus is on the stories important and prevelant to the life in the city. Typical topics to cover would include the great sports teams that call Denver home, Rockies, Bronco's and the Avalanche cover the Baseball, football and hockey fans. There is also lot's of coverage of the other levels of sports including high school and college teams. For all the speed nuts there is coverage of everything vital to the car, automobile and everything motorsport related. For those interested in finacial matters there is lots of coverage in the real estate, development and other topics to get you in the know of Denver

Finally a sunny day

Well when you go on vacation the last thing you want to see is rain but that is exactly what we got with over a week of rain it became hard to keep in the fun mode but we make it through and finally we got some sun today and took advantage. The day was completely filled with fun and finally we got the kids off to bed, it only took a couple of minutes to have them pass out.
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

My sleeping beauties

Here's a shot I caught of my two sleeping beauties one morning in the tent while they were catching a few extra winks of sleep, this was a typical morning thing after the puppy would wake up around 6am we would let here crawl into bed with us so she wouldn't wine and wake up the kids. She would usually roam around the bed for a couple of minutes and then drown us with sloober and finally find a comfy spot to go back to sleep.
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