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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Renovation Heaven

Well I have been very busy so far on vacation...the big success project yesterday was I got to put my tool corner back together in the garage and we painted the living room...of course as we are painting the living room I change out the old plugs to finish off the room. It may sound silly enough to be changing out the plugs but they are all rainbow plugs that have been painted over for years and years so it was faster and really not expensive to replace them. I really enjoy all the little projects my Carebear gives me to keep me busy. Anyway we are taking today off to head off to Inverness beach...much anticipation as we here the beach there is superb so I will have to let you all know what it was like.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

When change isn't always good

Well I got my projects done, I was excited to sit down and actually watch a whole Nascar race... my first this year. The race was at one of my favorite tracks to watch...Bristol...normally there is alot of cars banging on each other...sparks flying off the cars...wrecks...and some upset drivers...normally this makes for an exciting race to watch. This spring/summer the good folks at Bristol decided it was time to resurface the track and it was a shame because this made the track so good to run on that the cars were able to spread themselves out all over the track and there was no banging, no wrecks... and to cap it off even the drivers that had mechanical problems and were out of the race they were still happy...NO DRAMA it was so boring I fell asleep about 3/4 of the way through the race and decided I might aswell go to bed and get some sleep. Sometimes change isn't always good...but next week there is another race so here's hoping to a more interesting race

Saturday, August 25, 2007

2 out of 3 aint' bad

Well some successes, I managed to get the electrical plugs changed in the kitchen with some help from Blake(son) and John(father in law) that project wasn't too bad. We moved onto the washer and dryer, 3 trips to the hardwares stores later and many hours the washer and dryer are moved. I even sent a load through to test out our handy work and to our surprise it dried and there were no puddles of water on the floor. I'm sure Carrie (wife) is so excited to finally have them moved (after a month of asking). Too bad it is too late in the day to start the garage...maybe tommorrow I will get onto that. It is now time to move onto the BBQ and have some marshmellow's around the fire pit later. I should be able to sleep good tonight.

The Weekend Ahead

Well it's the start of vacation, this weekend we have my Wife's parents and sister over for a visit. I am getting ready to start some more renovation projects... on tap I have to change some electrical plugs over in our new kitchen, weather permitting I will be emptying our garage and paint the floor and I heard I might be moving the washer and dryer to a new location in the house. If I do a good job and get all my work done I think I am allowed to watch the Nascar race tonight from Bristol. This is one of my favorite races of the year, it's under the lights, short-track racing and is usually good for some excitement. Here's to a good day...wish me luck.