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Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting Cheap Airfare

With the speed of travel these days anything you can do to make it easier to find you. The competition between airlines is getting more fierce and the real winner in all of this are the people making the flights. A new tool can be used to help people find the quickest airport route to your destination. The Cheap Flights Map Widget is a fantastic tool that will show the fastest route and than search for the cheapest flights between the two points. The service is available in 20 languages and can be installed on your site for free. The "sky scanner" service is a great tool for hotels as it allows them to fix the destination point and allows the customer to enter their departure point. For airports they can use the service to fix their departure point and potential customers can enter their destination point. My wife and daughter are planning a trip to New York next spring with her dance group and the school trip co-coordinator has used the service to find their best flight options. The tool is easy to install and very easy to use you can be up and running in just a few minutes. The Skyscanner service compares the prices of over 300,000 flights from over 600 airlines to ensure you have the best offers available.


Kitty said...

ah...this is good to know. My parents live in LA and I'm afraid to see what tickets cost right now. Eek.

The Times has a couple articles about traveling to NY this week. I wrote about them in today's blog post.

There are definitely cheap and good eats all over the city. It's worth doing the research before going.

thanks for posting about this site!

Carrie Smith said...

I have an award for you on my Rantings blog!