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Monday, September 24, 2012


Road Trips

This post brought to you by InsuranceHunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

We recently moved back to our home town and I can't be more excited. We lived over 5 hours away for almost 4 years and we constantly had to make road trips home to visit. The worst thing about these trips is that I always did all the driving, and the risks involved in these trips was pretty bad. I can remember the trips my wife would have the van packed to leave after I got off work on a Friday and I would rush home change and hit the road. I had already worked all day and now here we hit the road for over 5 hours. I would drive and most times struggle to stay awake while driving. With small kids if they fell asleep or were quite I would never consider stopping for a rest break or stretch. It's amazing we survived all these trips back and forth. I heard about a survey that was recently completed by Insurance Hunter that talked about this exact phenomen and as I read the Insurance Hunter’s safety survey the information seemed exactly like our family and it was really scary.  The survey discusses the results that 72% of dad's do all or most of the driving and 64% of dad's have continued driving even if physically tired both of these results fits me perfectly. It's always smart to have a good auto insurance policy to ensure you and your family have the protection you need to stay safe and protect everyone in the case of an accident. Take some time to checkout the survey on the link above and get a quote from the team at Insurance Hunter.  This post is brought to you by Insurance Hunter.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sign of the season

Well it must be a sign of the season, today at work the pumpkin shipment arrived and we set up the fall displays at the front of the store. I love this time of year, Halloween is coming and it's so much fun to have decorations up to celebrate this time of year. In our new house I'm not sure what decor we will put up this year but I am looking forward to getting the lights and decor out very soon. Spook you later.

On the road again

Well we moved and what a fun experience moving into a new home with my family after months of planning. The unfortunate thing I didn't get my job transferred to our new home town yet. I was hoping to have this done but now it looks as if it may not happen to next year. Luckily I have a place to stay in our former town as my parents live there. I am currently staying one night at home and one night at my parents and rotating through the week. I look forward to the time when I can call my home, home and not have to drive an hour to work each day...wish me luck.