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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Understanding Failure!

I found this interesting excert and thought it had some interesting PERSPECTIVE that we could all use to better ourselves...myself our own day to day activities through work and home!

Recognizing possible personal barriers is important in overcoming them.
Sometimes the way you think can dramatically impact your success.
If you think you won't be successfull you probably won't be.
Don’t give up.
Successful people just don’t give up.
They keep trying different approaches until they finally get the results they want. Unsuccessful people try one thing that doesn’t work and then give up.
Often people will give up when they are on the threshold of succeeding.
Don’t take failure personally.
Tell yourself that failure is not a personality characteristic.
Although what you do may not give you the result you wanted, it doesn’t mean you are a failure.
Ask yourself - How can I do better next time?
Ease up on yourself.
If nothing else, you know what doesn’t work.
Look at failure as an event or a happening, not as a judgment of you!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tip of the week

I found this artical while signing into my MSN and thought it was a very interesting read with lot's of good points to take no matter if your reading it from the Males Perspective or the Female Perspective.

There is no "normal" amount of sex, just as there is no standard set of moves that is going to work for every couple. That said, I believe that barring illness or emotional struggles, you should never go more than two weeks without sex. It can be easy to get caught in a no-sex cycle when you're stressed or feeling less than loving toward your partner. But to break the cycle, try just having sex with him!

This can be difficult for many women. Giving of our bodies seems unfair when we aren't feeling fabulous about our relationship. But by giving him some action, you'll likely jump-start your connection to each other. Sex is one of the main vehicles by which men feel close to you. When you share physical intimacy, it inspires him to be intimate in other ways.

Have you ever noticed how close and connected you feel after sex? Usually he's more affectionate and in a better mood, sometimes for days after. When women notice this they balk at how simple men are and how "all they want is sex." But sex is not just about physical release for men (though they enjoy that, too!). It's the glue that makes them feel bonded to you. Without it they often drift, feeling rejected, unattractive and disconnected.

Instead of feeling annoyed that you are somehow giving in, try seeing sex as a way to speak his "language of love." As soon as you start communicating with him in his language, he'll be more willing and able to communicate with you in yours.

Sex can rekindle your connection not just when you may be feeling frustrated with your partner but also when you are exhausted. When you've worked all day and bathed and fed the kids, then he turns to you for sex at 10pm, you're thinking, Yeah, right. But if you just start kissing and let yourself get into it, you might find that you end up enjoying yourself a lot more than you expected.

History buff

I can't say I was the biggest history buff through high school but as I get older I have found myself more interested in the history of our country, Continent and world. I spend a lot more of my time keeping up on world events that before I never had any interest in at all. I recently came across information about events that took place in the Soviet Union in the 1930's that I never had awareness off prior to coming in contact with this article. In the years 1932-33 there was a great famine in the agricultural areas of the Soviet Union in which the Communist government lead by the policies of Joseph Stalin basically went in and confiscated all the crops from the people and exported them for their own gain. This left the poor peasants of the area to fend for themselves with their crops stolen it was a devastating year that saw many people perish. It is estimated that between 6-8 million peasants lost their lives to this great famine. The truth we will never know due to historic records not being completely accurate from this time. There has been much debate on what to accurately call this event in time but a recent push to have it called holodomor to make it sound more like a Holocaust is currently in the works.

The week in review

Well what an exciting week it was here, we spent most of last week looking for a vehicle for my wife. Since she started her job about 5 months ago I have been staying up and picking her up when she got off at 1am. It was draining on both of us and we said we would get a vehicle in March. We started looking early to narrow down our search which I would never advise looking before you are ready to buy as it will make you want it. Anyway we tried out a few vehicals but nothing seemed right for us, than we talked about it a bit more and come Torrent which my wife has liked for years but we were thinking on getting another van so we could take everyone everywhere too. Once we realized what we needed to do we found a Torrent then next day and it is now sitting in our driveway and we are both catching up on our sleep.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaguration Sign

Show your support for the new President of the United states with your obamainagurationsigns. The historic inaugaration of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obahma is taking place today and you can purchase high quality signs to celebrate this event. For the next 10 days these high quality 2 sided signs will be available for only 9.99 instead of the regular list price of $25. Your signs will ship within 24 hours of your order processing so you can order today and celebrate tommorrow and even better celebrate with free shipping. You'll be so impressed with these signs you will want to get these type of signs created for your next big event.

Back on the Treadmill

At the beginning of last year we bought a treadmill for the house and it was great for a while. I was getting on it twice a day morning and night everyday without fail, until one day around May that i took off and never seemed to be able to get back on. I managed to get back on the last few days and last night it actually began to feel good again, I was back up to my good walking speed and actually added an extra 10 minutes on the end. I am hoping to be able to keep going but it will only be in the evenings as the house is too busy in the mornings with getting the kids ready for school and myself ready for work as my wife normally sleeps in with her new job that keeps her out till 1am.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Adventure Begins

After my son joined the local Cadets group he started to go on outings with them. They spent one weekend away on a Paint Ball Adventure. He was so excited on returning that he and some of his friends have been going out on weekends to the local Paint Ball facility. He has been borrowing his paintball gun, tactical vest and masks from others but for Christmas we thought we should start to get his own gear so we started off with a tippmann 98 custom set and some dye paintball to help get him going on his own. His Birthday is coming up next month so we will be out looking for more equipment then.

Dancing Queen

My daughter arrived home tonight from dance class very excited, she took her dance exam for Jazz Junior Level 3 and got a "commended" mark, this was great as last year she took Level 1 and skipped Level 2. She was very proud of her work especially knowing only 1 girl got a better overall mark than she did. Lot's of potential in her yet I love to watch her dance and can't wait for her to get her year end dance show in and also her big trip to NY in the summer, too bad I can't go with her :0( but her mom will be there for her.


Where will you be tommorrow during the history making moment when the President Elect Barack Obama officially becomes the 44th President of the United States. Really with the economic crisis that faces the entire world right now really there couldn't have been a better representative to take office and provide a scense of hope and recovery to the entire world, not just the US. Reinventing America will be a great challange but I thing with Obama's Leadership you can get a scence of urgency from many people. You can certainly see the excitement in everyone's face and tone that they are truly excited about the future to come under this new leadership.

The Evil Chew Dog dog is chewing up everything in the house, she chews holes in blankets, rips pillows apart and eats the stuffing, eats the kids plastic or wood blocks. She even ate a hole in my wifes electric throw blanket, lucky for her she didn't electricute herself when she chewed the wires. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Collision Repair

It can be a very frustrating experience to need to have damage fixed on your vehicle. It can be extremely expensive to get cosmetic work done to your vehicle because it is time consuming to get quality work done to your vehicle. I recently had my van backed into leaving damage on the hood, I was very upset about the damage it left behind, especially because I was hit and had no way to know what actually happened. It is important to have your vehicle looking back to it's original state, whether through accident or vandalism you want to have the best work done on your vehicle. If you are looking for auto body shops california you can turn to Collision Repair Experts to ensure you have only certified quality technicians tend to your repairs. To become a member of Collision Repair Network businesses have to meet certain requirements. Businesses have to offer a lifetime written warranty of the work they provide, with a customer follow up system in place. They also need to provide a facility that meets certain minimum standards and participate in annual audits. The CRN provides the largest network of collision repair experts available to you, by accessing their website you can get vast amounts of information from available locations to testimonials from satisfied customers. Having to go through an accident can be a hard experience but having a team of professionals that pride themselves on repairing your card back to it's pre-accident condition can take some of the stress out of the situation.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Water Mystery

I went down into the basement for some tools tonight and heard a strange dripping sound. I thought this was interesting so I got a flashlight and went to investigate expecting a broken pipe. I found dripping water coming right through the floor not around any pipes. I then traced out what I was under and figured it was in the kitchen and went upstairs to check it out. Sure enough I found water dripping out of the hot water radiator, someone had loosened the release valve a little and water was slowly dripping out. I was able to tighten it up and clean up the mess, one good thing it was certainly cheaper and faster than having to fix a broken pipe.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Investment in Style

As a gentleman one of the pure status symbols would be the Rolex Watch. It's a name that is known to everyone for quality and beauty. Rolex watches can be used for all occasions, work, rest and play these watches are meant for everyday wear. Rolex's are made of only the highest quality materials and crafted by the best watchmakers in the world. Every watch is fully inspected, tested and adjusted to ensure we meet all the expectations you would have for a Rolex watch. As an authorized dealer Perpetual Diamonds prides itself on quickly and securely delivering your Rolex order right to your door fast using Fed Ex to ensure your order is given the care it deserves. They are currently having a New Years special that offers you $1000 of any in-stock Rolex watch. Perpetual Diamonds offers a full money back guarantee on all Rolex watches and your transaction is 100% guaranteed by Liberty Mutual to ensure your confidence. Owning a Rolex is just not about owning a watch it's more like investing in a collectible as they are designed to last for generations and hold their value extreamly well so you can pass them down to the next generations, collect them for your own or buy and sell them.

Van Shopping

With the extended hours of work my wife is doing, late into the evening usually 1am we are at the point of needing a 2nd vehical. We are hoping to be able to get something similar to what we have already because we like our van. We spent the morning shopping around a lots and found a couple that almost matched what we want but it's a little hard when you are shopping for used. Hopefully we can get something fairly soon as we are finding it hard to get sleep and get where we need to be at the same time.ZZZZZZZZ

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh Saint Valentine

With Christmas behind me I find myself now turning my attention to the next big holiday for the married man, Valentines day. My wife isn't overly materialistic but certainly enjoys getting a gift. With the exception of her wedding/engagement rings she is quite happy to have Discount Jewelry so she can have different jewelery for different occasions. I started shopping online for retailers of discounted jewelery so we can add to here collection. Holsted Jewelers have been the experts in producing high quality jewelery at discounted prices for over 35 years. Just spending a few minutes browsing through their products you will be sure to find something that will excite you and make you want to ad it to your collection.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trying to get back on track

I have returned from Christmas Vacation and it is now time to get back on track with the weight. I put on a few pounds since I last weighed in on the scale on the 20th of December. Now that we are home I will be getting onto a better eating plan, no turkey dinners or take out. This morning I started off with Yogurt and had soup for dinner and supper. I am hoping to get the motivation going to get back on the treadmill but I find myself so worn out with the schedule and long hours. Wish me luck.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

After Christmas Sales

What do you do after the Christmas season is over, for some people it's time to go shopping, whether for next year or to get the items that they didn't get for Christmas it's great to find a one stop Online Shopping Source . Shopwiki offers a great resource for all things shopping by using it's software to gather information on all shopping sites to give you quick access to exactly what you're looking for.
I was in real need of a new set of pots and when Christmas came and went I decided to go shopping Online for Cooking Pots with Shopwiki it was so easy to find a great assortments of pots and even do a comparison of pricing from various stores. This was a great time saver to be sure I got the best deal on my new Fabreware Pot Set . Christmas may only come once a year but with Shopwiki everday is just like Christmas.

Happy New Year

I can't believe it has been over 2 weeks since my last post, it has been a busy 2 weeks, with work and being away for the Holidays with family I just haven't had time. It's always a great opportunity with fresh opportunities in a new year. Do you have any great resolutions that you are trying to stick 2?