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Monday, March 31, 2008

Vector Marketing

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New Dryer Day

Well it has been almost 9 months since we moved, one of the hardest things we did when we moved was leave our new appliances with the house when we sold it. We were lucky enough to get our house with appliances in it as well but some of them were older and we have been replacing them as we could afford to do it. Today we will be replacing our dryer ( broiler as my wife calls it ). This dryer only has 1 heat setting (nuclear) and when you pull your clothes out of it they are scorching hot and it really seems to wear them out/shrink them a lot. We picked one out last week and are off to pick it up in a few minutes.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oyster Heaven

My first experience with Gulf oysters was at a very early age around 5 or maybe 6. I can remember travelling with my family to a gather at my uncle's cottage. He had a tremendous spread of food prepared for everyone, steaks, burgers, lobsters, oysters and many other things. I had never had any seafood other than maybe a tuna sandwich at that point so it was all strange to me. I really enjoyed the new experiences and remember them to this day. The process of harvesting Oysters has changed a bit since then and with fears of infection from eating raw oysters companies like gulf coast have developed process to reduce this risk allowing consumers to have more confidence in the product they consume

How do you spell insanity?

It seemed like a good idea, Daughter 8 birthday have a sleep over with friends.
I'm just kidding, my daughter is having a sleepover with 7 of her girlfriends tonight. They are settling down to a movie as I sit here, they were exactly what you would expect, loud, giddy and having lots of fun. So far so good 3 hours in and 12 hours to go. They are certainly having a blast and Trin is in all her glory for sure, she loves being the center of attention. I believe they will be tired at the end of the weekend because tommorrow most of them are going to another of the girls house for another birthday party. Girls just want to have fun.

Photo Greetings

What a wonderful way to introduce all your family and friends from away to your new family arrival than buy using Photo Cards. You can quickly order photo cards and have them customized to your specific needs. You can include a photo of your choice and have it in the finish you like, whether you want full color, black and white or a sephia finish you can select to match the tone of your card. You can also choose from pre selected verses or customize your message inside the card to match what your occasion is. I recently received a personalized photo card of my nephew and was really impressed. I wished I had access to these back when our kids were little, it would have made for really memorable birth announcements to everyone. Our family usually does up a family Christmas card with our latest photo included but we always struggle with what card to buy, this year we will be able to make the card of us and eliminate that decision. We can also take advantage of great savings of up to 40% and get free shipping. To ad the finishing touch you can even have a copy of your signature imprinted on the inside of the card to complete and really make the card like your own.

Going Hands Free

Recently it was announced that our province of Nova Scotia will be going hands free as of April 1st this year. What's your opinion on this? I personally would have to admit to having used the cell phone while driving more than once and will certainly agree it is a distraction from the road. I think it is a great idea to eliminate the temptation to use the phone while driving. I got caller display on my phone so if it happens to ring while driving I can either pull over and call back or wait until I get to where I am going before answering. There are other great ideas to like the blue tooth that you can use so you can talk and still keep your hands where they need to be. Sometimes though even the conversation can be the distraction depending on what the situation is so that one is pretty hard to police how do you ban speaking in a vehicle. Give me your opinion on this topic, I would love to hear different views.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Work Safe Work Boots

It is important for all of us to protect ourselves from every danger possible. You've only got 2 feet and it's vital to have the best footwear possible to do that.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Lady's Birthday

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

Only 31 years ago
An Angel was dropped down from Above
Especially made just for us
We may not have realized at the moment
But a special soul had begun on this day
Caring and loving,
Nurturing to her babies
Beautiful in every way
Inside and out
A smile that can brighten any day
Always trying to make things better for everyone else
Sometimes forgetting about herself
Not wanting to miss a moment, can wear her down by the end of the day
No matter what, she will rise to the occassion to see her little ones be little
We have all grown to love this amazing lady
A little more each and every day.
Here's to 31 more years and 31 after that.
I wouldn't want to miss a day

Love you Dear,
Happy Birthday!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Green Recycling

It is amazing how much the world has changed in only a short period of time. I can remember when I was a youngster everything went into the Garbage and there was no concern as to what would happen to it after that. I have had the privledge of moving around a fair amount and have seen many different recycling programs set up in different communities. I would have to say the best program I have seen so far is here in Cape Breton. Here we sort all our garbage out and seperate into different classes of recycling, we have the paper type recycling, glass, metal and Recycled plastic material . It is great when on garbage day we will put out our composting bin and 3-4 bags of recycling and only 1 small bag of waste sometimes we don't even have any to put out. I find it fun sorting out the recycling with the kids because it gives as a chance to discuss what each item might be turned into. It's only one small part of making our environment a better place for generations to come.

Political Crisis

Being Canadian I may not have much input on the current democratic politcal race between Obamha and Clinton but the implications on who runs in the US has an effect on us here in Canada. The thing that I find interesting is that these two candidates have such strong followings to make the biggest challange against McCain it might be best if they joined forces and got on with the process. I guess it might be pride getting in the way and they maybe both want to be the Commander in Chief but really isn't it more important to put the strongest card together and get the Democrates the win?

Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

Are you tired of the everyday struggle to get your weight under control. If you are exhausted from dieting and exercising there may be a different alternative for you. The lapband los angeles program is by far the fastest and safest weight -loss surgery available for those that have tried all other means of weight loss and need a new alternative. JourneyLite will evaluate your eligibility, find you the best doctor to preform the surgery, work with you on your insurance claim and offer you follow-up reviews of your results and health. This surgery is the only weight loss surgery that is completely reversible and is also adjustable to meet your changing needs as your progress. Take back control of your life, today is the first day of your new life.

The Ice Cometh

Being new to Cape Breton Island this is the first spring in which we get to experience the flow of ice coming in from the ocean. We came back from vacation and what a dramatic change everywhere you looked in the water as far as you could see there was nothing but packed ice. It was so bad earlier this week they had to bring in an ice breaker to allow the ferry from NFLD to get in to dock. It really has been an incredible site to see another great reason it was worth it to move here. The bad part the ice brings the sign of spring but the flip side is it makes it alot colder. brrrrrrrrr........

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Marketing Plan

A business has so many things to consider when developing a good business plan, the ultimate goal of any business is to build and grow profits for owners or share holders. To keep growing smart business leaders have to decide where to invest their money to get the best return on their investment. In many cases there are many companies that are available to assist your business in developing the best marketing plan. A good Advertising Agency can assist you in growing your business to the next level. They will take your business information and objectives and build the best possible plan to market to your perpspective clients. It takes a whole team of specialists to develop a strong campaign writers, art directors and designers are all part of a great advertising program, that will get the reaction you are looking for. What form of advertising you choose from be it newspaper, magazine, tv or radio a good team can help you decide on the best action to take. Conrad Advertising prides itself on having the best teams available for your needs and provides 24/7 access to your advertising portfolio. There teams are dedicated to developing new relationships and other business partnerships to maximize your growth. They can assess your needs quickly with their online sign up form which is your first step to greater success. Conrad has built a reputation of success in their markets of travel and properties and work incredibly hard to develop great opportunites for success. You work very hard to do the best for your business but you don't have to do it all yourself. Accepting the help of a great advertising company will allow you to focus your attention on other aspects of your business and allow the specialist to work on your marketing.

The Diamond Ad

I have seen over the years many smart advertising campaigns but I would have to say the best ever would have to be the new Diamond Shreddie campaign. What a fantastic idea, here is a product we all know and love but Post puts a new spin on it without any actual change to the product. They took a square Shreddie turned on it's side and now it's a diamond. Everyone loves diamonds more than they do squares what do you think of this marketing idea, silly or genius?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tax Season

It is always important to keep up to date on your personal taxes, there are a few things in life that you can't avoid and paying taxes is one of them. It is vital that you keep up on your Tax needs every year and file on time. Take advantage of programs available to ensure you don't get caught in tax lien situation. Ideally it is fantastic to get a refund instead of paying in more and that sometimes takes extra effort you can find from experts.

Wii Fun

Over March break we gave each of the kids some money to spend on things they would like. Kohl decided to spend his on boxing gloves for his Wii boxing game. He get so intense with that game and it is a real workout for him. His little heart gets pumping so fast and the sweat is pouring off him. Anyone who has kids that love video games and want them to get physical activity should try out this machine there are so many great games to play that take physical activity.

Cash Loans

Occasionally I find myself a little tight between pay days, I'm sure most of us do but there are alternatives out there when you find yourself needing money and pay day is a ways away you can look into Pay Day Loans . Whether you need money to pay a bill or for an emergency repair if you have a job you can qualify for a Fast Cash Loans.

Swim Fun at YMCA

Today the kids decided with Grandma that we are going swimming at the YMCA, they love going to the Y here at Grandma's. We are on March Break and they have been wondering why we brought swim shorts if we weren't swimming. We were taking them today or tommorrow anyway but didn't let them know. We will be off for fun this afternoon, splash.....


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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Crystal Palace Trip

We are just getting ready to head out for our trip to crystal palace, I'll get some great action shots to add on later. We had a wicked ice storm last night and everything is coated with a thick coat of ice so it took us a little while to get that chopped up. All is well now we are finishing getting ready, Carrie doing hair the rest of us ready to go. We will go pick up the older kids that had sleep overs at their aunts house last night

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Princess Party

Today we had my daughters 8th birthday party and she was thrilled, it is a little early because we are home visiting and it gives us a chance to get together with all our relatives. After the party was over and everyone left, she came and gave me a big hug and told me she loved me and I was the BEST dad in the whole world. I guess a couple of hours of playing games with all the kiddies was well worth it for a reception like that. to Crystal Palace...yippeee.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Black Friday Deal

Having a family of 6 we usually shop for Christmas all year around, constantly shopping for the best deals and planning ahead is the only way we survive the Christmas season. We usually have a general plan of what we want to buy for everyone and than we keep an eye out looking for a great deal. One of our favorite shopping days is Black Friday after a big Turkey feed there is nothing better than tromping out to the mall and hitting up all kinds of great deals. This year we actually found a better way to avoid the shopping crowds and still get great deals gives great links to all kinds of sites and offer from your favorite retailers. Last year we found a great deal on a digital camera from Staples and that was a great gift for my mother in law. You can find fantastic deals from lots of retailers and purchase in advance without having to stand in line at 5am in the cold with all kinds of people and fighting like a mad man to get in on the limited quantity deals. This is definately a much more pleasurable way to shop on Black Friday, with much less pressure.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

March Break...yippie

Well today we are going to start packing for our March Break Trip, this is usually a unique experience as we are packing for 6 people in March so we could hit almost any wheather, rain, snow, sun so it allows us to pack lots to be prepared for what we hit weather wise. What a beautiful day today to start packing in warm and sunny it really feels like spring. I can't wait we all need a nice break to spend some time together.

Building a better business

Financing opportunities can be a help for any business be it small or large. You may be just starting out and have not built up a business history and need that little bit of extra help in getting going. You could be a existing business that is looking for funding to expand your current location or add additional locations. Possible your looking for capital to upgrade your location or maybe pay off business debts. With fluctuations in the market place perhaps you are wondering if you might benefit and possibly get a cheaper interest rate there are companies that offer Commercial Mortgages and business loans to assist you in creating a better business.GFC is in the business of helping business and with their experienced team will do everything they can possibly do to get you the financing you need. Loans are available for all markets from manufacturing, sales, agriculture and services you simply apply on line and allow the team to work on your situation. You can count on having a dedicated individual to look at your proposal in a flexible way to try and find the best solution for you. In building a better business you first need to know where to look to ask for help.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

St. Patty's Day

What a wonderful award from carebear just in time for St. Patrick's Day, it's nice to hear I am a tresure, sure feel the love thanks dear.

I am sharing this award with everyone who stops by my blog, have a great week everybody!

Shell Game

What did the Oyster say to the Comedian...You Crack Me Up. I know maybe I am not the best comedian out there but hey what do you expect for free? Living in Atlantic Canada with sprawling beaches and surrounded by ocean everyone loves there Gulf oysters. Whether you eat them by the few or by the pot full it is important to be careful when consuming these delicious little mollusks. Ensure you fully cook your oysters before consuming because if oysters are eaten raw or under cooked you could be putting yourself at risk from Vibrio vulnificus bacteria. This bacterial infection could be very serious for people with diabetes, liver disease or a weak immune system. Be Oyster Aware !

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The best laid plans

I found this old laugh from a couple of years ago and thought I'd recycle it again.

My wife was out tonight with Jay and I got all the kids off to bed and was waiting back for them to arrive home. I set up Blakes drum stool infront of the fireplace knowing Carrie would want to warm up when she got home. She came in sat down and promptly fell right on her best a**et, oops so much for being nice. I don't think she damaged anything except maybe her pride but it was sure good for a silent laugh, I'm not brave enough to laugh out loud.

New Music

Looking for the latest music, cd's have become so yesterday now with Mp3 players available and the internet there are many sites to download DRM free MP3 downloads. is a completely legal downloading service that accepts pay pal or credit card and allows you to download all the latest tunes instantly. If your into music you have to give this site a try.

Tim Hortons Rim Roller

I saw one of the most unique ideas I have seen in a long time today at the local Zellers store, they are selling a key chain that has a tool attached to cut and roll your coffee cup rim. What an idea, when you are done with your coffee you slide this down over the rim and it cuts it and when you pull it back up it un-rolls your rim. It's only 2.49 and has to be a cool idea for sure.

I Need More Traffic

Being new to blogging has brought me many challenges along the way but I am gradually learning what I need to know and driving traffic to my blog has been one of my main approaches. To help me get traffic to my site I have looked into which is viral marketing for blogs, music, photos and more. Look into this site and you could win $180 premium accounts through Buzzfuse!


I am counting down the days until I am on vacation to spend some much needed time with my family. Next week will be the kids Spring Break and we are going to travel to spend some time visiting family out of province. We are planning on seeing a couple of movies and spending two days at the amusement park. This is going to be a great time for all of us and we will also be celebrating Trinity's 8th birthday. I can't wait!

Insurance Dilema

When we moved in the summer we bought a fantastic new house, when we went to get insurance we found out that our current insurance company couldn't service us in our new province. This was disappointing for us as we had spent the last few years building a good relationship with that company and now we would have to venture out and start all over again. I certainly discovered one thing, you have to shop around for insurance and know what you are getting for your money. We had conversations with a half dozen companies and the quotes we recieved varied wildly from one to the next. Some wanted money down some were satisfied with monthly payements and the coverage was different with almost all of them. After a lot of searching we decided on one company and they came out to our home and did an inspection and gave us a list of upgrades we had to have done to the house to keep our insurance policy. This brought another set of circumstances where we had 3 different companies come to the house and advise what it would cost to get the upgrades done, what an eye opener here, the quotes were from a low of 150 to a high of 1200, of course we went with the 150 guy and the work was completed and the insurance company reviewed and were satisfied with the results so why pay the 1200? We had similar events when it came to our Car Insurance and eventually agreed to use the same company as our home policy allowing us to take advantage of combining the policies and saving more money overall. It was an extreamly eye opening experience for sure and makes you realize you really need to shop around to be sure you are getting the best value and coverage for your money

Cell Phone Savior

We wanted to get cell phones for the convience and for a while it seemed like a good thing, we were able to get ahold of each other easily but after a while it became insane, the bills for what we were using was outragaous. We would easlily pay over 100.00 a month for the 2 phones. After frying mine in the washer and this company that was sucking us dry every month wanted 300 to replace my phone. We decided enough was enough, we went to PC and bought 2 phones outright, no more contract for under 100.00 and for the little bit we use them pay as you go only costs us 25 every month to keep minutes on our phone. I am really enjoying my new phone, it still works just as good as my old one and it is a lot cheaper.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Telemarketing Value

With so much competition in the market place today anything you can do to improve your business has to be seriously considered. These opportunities have allowed companies to form that specialize in building relationships for your company. Creating leads with a Telemarketing firm will permit your associates to focus more on day to day business activities. Telemarketing firms will concentrate on creating strong leads for you allowing you to focus on the best opportunities for sales and cold leads can get filtered out. Firms like Blue Berry Marketing Solutions will work with different companies from all different business entities. Providing a dedicated work force focused in their office environment as compared to some firms that allow staff to work independantly which would lead to a less focused team. Blue Berry trains their staff on the latest techniques to sell and know your business needs before they start on your file. Your customer information is collected and contacts are made to maximize your sales potential. It is always easier to get business form existing customers than getting new ones so with telemarketing it allows your sales team to give focus to your current clients while the telemarketing firm targets your new customer portfolio. Blue Berry has so much confidence in their ability to create value with their process that their policy allows any client to cancel their contract with them at any time, basically allowing you to use their service risk free.

BasketBall Fever

This afternoon, my oldest son had a basketball game against the Florence School, this team actually beat them in their first game but the boys have begun to really start to play better as a team and handed the Florence team a 77-49 loss today. Jay got 4 baskets and was quite proud of his part in the victory. He really enjoys playing and it's great to see him be successful. The team has another game Thursday after school that I am hoping to get to go to, hard to work around work in the afternoon's but we will try and make it there. Go Jay and Jubilee team

Personal Injury Service

When you've suffered through a motor vehical accident it can be a very traumatic experience especially if you or people you care about are injured in the accident. You can be facing long term physio therapy or worse if there are long term injuries that will not heal with time or surgery. Who will compensate you if you are unable to work or even enjoy life the way you once did. Where do you turn to get the compensation that is due to you can be a hard decision. It can be very intimidating but sometimes the best place to turn too is the experts and you may need a Personal Injury Lawyer to have your best interest in mind instead of an insurance company that is out for themselves and trying to save as much money as possible on your file. Keypoint Legal Services is a division of a leading law firm that was specifically created to handle compensation cases their team of specialists will always be up front and honest with you and are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve. When the unexpected happens in life be sure to look for a team that is prepared to go to battle for you and be in your corner when you need it most

New Glasses

Today we finally got my daughter to the eye doctor to see if her prescription has changed any, she has had the same glasses for a couple of years and being a girl wanted to update her fashion a bit so she was getting new glasses for her birthday. She had a great time at the doctor's office and as it turned out she her prescription hasn't really changed much over the past couple of years. Her glasses are getting made as we speak and should be back when we get back from March break, about a week before her birthday so we worked that out pretty good. Now it's time for everyone else in the family to get checked out to see if they need glasses too.

Storage Space

When we first moved into our new house we had a attached garage which wasn't finished inside but was great for storage. The really great part about it was it had a loft above it and that turned into our oldest son's room. As we got settled into our house and the months went by we began to realize that the kids really didn't have a room to hang out in. We decided to turn the garage into a family room, the garage door needed replaced anyway. We moved all the storage stuff into the basement which is only about a 3/4 basement and built a small room at the back for my workshop approx 6X8. It would be fantastic to be able to look into Garages for the back yard so we could have a space to do work in and allow us to store things like bikes, lawnmower and other things with better access than the basement. We are putting in new windows this summer so I will have to wait a little while longer before I can get into my garage space. 180 That would be a project in itself, building a new garage would be a wonderful adventure for my wife (Coach) and myself, I am going to start getting the plans together. :0)

1 on 1 time

This morning with appointments and school activities we had to really split our time up, Trinity had an eye appointment accross the street from my work the same time Kohl had to skate with school so Trin came and hung out with me at work for a while, the girls put her to work and then we went for a nice breakfast in the restaurant. It was nice to be just 1 on 1 you get to see a lot more of the personality when she let's her guard down and isn't worried about everyone's reaction to everything she has to say. It was a nice little morning, it makes you realize all the kids would enjoy the time like that.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mortgage Game

For us one on the biggest concerns with our latest move was what can we do to get the mortgage we need to find a house in our new market. We were concerned because the housing market had changed quite a bit since we bought our first house and the area we were moving the housing costs were higher than the community that we live in now. This was hard because we would be forced to actually pay more to have the same size and style of home we originally had. Going to the banks was difficult because to comp off our current housing they couldn't finance us to where we needed to be so we had to start all over again, with a new company. We found a mortgage broker that worked extremely hard for us and after a few up and down's she got us into a mortgage that worked for us and got us into a wonderful home. Looking back at those few weeks they were very frustrating but now in our new home as we do little renovations and fix it up to make it our own home it seems like a lifetime ago even if it was only about 8 months ago. When shopping around for a mortgage don't forget to shop around there are many companies like UK Mortgages that are designed to help you with your housing needs. It can take alot of work but to find your dream home it is always worth a little hard work.

Crazy 8's

Carebear tagged me to do this meme and as she's the boss I better get it done, no really she's lot's of fun so her we go...

8 Things I'm Passionate About
1. My wife (a awesome person, beautiful outside and in)
2. My son Jay (growing into a young man)
3. My daughter Trin ( a beautiful dancer, daddy's little girl)
4. My son Kohl (he's a gentle loving little boy)
5. My Son Blake (his goofieness is something to be seen and makes us all love him)
6. Living a healthier life, (can't have wife thinking I'm a big hairy beast)
7. Working hard at my career
8. Blogging!

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Watch my kids grow up
2. Be there for graduations
3. Walk Daughter down the aisle
4. Travel with wife
5. Take the kids to Disney world
6. Clean up our debt
7. enjoy life to the fullest
8. Spend time with Grand kiddies

8 Things I Often Say
1. I love you
2. BOYS!
3. Blake, NO
4. Please Listen
5. Good morning!
6. Good night!
7. That's smells Good

8 Books I've Recently Read/Currently Reading
Usually books with the kids at night, lot's of manuals at work, boring

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over
1. Bon Jovi
2. Bryan Adams
3. Sarah Mclaughlin Ordinary Miracle
4. Tim Mcgraw

8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends
2. Sense of humor
3. kindness
4. trust
5. Fun
6. Giving
7. Strong
8. Compassionate

Dream Bed

We have been wanting a new bed for our bed room for along time, with 4 kids it seems like we are always focusing on them and getting their rooms decorated right to their liking. Since we end up moving every couple of years it is a constant process of change for their rooms, especially since they are all growing and have different likes as we move. For our room we are always looking for storage space and under the bed is a great spot to put that extra seasonal clothing or Christmas presents we are trying to hide from the kids, they got too smart and know about the closet hiding space we used to use. We recently came accross a style of Divan Beds that comes with extra drawers for storage underneath giving a really sharp clean edge but still giving us the storage space we so desperatley need. The Knightsbridge Bed really suits our decorating style and would look fantastic in our bedroom. We are hoping to get a little bonus from work and after we get our windows in we will be moving onto our bedroom work to get a fresh look there. Let's hope all things go smooth and we get it all done by the summer time.

VBS Artic Adventure

The kids spent the last 3 days going to a Vacation Bible School called the Artic Adventure, it was great because it was for ages 4-14 which worked for all 4 of our adventures. They were able to get out and meet some new kids from the community, work on crafts, games have snacks and learn about God. Very busy weekend, we wanted the kids to get all they could out of the 3 days, today being the final day the kids were awarded grand prizes for the weekend based on points earned through the 3 days. Trinity came away with a grand prize giant white Teddy Bear, bigger than her, she was very proud and really loves him.

Training Mode

As a Manager for a large retailer I have had many opportunities to go on manySales Courses to improve my sales skills. It is always very important to go into these meetings to with the right frame of mind, to improve your abilities and become a better asset to your company. I find a lot of the time the trainer holds the key to the training experience as students we can bring alot to the table but I always find the most successful learning comes when the trainer has a good grasp on the material and can spin it into real life experiences for the students. Being able to relate to the material that is being taught to your business is also very important to get the full worth of the material.

What... Snow?

I thought Spring had arrived but last night the wind picked up and this morning we woke up to the winter wonderland. Oops I mean winter messyland, it snowed about 25 cm overnight and changed to rain this morning so it's going to be a heavy job cleaning up the driveway this morning, Jay and I are getting a little breakfast in our belly's and then heading out to get the job done.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mens Health

For many men it is hard to admit when we have a health problem, we do everything in our power to avoid going to the doctor. A very common health concern for men as they age is an enlarged prostate and for most of men this goes with out treatment. It really doesn't have to anymore, now available is a natural choice to improve the health of your prostate. Prostalex is now available without a prescription and is designed to help reduce the size of an enlarged prostate.

A Day Off

Finally after 9 days straight of working tommorrow I am off, it has been a wearing week for sure. My boss was coming for a visit on Thursday so I had to work extra to get things all caught up. After working the last weekend and still working this weekend. I will be going back to work for 4 days next week and then it's off for vacation with the kiddies for a week. I believe we will be more than ready for a great week of fun and adventure. yippeee... As for tonight it's almost bed bye time for me, I am practically falling asleep here at the computer ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.zz..............

Cosmetic Surgery

It can be a slippery slope when you bring up the topic of cosmetic surgery. Many women today feel the need to have a Boob Job to help boast there confidence. I personally feel that it is if it is within your power to do something for yourself to help you feel good in your own body that doesn't impact others than you should definitely do that for yourself. Physical image is so drawn out these days and everyone feels the inner stress to look and feel a certain way. In reading stories from patients at Mya I can see personal experiences that these patients have gone through and how it has benefited them in their life. The only advise I can give is to do your homework and make sure you are putting yourself in good hands before going through with this type of procedure.

Shopping Ahead

To try and stay ahead we are trying to get the end of season deals at stores to try and save money in the long run. Today we got a great deal on winter jackets/snow suits for the kids for next year. Having 4 kids it can be daunting to try and get 4 of everything every season. We used some of our tax return to by snow suits for the kids and have these ready for next fall all for under 100.00 normally you would spend 3-400 to get them all set, I think we did really good on this one and now we won't have to worry next year...let the snow fall.

Bad Credit

Everyone of us at one time or another have had credit issues, sometimes things can become so frustrating that we begin to lose focus on the important things in life. is in the business of helping consumers that have had issues with credit cards for bad credit. They will compare 10 of the credit solutions for people with bad credit and help you find the best solution to start taking more steps ahead instead of backwards with your credit situation.

Here Comes the Easter Bunny

I can't believe it's only 3 weeks until Easter, the kids completely love the season as it is the begining of spring and they always get some nice new springy toys to play with along with a new outfit each. The Easter bunny always has an egg hunt ready for them in the morning which all 4 still get a kick out of. It's a little harder being away from home for the season but we make the best out of it and try to have lot's of fun with the kids.