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Saturday, October 23, 2010

History Lesson

Throughout the ages men and women have dreamed of gold, it has been a driving factor in our history, wars have been raged over, loves have been found and lost over it. Long a symbol of beauty with our jewellery and gold coins, gold has been used as monetary form. Currently Gold is used as an investment product for many reasons. It has historically held it's value and is always in demand, over the last number of years the available raw material that can be mined is not keeping up with the demand which is driving up the value of gold. If you are interested in investing in gold it is a good idea to invest the time doing your research and speaking to the experts at the US Gold Bureau to assist you in making the smart decisions with your investments. They can assist you in sourcing your gold and then arranging secure delivery or storage depending on what you need.

Martinsville Showdown

It's week 6 of the chase and the showdown at Martinsville is tommorrow. I have read that it is now down to a 3 man race between Johnson, Hamlin and Harvick. I am a Harvick fan and support to the end but I have to admit I am a bit concerned about this week as he qualified 36th while Hamlin got the pole and Johnson starts 19th. It is also the first weekend with his new pit crew after a sudden change by RCR to remove his entire pit crew. If he can managed a decent finish and pick up a few points on the 48/11 than he should be in good shape the rest of the way but it will be a challange this weekend for sure. Good Luck 29!


Have you heard of Tzone yet, this was a new addition to our area and it is fantastic.
The machine is used to tone your muscles and stimulate circulation along with a variety of other things. We went for the last month and a half and had our measurements done after one month. My wife and I both lost 8 1/4" in total from our body measurements. It doesn't create a big weight loss but tones, we do our cardio via the treadmill at home or walking and also have both lost over 5lbs so a great start for us. If you have it in your area you should check it out it's a 10 minute a day workout.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Regency Beauty Schools

Looking at alternative options to ones career path should be taken seriously and although not always easy it is important to make smart choices. I know for many people it is a difficult decision to make but with careful consideration it becomes much easier. The cosmetology school in Phoenix offers the most current education methods you can recieve with hands on training and practice. The Regency Beauty Schools started out over 50 years ago and has grown to over 80 location to serve their student base. If you would like to find out more information about location nearest you or what they have to offer you in your situation check out

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Best Laid Plans

I found this old laugh from a couple of years ago and thought I'd recycle it again.

My wife was out tonight with Jay and I got all the kids off to bed and was waiting back for them to arrive home. I set up Blakes drum stool infront of the fireplace knowing Carrie would want to warm up when she got home. She came in sat down and promptly fell right on her best a**et, oops so much for being nice. I don't think she damaged anything except maybe her pride but it was sure good for a silent laugh, I'm not brave enough to laugh out loud.

House Renovation

One fun renovation project we recently had was a put on hold for a little while that was at least until our insurance company came along and gave us the inspiration to finish it up. We had an old wood burning fireplace in our computer we had no intentions of using it but there were a number of upgrades that had to be put in place if we intended to keep our insurance policy. I came up with this idea to rip out the wood burning fireplace and replace it with a new electric fireplace, we got an awesome deal $20 for the fireplace insert as teh glass was broken in the front and the wood surround was scrap wood from my work. If I had gotton all the work done to the other fireplace I would have been over 1000.00 to get everything fixed so I thought I was doing a very economical solution, in the spring we are going to add some tile over the wood surround to finish up the look.

Gold, Gold, Gold

The images of Gold have become part of pop culture all around the world. We have all dreamed of having piles of gold, from Alladin's piles of gold coins to the pirates and their hidden chests of gold coins. Let's not forget the Lepracaun and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, our society is obsessed with gold. The United States Gold Bureau is the leader in precious metals and has been helping match investors with the rarest of coins and bullion for many years. They have access to the best information from all around the world and can find you the rarest of coins. If you are looking to buy, sell or trade your coin turn to the US Gold Bureau staff for your best support and expert advice.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

chill is in the air

We had to break out the warm winter pj's for the kiddies and change over to the flannel or fleece sheets. Everyone enjoyed the warm cozy sleep so much and woke up toasty warm. It looks as if we will be in for a cool fall and winter so we have to get used to it but at least we are all ready.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Golden Memories

I have been collecting coins since I was just a little boy when my Grandfather gave me a bag of old coins he had collected over the years. I thought it was really cool to have little pieces of history from all over the world. As I have been growing my coin collection I have been working on collecting more valuable and rare coins. It is a bit more difficult to do this on my own so finding an expert in bullion like the team at the US Gold Bureau was the logical next move for me to grow my collection. They have all the connections and access to the best and rarest coin and bullion reserves. Whether you are collecting for fun or for investing it is a good idea to use a service to protect your investments and make sure you are getting the value you deserve.

Here's the chase

Well we are 4 weeks into the chase for the Nextel Cup and the question is who will win the chase when all the dust settles. To no ones surprise Jimmie Johnson is back in control of the chase and looks to be in line for his 5th championship. Will anyone be able to step up and take it from him? It was looking like Harvick would challenge for the championship this year but has been only dropping top 10 finishes instead of his early season top 5's. It's going to take some luck and skill for someone to unseat the 48 team.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mobility Solutions by NMEDA

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently had a friend of mine that needed a specialized vehicle to transport their ill father the question came up where do people with special needs or disabilities find their vehicles to transport themselves around. I did some research for her and discovered an article that discusses the NMEDA non-profit association that educates consumers on how and where they can purchase the vehicle especially equipped for their specific needs. The unique thing is is that every case is special and no circumstances are identical. It takes people with specialized skills to make the modifications necessary to meet the needs that people with disabilities have with their vehicles. Sometimes it can be just a simple case of the elderly having difficulty with standard vehicles and just needing some modifications to maintain their mobility, while in other cases extensive modifications might be required to give someone back their freedom and ability to transport themselves from place to place. NMEDA has become a fantastic resource for people to use to increase their personal mobility for themselves or care for someone who has special needs. NMEDA dealers have been authorized to sell vehicles that meet the needs of their clients. Taken a step further is the NMEDA (QUP) Dealer which have gone through an intense accreditation program to ensure they meet the highest quality, safety and reliability within the industry. By checking out the NMEDA website you can find the authorized dealer nearest you to assist you with your questions and getting you back on the road faster. My local dealer is Harding Medical at 3447 Kempt Rd in Halifax, NS Phone: 902-453-6900 which is only a few hours away and very central to the needs of all maritimers, take a few minutes to find how close your mobility solutions can be.

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I'm the lettuce in the sandwich

With Blake around you never know what moment of comedy is coming next...tonight as I was tucking him into bed he hit me with one of those head shaking moments. I usually put out his fleecy blanket and he jumps in it and then I fold it over him. Tonight we finished washing his second blanket so I put one on the bottom and said I'd cover him up with the other. He jumped up on the blanket and looked at me and said I'm the lettuce in the sandwich now you can put on the other bread blanket. It's hard not to laugh with this guy around.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drug company lawsuits

How are we supposed to trust anything, one thing you would expect to be able to trust would be your own doctor. Unfortuenetly with all the money involved in the drug industry it's scary the power that they control. I'm so happy to hear that some of these drug companies are getting what they really deserve for cutting corners and not taking the proper care in testing their drugs. I recently heard about the start of Trasylol lawsuit that have been filed against the drug company that manufactures it. Trasylol is a drug that is used to control blood loss during heart surgeries. Another drug that has been in the spot light for lawsuits is the drug Accutane. Accutane Lawsuit have started to come up as people that used the drug to help treat Acne have been linked to IBD and Chron's Disease. This is only the tip of the iceberg in today's drug industry we will be sure to see many more drug lawsuits come up as we start to see the true side effects of these drugs.

Poor Puppies

We went for a walk tonight and for the first night this week we decided that we wanted to go for a walk just my wife and I. We have been taking the dogs with us everynight and they were not impressed with us tonight when we were getting ready and didn't get their leashs out of the closet. It was a much nicer walk without them but we did feel sorry for them, especially when we got home and they were staring out the windows for us.

Nanny McPhee

We washed Nanny McPhee 2 tonight with the kids, we really enjoyed the original and I have to say the 2nd one was probably even better. The kids were so excited to be able to watch this new movie. They were giggling throughout the movie especially when the little piglets got away and did syncronised swimming in the lake. It was really cute and hopefully it will not take as long for them to make Nanny McPhee 3 with a little c and a BIG P.