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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Game Night

When I was a youngster going through school I can remember the great times we had playing games like bingo, 7up etc on Friday afternoons. We would all gather around after lunch and play the games the lucky winners would get prizes to take home it was a lot of fun. We decided that we should have a tradition like that in our home and we now spend Friday nights home playing games with our kids. We set up for the evening having a fun supper with all the kids favorite meals, usually taco's or nacho chips when we are done we move onto game choice and usually during our game we will have some snacks to add to the fun. The kids are getting into the DVD games like the scene it titles and Disney Bingo, the kids enjoy the disney themed games because they recognize the characters from their favorite movies. Which generally moves us to the final stage of the night which is movie time, this usually ends the night as our younger kids fall asleep as they are cuddling with us on the couch. The Bingo game is new and we found it on and at a great price.

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