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Friday, February 29, 2008

Online Games

Are you looking for quick access to fun online flash games, Flash Games - Free Online Flash Games, Play High Quality Internet Flash Games Now you can choose from a great assortment of games from roll play games, sports games and puzzle games. Instant access will allow you to get into the gaming action quickly all your classic favorites like pacman, asteroids and mario versions are here for your gaming fun. This is one action packed adventure well worth checking out.

Las Vegas Bound

This weekends (let's hope weekend) after last weeks race at California that lasted 2 days due to rain we are off to Las Vegas to see the next big race. Two races into the season and we haven't seen a Hendrick car in victory lane, but Jimmie Johnson has won the last 3 races at Vegas and finished 2nd last week so it might be time. So far into the season the biggest surprises to me are at opposite ends of the chart, I never would have expected Kyle Busch to be leading the points after 2 races and Casey Mears back in 39th after 2 races is a hard pill to swallow, could you imagine one of the Hendrick cars not in the top 35 after the 5th race oops. I know it was 2 accidents that really weren't his fault but that team has to have a fantastic performance this weekend or it could doom the season.

Credit Solutions

Every month we all can find ourselves working through the grind of bills and sometimes our bills can get the best of us credit problems are a reality for many of us and it is easy to lose focus on our lives when it begins to take over. You don't have to live through this alone as there are companies out there that will are designed to help you with your financial issues. Companies like can offer people support that have had bad credit credit cards. They will compare different avenues for your credit needs including credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans, and much more. compares the top ten credit cards available for bad credit and generates links to their online applications. You decide what offer is right for you, if you make your payments on time you can start to rebuild your credit rating, your future is now, don't wait today is the day to make your credit a solution instead of a problem in your life.

dancing star

My little princess, Trinity has been dancing for a few years and with our move she had to start at at new school, this school tries to line the kids up based on their age rather than skill level. Trin has been working hard all year and after Christmas her teachers decided she needed to move up to a higer level. They didn't want her to go to competetion as they felt it would be too much for her to get ready for but we were approached last night to go, so off to Halifax we will be heading later in the spring, way to go she traded her boogie shoes in for a boogie train..choo choo

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Parenting Help

The greatest moments of your life has to be when your children are born, what an exciting time, the excitement can be a little intimadating as now you realize you are totally responsible for another life. The world we live in today is so busy with parents trying to find ways to balance work and parenting It is becoming more acceptable for parents to ask for help in raising their children these days. Professional assistance are now available with a wealth of knowledge Au Pair's offer Infant Specialized Care Programs that are completely designed for the needs of infants from birth to 1 year of age. Au pair's specialize in child caregiving and development and have expertise in CPR and child hood development to help Parents through this challanging time. When you are looking for help with the most important roll of your lifetime don't be afraid to turn to professionals that are here for you.

Press Release:

Despite 55% of U.S. Mothers with Infants In The Workforce, Childcare Providers Offering Specialized Infant Care Services Remain Rare

San Francisco, CA, February 26, 2008 – With over half of U.S. mothers of infants employed outside the home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, most must arrange for infant care. Experts agree that the first year in a child’s life is the most critical developmentally and requires a consistent, nurturing caretaker. With maternity leaves as short as twelve weeks, mothers are confronted with leaving their newborns in someone else’s hands. Unfortunately, with limited training for childcare providers and overcrowding in day care centers, what is a mother to do?

This month AuPairCare (, a leading au pair agency, will begin offering Infant Specialized Care™, a program that provides families with a trained, live-in au pair who specializes in infant care and development, allowing working parents to provide their babies with consistent care in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Demand for this service clearly exists: Based on a survey sent to 400 AuPairCare host families, almost 2/3 of families with infants currently employing au pairs said they would be interested in an infant qualified and trained au pair if the service were offered and would be willing to pay for the additional training.
Infant Specialized Care au pairs receive over 40 hours of infant care training, covering topics, such as feeding, bathing, changing, soothing techniques and safety. Additionally, they receive specialized training in infant stimulation and development, infant massage, infant sign language and certification in Infant First Aid and CPR. This training is complemented by significant hands-on experience working with infants, with each of the Infant Specialized au pairs having at least 400 documented hours of childcare experience with children under the age of two.

“Having my au pair specifically trained to care for my baby will help alleviate some of my ‘mommy guilt.’ Just knowing that my baby is being well cared for and challenged developmentally will allow me to stop worrying and focus on my work,” says Kenna Norris, back-to-work mother of a 13-week old baby.

“With so many women with infants in the workforce and a clear lack of quality providers catering to this age group, developing a tailored au pair service that offers specialized infant training and experience was a priority for AuPairCare.” said Heidi Woehl, Vice President of AuPairCare.

AuPairCare’s Infant Specialized Care program launches this month nationwide.

About AuPairCare
AuPairCare is a leading au pair agency in the United States providing affordable, live-in au pair childcare. Designated by the U.S. Department of State since 1989 as an official au pair agency, AuPairCare has successfully placed over 30,000 au pairs from 40 countries with caring American families. To learn more, please visit

Contact: Karie Stern
Tel: 415-608-9195

Never Ending Clean Up

It seems like the clean up in the house never ends, I am beginnign to think my house is alive and trying to play with my mind. It seems as though I go from one room to the next and when I come back it is torn apart again. I know the dryer is broke because everytime I go up to the laundry room there are piles of clothes infront of it so it must be chucking the clothes back out of it or something. I must admit the kids can be at times helpful in cleaning up but sometimes it can be pretty frustrating as the house can turn from clean to a disaster in a matter of hours.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

People Crunch

The biggest challange face by all industries today is in the recruitement area, as the baby boomers are reaching retirement age this country is facing and ever growing recission of skilled workers to replace them. It can be an exhausting search to find qualified candidates to interview and hire and sometimes you need assistance to get what you need. Searching for an executive recruiting firm can alleviate the stress of finding the next great leader for your company. Reputable companies like AEF have been placing executives with companies for over 40 years. Their recruitment specialists have all had successful careers in the field that they are recruiting for so their expertise is to your benefit. A good team is the cornerstone to any good business without the team your operation will not meet it's full potential.

The Greatest Wife - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more My wife definitely deserves an award for being the best wife ever, so I made this one especially for her. Everyday I look at her in amazement of her beauty and remember all the good things that have happened. I have to thank her for saving me really as before I got together with her I was travelling down a dangerous path in which all I really worried about was working and going out to bars with friends. It was a bad habit that I had gotten myself stuck in where I would spend 3-4 nights a week out drinking with friends. It wasn't really something I was doing for fun but to get out I guess. Her strength and love for me made me realize there were much better things to do with my time than bounce back bottles. We have been together for 9 years now and have 4 amazing little children. There have been times when everything wasn't a rose garden you could say but the underlying love we share gets us through the hard times. She really is an amazing woman and having her with me is my grace during the hard days. I love her with all my heart and could never imagine life without her. Please stop by her blog and see for yourself my love for life. She has incredible blogs that are a lot of fun to follow.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A new day is dawning

With so much of todays communication coming through online transactions a new trend has developed. E-Signatures are quickly becoming a business solution to having contracts signed through the internet allowing companies to close deals faster and save money in the process. With today's EchoSign E-Signatures technology allows clients to process transactions across the entire world, with only a few simple steps the entire process is automated and makes quick work out of what formally could have been a long process of sending documents back and forth.

Press Release:



Palo Alto, CA, February 13, 2008 --- EchoSign, the leading Web-based signature automation service, today announced the availability of EchoSign 3.0. This latest version of the number one Web-based e-signature service brings the power of sophisticated workflows to a completely automated and intuitive Web interface.

EchoSign’s 250,000 users have already shortened their contract signature process by as much as ninety percent (90%) – getting contracts signed, on average, in just 42 minutes. In version 3.0, EchoSign introduces a host of new features that help companies of any size close deals faster, save money, and process contracts even more efficiently.

“The key to success for companies of all sizes is identifying bottlenecks in the sales process that hinder a company’s ability to close a deal. With so many businesses going global, the time it takes to get a single signature on a contract increases fourfold,” said Jason Lemkin, CEO, EchoSign. “EchoSign’s newest release continues to cut the fat out of the contract process, by enabling companies to quickly and intuitively gather the signatures they need to drive the business bottom-line.”

In a recent report, the analyst firm Gartner recommends “consider[ing] e-signature services instead of software suites when one or more of these factors exist: the signature-based process is automated; rapid time-to-market is important; complex internal workflows are not required; a third party to vouch for the signed record is needed; or the price per signed record will be less than purchased software and in-house development.”

EchoSign’s easy to use interface has enabled thousands of companies to go from ‘quote to close’ in less than 42 minutes. With EchoSign, companies are able to close more contracts, work more effectively with customers and partners, and manage and audit agreements within a single interface. With today’s release of version 3.0, EchoSign increases the power of e-signatures by extending their ability to reach across the globe and into the organization. Major features include:

Workflow “Language” – EchoSign API has already enabled dozens of Internet leaders to integrate EchoSign e-signatures into their own products – including, WebEx Connect,, Zoho, H&R Block, SpringCM, and Drawloop. EchoSign now takes this to the next level by enabling its customers and partners to go beyond the standard counter signature and sequential EchoSign signature options and directly craft their own customized signature workflow processes.

MegaSign - With EchoSign 3.0, users can now send an agreement out to 10, 100, 1,000 or more users for signatures. In just one click, EchoSign automatically tracks down signatures from thousands of employees; automatically follows-up for you and reminds them until they sign; and creates a full, real-time audit report of who’s signed and who hasn’t across your enterprise.

Instant, Automated, Interactive Forms – Users can marry data collection and e-signatures in a few clicks. Now, users can create an interactive form without requiring Adobe Acrobat – just by using Microsoft Word. EchoSign 3.0 automatically converts the Microsoft Word document into an interactive form. This form can be posted to a Web site or secure portal via the EchoSign widget in seconds, without programming. Or the form can simply be e-mailed for signature. Either way, with one click, the document is e-signed – and the collected data is exported out to Microsoft Excel for analysis and integration.

Real-time Dashboard Analytics in Salesforce – For the first time, sales managers can track, in real-time, the status of every single contract across their companies. EchoSign for Salesforce offers real-time dashboard analytics to measure metrics across an entire team, including deals closed by sales reps, open deals, percentage of agreements signed, and average minutes until signed.

About EchoSign
In just one click, the EchoSign solution automates the entire signature process from the request for signature to the distribution and filing of the executed agreement or form. With nothing to download, learn or install, there is simply no faster or secure way to get your contracts signed, tracked and filed. EchoSign customers close over $100M in contracts each month with an average 'quote to close' time of 42 minutes. EchoSign has won numerous awards including Red Herring Top 100 Private Company, “One to Watch” by Gartner Research, and Best of Show at Office 2.0, and has twice been named by as an AppExchange Essential. Over 250,000 users at organizations such as AtRoad, British Telecom, GE Capital, Johnson & Johnson, Netscout, and the University of California use EchoSign everyday to get contracts signed, tracked and filed in the most efficient and effective way possible. For more information and access to web service, visit

Monday, February 25, 2008

The grocery day

Well tonight was the night and about time, we get paid once a month so our first thing every pay day is to go out and go the big grocery run. This time we really needed a good fill up, the cupboards were almost completely bare. We decided it might be nice if we got the sitter to come in and allow us to go without the kids. That way it would only be the two of us grabbing for stuff as we went through the grocery store. It's also easier for me to keep track of our spending as we are travelling through the store if it's only the two of us. I would have to say it was an enjoyable night as we got to go to an adult dinner and than leisurly go through the store and pick up our stuff, while the kids had a great time with the sitter, so it was a win, win for everyone. A new tradition is born...

New Dating Techniques

Dating websites are quickly becoming not only an acceptable way for people to meet new people but quite a popular form of social networking. There are sites that are developed for the sole purpose of introducing men from all over the world to meet Ukraine girls. If you are looking to find a mate over the internet it is important to deal with a reputable service that has your best interest in mind. The most trustworthy sites will screen the women before signing them up, to give added protection against scams. They will also provide a in site anti-scam disclosure policy.
You can build a free profile and meet Ukraine girls for free, and relay messages free of charge to try the site before you decide to sign up to use their. Once you have signed up you only pay a flat rate and no limit on the email communication you can have. If you are looking for that someone special and are willing to try out something new give loversplanet a try.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dominoe Daze


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Matt's Perspective,
Matt's View
Now I am passing this on to everyone visiting my perspective and my new view

A New View

I decided to build another blog to keep more in tune with what my original plan was for the perspective, as time has gone on the perspective has evolved into a spot for me to discuss family events and the things around the world. My new View Matt's View" will focus on worldly news and events from the headlines and news I see, I hope you will all check out my new blog and give me some feedback or drop me a subject and we'll talk. See you soon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Hairdresser

In our household my wife does everyones hair, normally she just picks a night once every few weeks and lines up me and the 3 boys for the cut and style. This has always been her thing and she does a great job at keeping us looking great. She has talked about going to beauty school after all the kids get off to school, but for now she is staying home and being their for the kids. Never-the-less we occasionally take the time to look for salon jobs and courses that she can look into just to get familiar with what is out there when she is ready.

Hello Newman

I forgot to send out congratulatory notes to Ryan Newman on his win at the Daytona 500 last week. I was shocked to see how well the Dodge cars ended up in the end, I didn't pick even 1 of them in my top 10 list...shame on me. This weekend Nascar is off to sunny California for the next event. What will happen this be a supportive fan I will pick Kevin Harvick to win but I believe the sleeper will be a Gibbs Toyota, the new Toyota horsepower will show it's muscle at a track like California this weekend.

More Renovation Projects

I just go word this morning that we have been approved by the bank for the cash to buy our new windows. We really wanted to get our garage door taken out and a window in it's place, as we are converting it over to a family room and we have a few window that are begining to show their age, the house is 80 years old so we are excited to be able to finish converting the last of the windows over to new vinyl windows...exciting...I can't wait to share pictures with you but it will be about 4-6 weeks to get the work done.


I am not a flower person, normally I don't buy flowers for my wife, I know you might be saying boo. Really though flowers are pretty and they do smell nice but normally it is more practical to buy something she needs for herself, sometimes a new outfit, or a trip to the hair dresser and those type things. For some reason this year I decided to buy roses for Valentines day, this being the first time in years my wife was surprised, normally she agrees with me on the flower thing but I wanted to do it different this year. It made me remember back to the last big flower event we had which was our wedding day. It was hectic and I really wished we had someone that could have looked after our flower and bulk roses that we needed for our special day.

Valentines finally arrived

My wife had been hinting...well maybe that is a gentle word...asking for a lap top computer to give her freedom from the computer room. I thought I would surprise her for valentines day and get her one ordered. I wanted to make it unique and extra special for her so knowing her favorite color is pink I ordered her the pink flamingo from Dell...the bad part I didn't order it fast enough to get it her Valentines day so I got a card and roses and printed off the order confirmation and gave that to her. She was surprised for sure and yesterday it finally arrived...exciting.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is a Revolution Coming?

If you are a book reader then this might just be a book you will want to read. It is On a Hill They Call Capital which is a new book by Matt Carson. This book has raised a lot of questions so is it a book of fiction or is there a real revolution coming? Get this book for yourself available at this Book Website to decide for yourself. You will find it well worth the read and will certainly get you thinking!

1 aganist the machine

I was extreamly disapointed to see that Nascar took detrimental actions to The No. 7 car, driven and owned by Robby Gordon, based on the based on (actions detrimental to stock car racing)(car, car parts, components and/or equipment used do not conform to NASCAR rules); and 20-3.10A (unapproved front bumper cover) of the 2008 NASCAR rule book. The violations were found during opening day inspection for the Daytona 500 on Feb. 8. This puts him into a bad postition scrambling to make up ground to get into the top 35 by event 5. Some thought should have went into this as it was a last minute switch to a new dodge format and gem's shipping him un approved parts that put him in this position. Corrective action was taken before qualifying and racing so Nascar really should have been given some slack on this one.

As a result, Gordon has been penalized 100 championship driver and owner points.

Friday, February 15, 2008

New income awaits

Are you searching for solutions on how to earn extra income. Make thousands of income by brokering deals to commercial and real estate customers. Learn Broker Skills like, how to process loan applications, how to write broker agreements and many more exciting tips to make your venture a success. Broker opportunities are incredible and business and investors are becoming tired of dealing with banks crushing conditions. It's an easy sell when you advise borrowers you can offer them better rates and terms than the bankers can. The best part of these programs is you can actually run this business from your own home.

Daytona Prediction

Well only 2 days away from the "Super Bowl" of the Nascar season the 50th running of the Daytona 500. All is said and done with qualifying and alot of dreams were dashed yesterday with the running of the Gatorade Duels. Qualifying for the race through the Gatorades were Brian Vickers, Kenny Wallace, John Andretti and Dale Jarret. I'm batting .250 on that one as I believed it would Vickers, Said, Carpentier and Almendinger that would race through. Anyway I'm getting prepared to watch and my pick for Sunday will be Dale Jr ( a story book start to his deal at Hendrick) Kevin Harvick (Really Cool to Repeat) or Mark Martin ( Hey he was almost there last year) One thing I know for sure from what I've seen so far it will be a great race!

Coupon Cutter

Everybody loves to save money, working in the retail world I know for a fact if you are paying full price for anything you are most likely not getting the best deal possible, everything gets an extra mark up these days so be very aware many companies today use a coupon as a marketing tool to get you to try something new or give you a chance for savings.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When 54 = 43?

I can only imagine the pressure being felt in Daytona this week when 54 teams will attempt to qualify for 43 starting spots in the Daytona 500. This is unlike any other Nascar event for the year as Qualifying runs were made on Sunday a week before the race and only the top 2 qualifiers know where they will start on Sunday. Johnson and Waltrip will start 1-2 and the Gatorade races on Thursday will determine the rest of the field. It will be disapointing for 11 teams that do not make the biggest race of the year, it could crush the year for these teams struggling to make races before we even go green for the first race. To add to the frustration there is the top 35 rule that locks in the top 35 teams from last years owners points making it even harder for the other teams to qualify. I really would like to see Boris Said qualify with his underfunded team, it would be great to see that team make it into the top 35, so many teams have used Boris to train their road race teams I would love to see Boris run the full schedule.
Go Boris.

Wanting to Lose Weight

I have joined my wife in her quest to lose weight and so far we are both off to a great start. She has started up a support system with other friends and we all weigh in on Tuesdays and share our results with each other. In doing this I have realized that our old digital scale isn't all that accurate and feel it would be a good time to look into purchasing a new bathroom scale. So what do we go with? The basic digital scale like what we have now or one that show us our body fat percentage as well. I now my wife has mentioned a line of Escali scales that are affordable which makes me happy and yet fashionable for my wife. With having a good bathroom scale we should be able to keep on the right track with our weight loss and in no time will reach our weight loss goals.

Monday, February 11, 2008

JR. wins at Daytona!

Ok so it's not the Daytona 500 but in his debut outting with the new Hendrick team, Dale Jr. rebranded 88 National Guard Chevy entered Victory Lane at Daytona in this weekends Bud Shoot Out. I knew it wouldn't take him long to get back to victory lane but even I was surprised at it being in the first race. After seeing how easily he man-handled the competition I wouldn't be shocked to see him at the front of the pack leading the Daytona 500 this weekend. If he doesn't get into trouble I would expect him to be a contender towards the end. I can't imagine it being a more exciting finish than last years win by Harvick over Martin in the last inches of the race but we will be eagerly awaiting the outcome this Sunday.

Student life

When your a student everything is about crunching your money to go as far as you can. When your a new driver you can get stuck in teh insurance slump and end up paying high rates just because of your peer group the folkes at nbi insurance are available for you to help you get the lowest student rates possible. Hurry get your free quote today and start saving your money.


This morning my wife was honored with the hot blog babe for the month of February, (Blog Babes) she was very surprised about her nomination for this and I think a little bit honored. It certainly is exciting to be admired, she let me know as soon as she found and was concerned I would be upset. I'm not sure as to why I would be, she is a beautiful lady and she is a blogger and I've always thought she was a babe so it's only a natural to me. Congratulations Carebear on your nomination! Check out her blog at (Rantings) and (Jabber-Jaws) for some real great blogging action!

Hotel Reservations

March Break is quickly approaching and I will be taking a one week vacation to spend with my family and the thought of doing so has just reminded me to make our hotel reservations for our trip. Are you anything like I am leaving things until the last minute or do you plan ahead? Either way when booking hotel reservations , offers advanced and last minute hotel reservations for booking in the next 21 days. offers over 90 hotels around Surfers Paradise and over 50 Cairns Hotels that are located on the door step of the great barrier reef.

More Snow...

This morning I woke up to one of the biggest snow storms that we have had yet this winter. The kids are home from school and it took me quite a bit of time to shovel my out to get to work. The weather looks like it is finally clearing but the winds are still strong and causing the snow to blow around. With any luck for my wife the weather will improve and she will be able to take the kids outside to play.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Car troubles

It is now obvious that with our large family and my work schedule we can no longer get by with just one vehicle. I am starting to shop around for the best Car Prices to see what is available out there and hope I can find something that will fit the budget! Of course we need a reliable one that can fit everybody if need be so it will certainly be an adventure.

The never ending pot

When my wife makes a pot of stew it sure is good, and it lasts forever, we are 3 meals in and the pot seems as full as it was when it was first made. As the meals go by more and more veggies get added into the pot to fill it up for next time. It sure is a great meal on a cold winter day/night, warms the belly and radiates for hours.

School Project

Recently my son had to complete a school project on a metal, after searching through some internet sites he decided he would complete his project on silver. It was actually very interesting all the facts and history information he was able to discover about silver. i was surprised to learn that silver is not only used for coins and jewellery but also for industrial use as well. It is estimated that more than 95% of the mined silver has been used for industrial purpose because of it unique properties including strength, malleability, ductibility and ability to endure extreame heat conditions. Silver is also used in health care products as it has unique anti-bacterial properties. To care for burn victims, dressings recieve a layer of fabric containing silver which can prevent secondary infections to the wounded area. Overall it was an exciting experience discover the history and uses of one of the worlds most valuable commodities.

The rec room renovation

We are still working on the rec room renovation, progress is coming along slowly but we are seeing the potential of having a real room in there. I finished putting the last of the sheet rock up last night and began taping and mudding. I went onto hometime website and got all the information on how to do the project right the first time. I know you may say what a man going for instructions, I really had to look it up and make sure it was done right as I have never attempted doing this project before. It's going good, lots of aches and pains at night after working at it but it will be worth when it is finished. I'll update with more pictures as we finish up more, I hope to be able to put a coat of primer on by the weekend but we will see.

Surprise Snow

We awoke this morning to the sound of plows going by the house, surprisingly there was a good snow fall last night, the last I heard we were supposed to get just a dusting of the white stuff. We cranked on the radio to see if school might be cancelled but no luck kids.LOL. I bundled up to get the driveway cleaned out before taking the kids to school. I got surprised when Jay came out to help shovel, joined shortly after by Trin and then Kohl. We made short work of the snow with all that help and had a little fun before school too, nice for a change as usually we are too busy getting ready. I got the kids off to school and when I got home Blake decided he missed out on the shoveling fun so he got his boots on and grabbed a shovel and we went out and did the front walkway together and then built a little snowman in the back yard. He didn't survive as he was hit by tornado Blakie before we went in and was crushed.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That new car smell

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Get to know me

Welcome to the 2008 edition of getting to know your blogging friends.
Okay, here's what you're supposed to do...
Copy this entire list of questions and change all the answers so thatthey apply to you.
Then tag and pass it along to other blogging friends.
Let's see how well we can get to know one another!

1. What is your occupation? Manager of a large Retailer
2. What color are your socks right now? Bare footed
3. What are you listening to right now? Numbers on tv
4. What was the last thing that you ate? Sweet and sour meatballs over rice, Wife made Yummy
5. Can you drive a stick shift? It's been a while but yes, learnt by buying my first car and driving it off the lot, didn't have much choice but to learn than did I
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? brown
7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? my wonderful wife
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? My favorite person in the whole world, most of the time anyway.
9. Favorite drink? Doke Zero
10. What is your favorite sport to watch?NASCAR 50th running of the Daytona 500 only 2 weeks away
11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Just hi-lites a couple of times although I occasionally see a white one on the sides, eeek!
12. Pets? Not Likely
13. Favorite food? Chinese/Donair
14. Last movie you watched? Fantastic Four with the boys
15. Favorite Day of the year? Anyday that starts with a good kiss
16. What do you do to vent anger? Don't vent (Bad Habit)
17. What was your favorite toy as a child? GI Joe's
18. What is your favorite, fall or spring? Spring
19. Hugs or kisses? Hugs good ones
20. What kind of pie? Homemade Apple pie warm with vanilla ice-cream
21. Do you want your friends to email you back? Yes
22. Who is most likely to respond? Carrie
23. Who is least likely to respond? Mom
24. Living arrangements? Own a big old house with lots of little projects
25. When was the last time you cried? It's been sometime
26. What is on the floor of your closet? I don't even want to look
27. Favorite smell? Catching a smell of wife on clothes when she's not around ie good scents
28. What inspires you? Many things. My Family
29. What are you afraid of? The dark
30. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? Cheese
31. Favorite car? Our Montana SV6 van
32. Favorite cat breed? Ones with personality
33. Number of keys on your key ring?2 (van, house)
36. How many years at your current job? 15 years and 8 transfers
37. Favorite day of the week? Any day I can hang out and just do stuff with the family
38. How many provinces have you lived in? (3) New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia
39. How many countries have you been to? 2

I'll pass this onto everyone visiting my blog, leave me a comment and I'll head back to your blog to get to know you better, have fun

RBS 6 Nations Rugby Tournament

I have always been very interested in the sport of Rugby and it is soon coming up on the RBS6 Nations Tournament. I recently found the official site that has complete high lites for the latest rugby news including player signings and retirements also available you can watch rugby highlights and keep up to date on all the stats and scores from the latest matches. Recieve the hottest news from any of your favorite squads including England, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is the complete source of all the information on all the players, complete Bio's are online for all players. If your looking to show off your favorite teams colors there is also the Official rugby Store complete with all your team gear. If you are a true Rugby nut and are looking to dress up your computer there ara Wall papers available to sharpen up your image. and to complete your fun ther is the Fan Zone where you can find all kinds of great games and other stuff for you to check out to get you completely up to speed on the upcoming RBS tournament

McDonald's Monopoly

What and exciting moment today in my mail I actually recieved a cheque from the Monopoly game at McD's. I wouldn't believe I actually won until the cheque arrived and today was the day. We collected the little game pieces and played online and to our surprise one day we collected all the properties for $500.00. We didn't believe it could be that easy so we skeptically followed all the directions that came to us and mailed away all our stamps etc. It took a couple of months but here is the proof real people actually do win these contests.

Elections 2008

How are you going to get involved with elections in 2008? Will you just sit back and watch how it plays out or do you want your voice to be hard? With using ElectionQlips you will be able to leave your comments on audio or video to share with the many other citizens taking an interest in the election. At you can talk about Elections 2008 using Qlip Media's technology. Get involved this year! If you have an opinion or comment then share it with Election Qlips!

Press Release:

QlipMedia ( has just launched the public beta version of ElectionQlips (, a new destination to discuss all that is Election 2008. Readers can share their comments with the community and leave comments on Presidential Election themed video posts using their recorded voice, free-hand drawing, and images to let everyone know what they think and how they feel about every point in the posted debates, ads, punditry and stump speeches.

As the nation’s attention increasingly focuses on the outcomes of the ongoing primary elections and the general election to follow this November, viewers of ElectionQlips can stayed tuned to all the exciting action, including voice and video comments of their fellow citizens. And anyone can bring their wit and wisdom to bear on the debate of the moment, commenting to their heart’s content with their own voice and images.

The blogosphere has always been about giving a voice to common ‘netizens’, while democratizing the dissemination of the news and opinion. But heretofore that voice has been confined to the two dimensional world of the written word. The broad appeal of video has added a third dimension, a layer of contextual relevancy just not possible with the written word alone. Blog commenting has been similarly constrained by the same technical barriers. ElectionQlips brings multimedia blogging full circle, giving blog commenters the ability to post live, multimedia comments right on the videos they’re viewing in their own voice, using their own doodles and images.
• 100+ million blogs in existence
• 1.5 million blog posts per day
• 1 blog with multimedia commenting capability

ElectionQlips users can take their election debate with them by sharing the link and embedding the player anywhere. On the video timeline, it’s easy to bring out all the facts with every detail of the debate through point-by-point analysis. The density of comments at every point let’s one see what’s hot and what’s not in every debate.

The goal of ElectionQlips is to make it possible for everyone to participate in any debate, discussion and controversy using their own voice. Commenting on blog posts is a common enough, ElectionQlips gives an edge over other contemporary election blogs, especially with respect to sharing your comments and opinions.

About QlipMedia:
QlipMedia makes QlipBoard, a tool that combines videos and images with drawing, highlighting and adds your voice is the easiest way to talk about anything and turn any video into an instant discussion room. ElectionQlips is produced by QlipMedia, Inc. and designed by OuterJoin. For more information, visit

Busy morning...

I got the kids off to school this morning then came back home and spent some time with Blake. Today I don't go into work until noon so I had some time to make Rice Cripsie squares with Blake. I bought a kit a while bag for making these squares in to houses then he got to decorate them. We had a great time and made a bit of a mess but we had a great time. Sometimes it's the little things we do for our children that make them smile!