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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking for some Relaxation

After a long day of work and the evening with the kids I am usually quite ready to spend some quality me time relaxing before my wife comes home from work around 2am. It is my time to spend a bit of time working out and doing some relaxation and yoga techniques to release my day's events and get ready to refresh my system with a good nights sleep. I recently found an online forum that sells lots of Tibetan relaxation items that can be used to help me relax. A new product is the Crystal Singing Bowl which are made out of quality quartz crystal and are available in either clear or frosted color. The sound that is created by the singing bowl is so relaxing when done right. The site I found also offers a variety of chimes, gongs and beads to truly help you find great forms of relaxation and harmony.

Asbestos Exposure

Recently their was a home in our area that was discovered to be full of asbestos, the insulation that was used in this home was made with this cancer causing ingredient and being that we live in a small area and news spread quite quickly of the concert. It is a very expensive and tricky clean up when Asbestos is discovered in an older consturction product. For decades it was widely used in construction materials all over the world. Many companies that manufactured this product actually knew about the effects of this product long before it was revealed to the general public leading to many more exposures than should have occured. Asbestos is most commonly linked to Mesothelioma which is an aggressive form of Cancer that attacks the membrane of major organs like the lungs and liver. Once it is in the body it spreads very aggresively and leads to death. It is appaling to think that these corporate tycoons continued to reap the rewards and profits from this product while many people were exposing themselves. Many of these manufactures have gone bankrupt through compensation hearings that awarded compensation to those effected by their negligence. If you or someone you know has been affected by Asbestos it is important to have an experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer on your side that has the ability to properly build and present your case and get you the most compensation possible.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer time gas prices

Well you can tell it's summer time again, as we watch the price of gas go up week after week. The cost of gas has risen over 25% over the last 2 months and I am fully expecting by the July long weekend it will be up to the same level as last summer. Does the government really think we are that neive that we don't notice the changes and the rhytm to them. Long weekend coming you can guarantee at least a 4 - 5 cent increase. I can't wait until we have solar powered vehicles for the mass public to use.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Car repair tip

One of the most frustrating expenses when owning an vehical is getting body work done. It happens for a variety of reasons, an accident, vandalism or just mother nature takes its toll on our vehicals appearance. When you find yourself lookign for auto body shops california to help you with your repairs you can turn online to track down the best repair shops in your area. is dedicated to building a network of only the best repair shops and anyone wanting to be listed in this database must pass a variety of quality control tests before being listed. When you pick one of these locations you are getting the best body shops in your area. If you find one that you would like to set up an appointment you can do that right on the site to save yourself time. It doesn't have to be painful to get repair work done, just take a little time to research your options first and you will save yourself headaches later on.

The Maniac Mansion Project

A friend of mine bought this old house last spring and I have been helping him gut the interior for the last year in our spare time. It is finally cleaned out back to the framing and ready to get fixed. He is hoping to have at least 1 unit finished for the fall so he can get into it. I have a feeling it will be a busy summer up there. The beauty of this house is it has a beautiful view of the ocean and the harbor so you get to watch the boats in and out all summer.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Being prepared for Van Repair

It can be frustrating when our vehicles break down, normally a breakdown is unexpected and can leave us stranded. One of the more common breakdowns is the Radiator, it is a very important part of any vehicle, keeping the engine from overheating. I recently found an online source for any Chevrolet Van Radiator and stored it into my favorites just in case I run into an issue with my van down the road. This site has over 200 distribution centres nationwide and are able to offer same day or next day delivery to almost every area. Because their network is so extensive some areas can be delivered in just hours. They have pricing well below the regular retail you would pay at the local shop and offer lifetime warranties on all their parts. They even have mechanics online ready to answer your radiator questions. This is a great resource to have available for when you need it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Camera Critter: I didn't do it!

We went out for the morning a couple of weeks ago and when we returned home this is the mess we found. I guess the aroma of a Big Mac is just too much for Breigh to handle. Well actually or garbage can's lid was broken and it left everything out in the open for her so it was hard to resist. We were actually out shopping for a new can that day. When we arrived home she was huddled in under the stool, do you think she knew she did wrong? The face has "GUILTY" written all over it.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Camera Critter: Sunbathing Beauty

Here's my sunbathing beauty, I installed a new front door in the house this week and we decided to put a screen door in as well. This one has a full glass front right to the bottom and a roll down hide away screen. This is perfect for Breigh as she loves to lay in the Sun and now the Sun comes right into her favorite spot. Your welcome Breigh.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Camera Critters Digging for China

I'm not sure where Breigh is heading but she was some happy to get outside this week with some nice weather. She went right to our leveled out spot in the yard and promptly decided she was making a break for it, I'm not sure where she was planning on going but I think if I left her she would have made it to China. She definetly needed a bath when she was done.

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