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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Golden Rainbows

Wouldn't you know after 4 days of rain once again today it rained, thankfully we hope the rain is getting out of the system and our vacation next week will be really nice. Today after the rain broke the sun came out and we were hit with a beautiful Rainbow. I wondered could we chase down the end of the rainbow and find the little leprechaun at the end of the rainbow with his bucket full of gold. Now realistically that's not going to happen so it might be a better time to buy gold bullion . Gold has been proven over the course of time to be one of the safest investments.

Snow man time?

The kids were asking me if they could make a snow man soon, but alas there is nothing falling but rain. It has rained for 4 days straight, it hasn't shown any sign of letting up. The wind is blowing so hard it is forcing water under the siding and causing drips to form in the ceiling, Merry Christmas to us I guess. There will surely not be a white Christmas for us this year will there. Anyway I told the kids soon enough we would be out in the yard making snow balls and snow men so they just needed to hang tough for a few more weeks.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The mystery Water Cooler

Do you ever have one of those moments when something weird happens to you that you can't figure out. Tonight I was sitting here relaxing with the computer, the house was nice and quiet, the kids were all off to bed and out of no where the water cooler starts to chug water. Now no one has been near the water cooler for hours so now why all of a sudden does water start chugging down to fill the cooler? It spooked me out for a few minutes for sure so now I'm sitting here on edge.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Golden Dreams

What kind of investment opportunities do you have in your portfolio. It is important to stay up to date with your investment mix and to be very aware of what you are looking out of your investments. There are different things to consider depending on where you are in your life. There really never is a bad time to buy gold coins, it has proven itself to be a very safe investment choice that provides stable returns with minimal risk. Gold is currently trading at some of it's highest values in recent memory but don't let that discourage you as with the dollar continuing to drop normally the value of commodities like gold bullion will continue to rise.

All I want for Christmas

This is what I heard the other day from my son, common Dad all I want for Christmas is a PS3 with call of duty and a wireless controllers and and and....oh yeah by now I stopped listening. I tried to explain to him that at this point a $500 plus ps3 might be pushing it and the rest of the list might have to hold off. It's scary the expectations kids have for Christmas these days, of course they get this from their friends whom get spoiled by their parents.

Slushy Madness

The kids recently discovered the slushy machine at the store near our home, with it being a little warmer lately they love the cool treat. The store here has 8 flavors of slushy so it will take a while to try all the flavors but the kids do like to mix the flavors to try combinations of Rainbow that they create. I tried one the other night and the combination of brain freeze and sugar rush.

Future Investments

I've been looking for alternatives for my investment portfolio, something that I can have some faith in it's long term value. Of course my investments are diversified but with the markets so volatile you have to be as careful as possible. For generations Gold has been known for it's value and beauty, a sure sign of wealth the world over. Now how does one buy gold bullion and coins with confidence. The US Gold Bureau is a leading expert on investment quality gold and coins and can help you get the most for your investment dollar. They have the ability to ship your purchase directly to you or they can store your investment until you are ready for your shipment.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 day countdown

Christmas is getting closer and closer with only 11 days left before the big day. We are getting excited to go visit with family over the holidays. Unfortunetly we are staying home for Christmas and travelling for New Years. We are hoping for good weather on our travels and of course looking forward to a Happy New Year.