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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outfitting our Young Man

After my son joined cadets he has begun to show a lot of interest in dressing with more of a military type wardrobe. It was challangeing to find much gear in our area but with a little searching online we were able to find a site that offered all types of tactical gear that would suit his developing tastes. They offer tactical pants, boots and even 5.11 tactical shorts that he liked for hiking. They even offer all kinds of great accessories to complete his look from sunglasses, backpacks and boots. Right now they are offering great specials including when we buy 2 pairs of tactical pants we get free shipping a free hat and if needed free return shipping. An extra bonus right now is with every order you get a free Shick Quatro razor so there is a bonus gift for me by just getting him the clothes he wants.

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