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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Christmas Wish

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well with Christmas fast approaching I have been working and shopping very hard to get everything on the Christmas wish lists of my family. I started a bit earlier than normal this year and it is wonderful to be almost done before the calendar even flips over to December. I decided it was time to start hinting around to my wife for my Christmas wish list. I am really hoping she gets the hint and gets me a new cell phone, I am so tired of my ancient cell phone, I can barly send a text on it let alone browse the Internet. I have been checking out the LG Optimus, it provides smooth Internet browsing the capability of sync up to my outlook from work. It also offers access to Android Market and over 80,000 applications. It also has a built in camera so I can catch those special moments with the kids when  and where they might happen. It's incredible how much the technology behind cell phones has advanced in only the last few years. Can you imagine where LG will go next with Cell Phone technology. I can imagine a day in the very near future where we literaly use our cell phone for everything.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let it Snow

The first snow of the year hit here yesterday and boy did it ever hit us good, although there wasn't a lot of snow down, only 15cm it snowed constantly all day. It started late in the evening while we were at my Christmas party. When we thought it was over I went out and cleaned the driveway and just as I was finishing it started again, in only seconds it was a full blown blizzard. I wonder if it will be a rough winter or not this year.

Family Guy

I recently discovered "The Family Guy", it is quite the comical masterpiece. If you can dumb yourself down a little bit and appreciate it for what it is. It's great because although it has been on for years, I get to catch up with 4 episodes every night. The one thing I haven't really figured out about this show but does anyone other than Brian understand Stewie?

Making life easier

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG. All opinions are 100% mine.

I made a decision that it was time to make my life easier for a change, to make that happen I decided it was time to get rid of my tired old cell phone and start shopping around for something better that could help me organize my liffe better. One of the phones I researched was the LG Optimus 7, it will allow users to capture photo's and video and play back on the hd resolution screen. You can watch movies and browse the Internet wherever you are. There are so many options to think about when you are shopping for a new cell phone, you want one that provides you a good plan that is best suited to your requirements. The Optimus 7 provides you with lot's of digital storage with 16MB of memory that can store 100's of mp3, video and picture files that can be viewed at your disposal. The Optimus 7 can also be used to play your music files and to send and receive text messages to keep you up to date and in contact with all your friends. If you find yourself in the market for a new cell phone you should take some time to see if the Optimus 7 would match all your needs.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Chase is over

Well Mr. 5 time has done it again, 5 titles in a row for Jimmie Johnson, the Nascar Hype machine promised us a race of the year but really it didn't deliver the goods. The challangers never made the points close, the race was pretty good but the fate was sealed when Jimmie qualified so well. Can anyone beat this guy for a title, I think he just played possum all year to make us think he was vulnerable. We have to wait to see what happens next year.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Shiny Purchases

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Writing Club

My son Kohl arrived home from school the other day very excited to have joined the writing club at school. His assignment was to write a short story on whatever he wanted. He already had it planned out in his head and he was writing a story about a giant shark and a crew of boaters that get into trouble with the Shark, ala Jaws. He has written a page a night the last few nights and his story actually is pretty good. He says he already knows how the story will end it's just a matter of writing the journey there, spoken like a true writer. I can't wait to see how it turns out, maybe in a few years we will see the "Shark of Doom" in the theatres.

New book order

My son Blake arrived home today from school very excited about his new book order, it had in it a 14 book christmas package for only $20. He thought it would be great for him to have all these Christmas books for us to read at night before bed. It had a good selection of books including classics like Frosty, Oliver, Clifford and the Grinch. I think I will try to break down and get him the package as he always looks forward to me reading to him before he goes off to bed each night. Merry Christmas buddy!

Gold investments

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Rain rain go away

It is freezing today and the sound of the wind and rain beating on the house sure made me want to take an off day from work and just stay in bed. Of course it didn't work that way, the kids needed to go to school and I had things that couldn't be put off at work. I made it through the morning and am certainly looking forward to the weekend, well at least Sunday off to recoup.

Call of Duty

My son is driving me crazy, every time I see him all he wants to talk about is the new COD game that is coming out next week. He tells me about the clips of the game he's found on Youtube, the missions he's going on. He's planning an all nighter at his friends house the night it get's released (Good Thing they don't have school the next day) It's COD all the time so I can't wait for it to just come out so we can talk about something else for a change. He's COD obsessed by the way.

Great gifting options

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Wii in Red

The kids are looking forward to the new Wii that is coming out on Sunday. It is a red wii (Christmas Wii the kids call it) and it comes with a couple of games and accessories. The kids think it is a Santa special and have added it to their Christmas List for the Family Gift. Should be a fun Christmas Morning then for sure.

Master MInd

We have been waiting patiently for Master Mind to come out now for the last few weeks. My son wanted to go to it for his Birthday but we had to wait for it to come out first. We have a family night planned to go on Saturday and of course we will be enjoying it in 3d to make it complete. A great trip to the treat store will have to happen first so we are well stocked for the movie.