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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Christmas Thrill

The joy of Christmas is coming closer than you think in only 7 months another Christmas will have come an gone. Now of course if you are a keen shopper you will wait for sales to get the most for your Christmas giving dollar. You can catch the odd deal throughout the year but as everyone knows that Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving is when all the really great sales start. If you are looking for a deal on just about anything someone is trying to sell it. With the help of websites like bfads you can get the scoop on what ads are coming up for Black Friday before anyone else sees them in the newspaper. Even better than that you will even get the links to their websites so you can make your purchases online while everyone else is standing out in the cold waiting to fight with everyone else in line to get their big deal. As you all know video games are huge in my household with three boys there are always games on somewhere in the house. We'll be sure to shop Game Stop to get the greatest deal on the newest games and accessories for the Wii, Playstation or Xbox all three are going strong at our house.

Another Project Done

Well it's late into the evening or early in the morning depending on your view of things. I have completed another step in the bedroom renovation, gone is the old exterior door (yuck) in with the new modern 6 panel door. It took a little work as their was a lot of space to shim up but the job is done and the door is awaiting a coat of white paint to finish it up. It's time for bed now, another day of work on tap for tommorrow.

Tactical Wear made Cool

Are you looking for cool tactical wear, I recently found a website with all kinds of cool gear from pants, shirts, sunglasses and accessories and all kinds of tactical bags and tactical holster.
This gear is cool for the street, paint ball, war games or the real thing. They have lots of great styles and include free special deals when you place your order. Including free shipping on some orders. Checkout the great selection of new spring merchandise now.

The renovation is in full gear

We went out last night and got all kinds of supply for our renovation of our new bedroom. We got new doors for the entrance way and for the closet, 3 new lights, some electrical supply for some plugs. Of course new door knobs so the front and back match. It's nice this morning so I will be out to get a coat of paint on the front door in a couple of minutes

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Father's day gifts made easy

The summer month's are coming upon us and with that we have Father's day coming up and of course all the graduatation ceremonies will be coming up. With the technology on the run these days there is the perfect solution to the hard to buy gift. I mean really Dad doesn't want another tie to ad to his closet this year. For the on the go Dad or Student the perfect gift would be one of the great Personalized flash drives from Pexagon. Their personalized drives have lots of capacity for whatever they need to store and they come in a fantastic choice of colors. You can really customize your flash drive with engraving options for both sides, you can choose from one othe their customer occasion choices or make up your own message. Check in on the website where right now there is a great contest where you can win 1000 flash drives for your school, wouldn't it be awesome to see all your fellow students working with flash drives you won for them. If you aren't sure what they would like engraved on their flash drive than order the gift card option and they can select their own personalizing features.
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Last Day of My Vacation

I had a good week off but the weather wasn't nice at all and none of the outside work got done but this morning I woke up to the sun shining and the weather is suppose to be pretty nice today so I got started early on getting the outside door painted. I have a long list of things that I needed to get done this week that didn't get done so I will see what I can get done today. I have electrical work to be done sometime today before my FIL heads back home then I will take things from their. We sure had a busy weekend but it was a fun one. Tomorrow is suppose to be even warmer but I will be back to work. That is the way things go around here LOL

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Software Protection

In today's high tech world with hackers, virus and many other threats bomb-barding your system it can be confusing where you should turn to get the protection you need to protect your identity, your property and your valuable personal or client information. Even the smallest leak in your protection can lead to disaster. Software Security Solutions is the authority on computer security software, they have tested and reserched the top software for every type of threat from anti-virus, spyware, firewalls and have created a list of the top programs to protect you. This is all designed to save you time, money and put you at peace of mind that you have the best protection possible for consumers and business. They have a knowledgeable, trained team of customer support staff ready to help you with any questions you may have. Checkout their website for your NOD32 renewals and make sure you have your best protection.

Treadmill Parade

With the in-laws here this weekend the treadmill is in popular demand. Usually my wife and I are the only ones fighting for the treadmill, my MIL is a dedicated walker too so she is in the mix this weekend. The poor treadmill is having a good workout for sure. I'm scheduled next possible to get on but with Jay's party this afternoon and still lots to do to get ready I might have to post pone my date with Tready until tonight when everything quites down.

Grocery fiasco

We are very budget oriented family and we are extreamly price aware. I was very disappointed on our latest visit to the SuperStore. With the raising cost of fuel every business is raising prices the bad thing is our pay cheques are not getting any bigger. 75% of the items we purchased yesterday were 20-30 cents higher than they were the last time we went to grocery store about 3 weeks ago. We purchase the same items every time we go to the grocery store and guess what the increase over the last grocery visit was over $50. It's not much wonder that most people live in poverty, and our government says it can't do anything to help us. When over 50% of the price of fuel is taxes on top of the 30% they take off the top of our paychecks. The oil companies are making record profits, 9 Billion in the last quarter I heard. You can easily tell who's scratching who's back.

Paint Ballin'

Are you looking for a site where you can find the most dedicated hard core paintball information and product available on the market today. Zephyr stocks all the best brand name products from vests, to ammo to spyder paintball guns they represent the best brands like Dye, JT USA, Tippman, PMI, Maddog, Worrgames and many more. Their website has been specially designed for easy shopping and navigation and they strive to provide the highest quality of customer service. They offer the lowest prices and free fast shipping to get you the gear you need fast. You can also contact them at 1-877-814-4297 right now to speak to one of their knowledgable friendly customer service reps.

Not a Zero

What do you think about Coke Zero product? I really enjoy this product, I am a coke drinker but a couple of years ago I had to switch to Pepsi because I wanted a low calorie product and Diet Pepsi had a better flavor than Diet Coke. I was very excited to try Coke Zero when it came out and now I am back to my familiar Coke product, Coke Zero tastes so much like Regular Coke I wouldn't know the differance in a blind taste test. It is also encouraging to see Coke Zero start to be served in various restaurants.

Where will Tony Go?

It has been rumored lately that Tony Stewart may leave Gibbs Racing at the end of his contract. It is hard to figure what he might be doing, Gibbs is one of the power house racing teams in the garage today and it would be hard to imagine that someone who loves to win as much as Tony would consider leaving the equipment there. Perhaps he will go race at RCR with his good buddy Kevin Harvick. It has been said that he has been approached with ownership offers from Haas but it would be hard to believe he would leave to go to a team struggling to make races and be consistant. I'm sure the hype will start to turn up as we get into the summer months and Tony starts to heat up his performance as usual

Vacation Planner

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Electrical Day

Our new bedroom is coming along nicely, we have done alot of work on getting it finished, we still have some work to do of course. The in-laws are here for the weekend and my FIL will be helping me run some electrical through so we can get some new plugs set up and hopefully another light, ours right now is run off a plug and we would much rather have it on a switch of course. We are heading out this morning to get the supplies while the girls all go shopping. Wish us luck

Youth finess

My In-laws came for a visit for the weekend and brought some cool gifts for the kids. The entire family has been really working on becoming more fit by watching what we eat and getting more exercise. When they arrived they brought in a kids sized Treadmill, Gazelle and exercise bike. These are designed for little kids to build a love of fitness. We are building them today and soon the kids will be exercising right beside us. Here's hoping to better health for all of us and some fun too.

Online Medical Supply

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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Toilet Paper Caper

I have been quandering a strange occurance in my home the last few months, that I haven't been able to figure out. Every time I go to the washroom the toilet paper holder is empty and the cardboard roll is there in the roller. I live in a household of 6 and if I don't change the roll no one will actually will do it. I can't figure out why, it's really not that difficult to change. One week I actually didn't do the change and after a few days there were 2 empty rolls on top of the roller just stacking up. I gave up and changed it and just except it as my responsibility to do now.

Rock On

What an exciting night in our household, we celebrated our son's 12th birthday and he really wanted a Rock Band set as his gift. His actual birthday was on Tuesday and he got a small gift from us then. He has been waiting for days now and to get him going I kept him wondering by telling him the new rug in his room was his gift. Finally we gave in and gave him his gift, yes the Rock Band and he and Kohl had lot's of fun rockin' out to the game and the songs.

Injury Law

You've been hurt in an accident, where do you turn, how do you know what is the right course of action. You may have pressure from insurance companies to take a quick settlement. Whether you've been hurt in an automotive, workplace, farm, recreational or other vehical you could deserve compensation. You need to find a Omaha Personal Injury Attorney that you can trust to have your best interest at heart. Larry R. Demerath has spent his career in working for others to get what they deserve to help them recover from incidents involving negligence. If you have been effected by someone elses negligent act you need to learn what your rights of compensation are, Larry will provide you with a free consultation so you can decide what the best course of action will be for you.

Renovation Disappointment

I got my sunny day yesterday and started the paint job on the door, we were able to get a coat of primer on and a coat of paint. We thought it was dry so we closed up for the night. Of course it rained overnight and the paint bubbled and is ruined so I had to scrap it off, at least is scraped off easy. I will now wait for another sunny day to try to get it going again. Wish me luck, Sunday is supposed to be nice so we`ll have to see.

Vacation Blues

Rainy Day Blues, Vacation Day 8, Depression is starting to set in. It has rained every day except for yesterday and even at that it started raining at 11pm. It is absolutely frustrating I was so looking forward to taking a nice vacation and getting a lot of work done around the outside of the house and it just didn`t work. It`s back to work on Monday and guess what it`s supposed to rain again tommorrow I have some hope for Sunday it`s supposed to be sunny with around 16 C.

How Long Is Too Long

Coming up this Sunday is the Coca Cola 600 at Lowe's motor speedway, what will happen in this event, will we see an unlikely winner like last years Jamie McMurray or will one of the most consistant Lowe's drivers, convienently Jimmy Johnson who's sponsor is Lowe's return to victory Lane? The big question why do we need to see a 600 mile race. I'm a huge Nascar fan but to sit and watch 5-6 hours of racing is a bit much. Wouldn't it be something in face of the energy crisis we are all in if in good faith they shortened every Nascar race by 100 miles. How much gas would this save, 43 super stock cars. This would shorten the races considerably and no doubt increase attendance both at the track and at home on the TV as people are time starved and sometimes can't handle that much. I know the extra 100 miles is supposed to test the equipment.

Monday, May 19, 2008

What's Your Style Today

What is your definition of classic style? It could be any thing that works for you. I like celebreties that keep their style simple and not over the top. Brad and Angelina to me show a classic style they tend to wear basic items that anyone could find or wear and always look not over the top. My own personal style is normally based around Jeans and casual and I have a great collection of Dockers. Some well worn that I use for around the house and doing project work. With a big family, 4 kids we are super busy and it's all about keeping it simple. We still want to look good but at the same time keep the image of the average parent. There was recently launched on NBC a Dockers contest in which you can design your own take on the classic Dockers commercial. I've looked at some of the entrants and they are all very good, I would enjoy someone showing us the classic docker used for the everyday person in a 9-5 world while balancing a family and all the activities that go along with that. That would be the comercial I'd like to see. What would you like, get your video camera out and start rolling you may be the next famous commercial director.


Sponsored by Dockers

Popularity pays 1,000,000

What a lucky day to be popular, Nascar's all-star race was held Saturday night, the field is set with winners from this season or last season and the top 2 cars from the night pre-race race the showdown. In addition the fans are allowed to vote in one driver. The Fan vote in driver has never won the all star event but that changed Saturday when Kasey Kahne picked up the cool million dollar check for the win.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Social Experience

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Which Docker Contest Are You

Have you heard, there is a casting call out there just for you, don't let your chance to be a star slip by. NBC and Dockers have joined together to create a cool Dockers contest in which you, your friends, your family or just some dope you find on the street can be the star of your commercial. You pick the location, you make the script, just remember the real star of the commercial has to be your dockers. The contest already has some great entries so you need to get ready and get your entry in. There are some that focus on the fun of dockers, I like the guy who does the plumbing in his dockers, I'll leave you with that visual. I would have to say for me my favorite was one called Dockers SF check it out below which shows the average guy going through his day and all the different Dockers products there are to get him through his day, it flashes from Dad with his son, onto Golf with the guys and of course the hot date with I'll assume is his wife in the evening. This showcases to me the history and versatility of the Dockers Product. What's your favorite video, go online and vote now or better yet make your own favorite and submit it for yourself, who knows you might just be the next big NBC commercial star.


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Family Weight Loss Story

It began simple enough, my wife and I decided that we wanted to lose some weight and improve our fitness so we bought a treadmill and started working on it. She decided to chronical her progress, workouts, diet daily and keep track of our weigh ins every week. Her Blog has continued to flourish and now she is getting weigh ins from around 8 people. It is great to think we could encourage others with our success and some weeks failures. If you are game to work hard and would like to join the team please checkout one of my wifes blogs at Weight Loss to see how we are doing or better yet add your results.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A day in the life Contest

How would you like to be famous, it could happen to you if you have a good story to tell about a day in the life of your pants. Let your imagination and creative juices flow and come up with the most exciting story to tell and enter the Dockers contest, if your entry is selected as the best of the best your commercial will be shown on NBC. Your story can be as wild as your imagination will allow you to make it. Everyone knows the quality and style that comes with a pair of Dockers, and I'm sure everyone of you out there has atleast 1 pair in your closet or more likely on your body as we speak.
A day in the life of my favorite pants will happen on a day off from work, I have a well broken in pair of pants that I wear when my beautiful wife has jobs for me to do around the house, which is almost everyday off of my day job. Hey I'm on vacation this week and there are a ton of projects being mentioned. These pants are the most comfortable pair and I have had them for years, the pockets are great for projects because they all have a specific job, I have my hammer spot, screw pocket, driver pocket, spot to hook my measure tape on. They work hard but it is all worth it as our home becomes more beautiful, and my wife more happy. I think she likes my butt in those pants too because she is always watching me work. LOL.


Sponsored by Dockers

Better than a Yard Sale

I recently discoverd through my M-I-L (mother in law) a cool new site that is called Kijiji, it is a classified ad site that you can post ads on for free and sell your stuff. I couldn't believe all the stuff she was selling it was incredible. Usually we store stuff all year and have a yard sale to get rid of it. Now yard sales can be fun, but they are a lot of work, and you depend on the weather co-opererating with you. Kijiji you take a picture do a write up, set your price and contact information and wait for people to contact you. It's alot of fun to set up and I made $100.00 off stuff that I didn't want around my house anymore this week.

Vacation Destination

One of the most memorable vacations I can remember was taken a few years back when we went on a trip through the states. It was an exciting week in which we toured around Maine in the summer and saw all the beautiful sites there were so many Things to do in Boston it sure filled our week, wish we had two. One of our favorited activities while were around Boston were the sightseeing tours what an incredible history there is to that city that I would have never realized. Now that we are becoming a more on-line orienated world there are lots of companies around to help you plan your trip or vacation one great aid is to sign up for News Letter from Trusted Tours and Attractions. We are beginning to plan a big family trip, we have been talking about it for a while but this week we finally made a decision that we wanted to go to Orlando for a two week trip. We are beginning to plan and save for our trip, us plus the 4 kids so we are planning on 2 years to go. The kids will all be at great ages for travelling, 14, 10, 8, 6 and we will have some bills paid up by then so we will be able to go and enjoy ourselves without worrying about the money. The kids are excited about the plane ride and all the fun things to do once we get to Orlando, they even want to go get bank accounts so they can start saving their allowances and birthday money to go. It will be a trip to build a lifetime of memories on for them.

Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discounted tickets to the best sightseeing tours in 23 cities across America.

Planning your next vacation? Looking for ideas on what to do? Sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win a $150 iTunes gift card Offer ends Saturday, May 31st, 2008.

Gas Soars Again!

What is going on, Blame Bush I say, think about in the 8 years since George has taken office down in the US Oil prices have soared in all time highs and to listen to the news it is only going to get worse. The big question is why, does it cost more now to get a barrel of oil out of the ground? Is there something more sinister behind it all, think about this, the oil companies one after another are recording record profits, in the BILLIONS of dollars. Why is that? Because their costs are not going up and there revenue is, simple as that. Think about this one the guy in control of the US right now is an Oil Tycon, do the math on this one.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What's in a Label

You've got the product line ready to go but you want to have a label that will catch the consumers eye and make your product stand out from the rest. There is a solution to your design needs with LabelworldUSA which is in the business of making Custom Label for a wide array of consumer products. They can produce lables for your beverage, haba labels or Wine Label, and many more different products as well. Be sure to checkout their website to find contact and phone information along with their complete line of labels to see if they can take your product to the next level.

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Bringing home the bling...bling

We went off to the in step dance competition with Kohl and Trin today and they brought home the goods, Kohl danced one number for hip hop and won silver, he was very proud as this was his first competition. Trinity is becoming the old pro and she did 4 numbers, 1 each for ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop and brought home silver for every one. Now we are done although I believe the girls will be going back to enjoy some more dancing through the weekend.
Congratulations kiddies

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight who says that it is going to be easy? Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to do and without support and motivation from family and friends I don't think I would be where I am today. These amazing people keep me going and the results are starting to pay. I feel so fortunate to be able to do this on my own with support but for others diet and exercise just isn't enough and are living a life with obesity. There are so many options out there for them and with the cincinnati weight loss surgery program they will be guided through a step by step journey with first deciding if lap band is the right option for them. Getting on the road to a healthier way of life doesn't have to be done alone.

Time Off...

This week, ok month for that matter has been a rather busy and stressful time with work but at least I have next to look forward to some much needed vacation time to spend with the family and get some renovation work finished up. This weekend is filled with lots of excitement with the kids dance competition but next week SHOULD be a rather quiet week. I just have to get through the rest of today.

Shock Value

Are you ready to shake and quiver? If you are prepared to get scared out of your wits than it is definetly time for your to checkout the select theater listings to see if you live near one of the select theaters that will be showing the new scare movie Frontier(s) that is being released to a limited group of theatres for a one week period only. If you are not able to get to one of the theatres showing the film don't worry as it is scheduled to be released on DVD on May 13th so get out and pick up your copy and get a dark, rainy night set up to have your film fest. This film is guaranteed to scare the daylights out of you with it's visual bombardment of horror.
Frontier(s) takes a couple on the run from authorites to a hide-away inn to try to escape. The stars are in for a surprise when the inn keeper turns his tortureous impulses on them and their posse, it quickly spirals into a nightmare of pain for them. What will the outcome be for them, will anyone survive the horror, you'll have to check that out for yourself and get ready to get your scare on. You will be guaranteed the shock of your life as you watch this be prepared, it can be intense to watch.

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All-Star event

This weekend the eyes for the stock car world turn to a two week hiatus at their home track for the all star race this weekend and for next weekend for the longest event of the year the Coca Cola 600. Who do you think will win the all star event this year? Humpy Wheeler the president of the track has had an uncanny ability to pick the winner over 50% of the time. This year he has picked Carl Edwards to win, could this happen or will maybe Kevin Harvick defend his title, even more exciting could the recent king of non points events Dale Jr. pull off another exciting win, I know the fans would just love that possibility. Tune in Saturday night to see what happens

Are you in the DeathNote?

Are you ready for a cinematic treat, lunching nationwide for two nights only in select movie theatres is the movie adaption of the hit super natural action mystery Magna. DeathNote will be released for May 20th and 21st only with show times of 7:30, this film has not officially been rated yet and would be considered equivalent to an "R" rating.
The story finds the main character Light, a student that finds a notebook that belongs to the "God of Death" Ryuk, he discovers that any human that has their name written into the book will die. Light decides to use the book to rid the world of evil. As criminals start to drop dead unexplained authorites call in a legendary detective to trail the source. Light and the detective engage in a battle of wits to determing who is truly good and who is evil. If you are interested in seeing if it will be at a theatre near you checkout the website for a full listing, as this is a limited release tickets are limited but are available to purchase in advance.
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Dancers get Ready

Tommorrow the my kids are going to be competing in a dance competition, it's an exciting time for them as they have prepared this for almost a year. This is the crowning achievement of this years efforts. I am lucky to be taking vacation so I will be able to take in the events this year. My daughter will be competing in 3 events and my son in one event. They are still at the age where they are doing it all for fun so I don't think nerves are going to be an issue for either of them. I'm sure they will both do fine and we will be planning a celebration for afterwards no matter what the outcome as they certainly deserve it for the effort they have put in.

Scare Fest

I recently heard about a controversial new horror film Frontier(s) that has been stirring up the pot lately. It is due to be released in theaters on May 9th in a very limited release, you ask what is the controversy. The film is so visually disturbing that it was deemed un-rateable and therefore could not be put into wide release. It is actually abnormal to even have an unrated movie released to theatres at all so it is quite a victory that Frontier(s) has been able to do that. If I am beginning to peak your curiosity check out the select theater listings to see if it is being released in a city near you. I will have to travel to the Boston Circle theatre to see it so that may be a bit of a stretch as it is almost 13 hours away. Luckily if you aren't able to get to one of the theatres to see it you won't have to wait very long to see the film as it is scheduled to be released on DVD on May 13th. In viewing the trailer it appears we are in for a fantastic ride and some visual overload. I am cringing even know just recalling the images that I have seen so far. Get out and rent or purchase your copy as soon as you can and get your scare fest on it will be an incredible show.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's with the weather

It has been freezing here forever, it is the middle of May and we are still using the heat. Last weekend we got snow, yes the white frozen stuff what's with that. I can't get over it, usually by this time in the spring the trees are turning green and we have blooms everywhere but this year there isn't any sign of buds anywhere. I can even remember that I had mowed the lawn at least 3 times by the long weekend last year and this year, not even close. Will spring let alone summer ever come this year?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cartier Watches

One of the most important pieces to any wardrobe may very well be the watch you choose to wear on your arm. It is important to have the right look for the right occasion and to find that can take some time to discover your scence of style but still work with the outfit you are wearing. Watchmaking has been one of the great crafts for centuries, quality and craftsmanship worked to develop some of the early watchmakers names. The cartier brand of watches has been around for centuries. Their watches have been worn by all the most important monarchs, stars and athletes. The Cartier brand of watches has become known for quality, beauty and is the symbol of good taste. They are constantly working to design the best watches that are in style with the times but will also have a staying quality to keep them current and beautiful for years to come. Lunched this year is the Ballon Bleu de Cartier Tourbillon watch which is crafted in 18K gold and is fitted on both sides with Saphire crystals, it is beautifully designed with 3 dimensional dial and a crocodile strap. This is only one of the beautiful new releases this year so review the website to see all the available styles.

House Renovation Complete?

I have been told that this afternoon the work on the house will finally be completed, it has been a hard couple of weeks waiting for the work to get finished.
A few things conspired against getting the work done, weather (rain/snow) for a week straight and then the wrong siding was ordered. Anyway if everything lines up correctly by tonight I will have siding on my house and the inside windows will be finished up so I can paint the trim. Let's hope!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Redneck and Fancy Free

Would you consider yourself a redneck single and are looking for a companion check out a new world wide site specially designed for single people that love everything Redneck If you enjoy Nascar, hunting, camping, fishing and trucking and are looking for that special someone to share your interests you can check this all out for free.
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Renovation Heaven

We are in the middle of changing rooms around in the house, when we moved in a year ago we fit everyone into their rooms, Jay had the cool room over the attached garage and Blake got the puny little room with a custom made bed because it wasn't big enough to fit a twin bed, ok he was only 2' tall at the time. Well things have changed in a year, we were turning the garage into a family room and in the mean time Jay grew about a foot and was constantly banging his head off the ceiling in his room. We needed a change so we moved into the new family room, jay moved into our room and Blake moved into Jay's old room (perfect for a little 3' boy. Everyone seems happy now and we are just finishing getting everything organized.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Advertising Opportunity

In this day and age there are so many opportunities to explore in advertising products and services. Blogging is an exciting and open format for people to express themselves online for everyone in the world to access. One of the newest and most exciting avenues that has recently been developed to bring advertisers together with bloggers is at It is only in its early stages but it is an exciting environment that brings companies together with bloggers and also creates and online community for bloggers to build relationships with other bloggers. In the future I am hoping to see opportunities to speak about more commmon everyday products that we all use in our daily life. It would be cool to speak about New product launches from favorite companies like Coca Cola, they seem to have such interesting new product variations that would be fun to discuss. Other favorite companies of mine I would love to see would be anything chocolate, I am a Chocoholic and love when Candy bar companies come up with new variations on old favorite products. I recently tried a reese whipped bar which is a lower fat version of the favorite reese product. I can't wait to see what comes next with Social Spark it is going to revolutionize the paid for advertising market and is really revolutionary in it's thinking.

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Happy Mothers Day

I would like to wish every mother a very happy Mother's Day, it is an incredible job being a mother. There are many up and downs in parent hood and many rewards. This is a special day to say thank you to that special lady in your life that raised you with much love and caring. Guiding you into the person you are today. Thanks Mom.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Silver Metal

Did you know that one of the most prescious metals today has more uses than just monetary. I was recently researching prescious metals and after searching through some internet sites I found some very interesting facts about silver. I discovered that silver is not only used for coins and jewellery but also for industrial use as well. It has been estimated that more than 95% of the mined silver has already been used in industrial construction because of it's unique properties including strength, malleability, ductibility and ability to endure extreame heat conditions. Interestingly enough Silver is also used for health care products as it possess uniques anti-bacterial properties. To care for burn victims, dressings recieve a layer of fabric containing silver which can prevent secondary infections to the wounded area. It certainly was very exciting discovering the history and uses of one of the worlds most valuable commodities.

Renovation Frustration

Just got the call from the renovator and although we were expecting our work on the windows and garage door replacement to be completed today it will be delayed until next week. Someone is coming today to finish up the framing of windows but the siding didn't arrive and had to be re-ordered for next week. It can be frustraiting when you want the job done and it is delayed, especially the front entrance of your house looks like shambles. One good thing though is until all the work is completed and signed off on we don't have to start making any payments for the job.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Horror Movie

Horror fans unite the most controversial gore fest is about to be released to theaters. This film is so controversial that it is being released as not rated and is only going to be in 10 cities for less than a week. Normally if a movies is rated so harshly it can not even be released in theaters but releasing in theaters on May 9th for one week only is one of these movies, Frontier(s) this movie will test the boundries of what you can handle. The movie starts out with the main character in Paris she hooks up with her ex-boyfriend and a couple of thugs to pull off a daring heist. On the run they hide out in what they think is a quite peaceful inn but little do they know very soon their lives will take a desperate change. The inn keeper has a few surprises up his sleeve for these folks and what will unravel will push all visual limits to what you would believe could be. There is torture and violence around every corner and you will be haunted by the images you take in. If you are unable to make it to one of the cities that are showing Frontier(s) select theater listings. don't worry it will be released on DVD on May 13th so you wont have to wait very long to get your own dose of this unrated gore fest

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The sun is shining

Well after a week and a half of straight rain, we were blessed yesterday with a sunny day. We were able to get some work done around the house, gyprock on the new wall in the soon to be unveiled family room. We also had Jay's final basketball tournament of the year where the Jaguars finished 3rd overall, they were excited with medals in tow and newly promoted team Manager (Carrie). They looked like they had fun and coming up next I hear they are going to have a year end game against their schools girl team. It should be a fun game to watch, I'll have to be sure to take some pictures of that game for sure. The sun is shining on us again today so we'll see what we get into today.


Interestingly enough every once in a while a movie is created that is so over the top it truly makes you cringe in disbelief at what is being displayed in front of you. Releasing in theaters on May 9th for one week only is one of these movies, Frontier(s) a movie so bloody and Gorey it was labled with an unrated rating. From what I saw in the trailer it appears we are in for one hell of a ride with this movie. There is ultimate violence and gore around every corner. Torturous villains bent on pushing the limits of human tolerance to their breaking point and beyond in his dark forbidding inn. I tend to be a bit on the squeamish side and almost feel sick to my stomach with the images burned into my head from the Trailer. Eerily enough seeing the trailer has peeked my curiosity about the film and I find myself needing to find out where everything goes, normally I would have avoided this type of film. I can certainly understand the controversy over this movie and it absolutely pushes the limits of anything we have seen in the past. The movie is only being released in 10 cities, I will have to travel to "the Circle" in Boston to see the flick.


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Saturday Nights Racing

Well it was an exciting race in the end last night for the Nascar series in Richmond. They managed a last minute sell-out crowd, the 33rd consecutive for the event. It appeared for much of the night that Denny Hamlin was easily going to win he dominated the entire race until the ending laps. The Fan favorite do Dale Jr. gallantly took the lead and the crowd was excited as it was 2 years ago at this event he took his last Checkered flag, what an appropriate end if he could pull of the win. In the end though after getting booted by a loose Busch and a few beer cans littering the track it was Clint Bowyer celebrating in victory lane.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Video Game Trading

If you are a video game junky and find yourself with a huge collection of games lying around your room that you have already conqured there is a new way to turn your old games into new games to enjoy. A new site is now available for you to create your own personal video game trading land. It is so simple anyone can quickly set up an account and get trading. You can begin recieving games in just a few days, and this May you get 100 points to trade with to start your trades. Goozex assigns goozex points to every game so there is no need to barter for a price you know how many points you'll get for your games and how many points it will cost you to get your new games. This site is not renting games but trading so when you receive a game it becomes your property for as long as you want it. When your done with it you can trade it back in again.

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Birthday survival

I have survived another birthday, the big 33 has come and gone. I had to work last night which kind of sucked and made it a rushed party with the family. We had spaghetti and salad with yummy cake for supper. Carrie and the kids got me some work out shorts/shirt and a new pair of sleep pants "The perfect Sleep pants" as the label says. I broke in the shirt and shorts on the treadmill last night and the sleep pants I would have to say might just live up to the hype. Midtown brand from Zellers for only 12.97 and they are better than pairs that I've gotton from other places for 20-30.00. Here's to making it another year.