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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Claiming the Man Space

It's finally my space, I started a renovation last Spring on what was formally a Garage. The original intentions were that we were going to create a wonderful "Family" room for us to just hang out in and have fun. It was too bad that I did too good of a job on the renovation that my wife decided to move our bedroom down there instead so we could be below our youngest son. After a year we finally convinced her that we should move back to the main house and re-create our "family room". Now I get to go shopping for some new gear to set up our room, first of all we needed a new LCD flat screen to mount up on the wall for our super movie nights and of course for our oldest son's new PS3.
I can't wait to finish off the room with a home theatre to finish off our theatre experience. All I have to do is head down to the store for some popcorn and soda's and get ready for great nights with the kids.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dreaming of White Sandy Beaches

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Help my wife's on vacation

I had a dilemma this week, normally my wife plans the family activities while I am at work and we figure out what we are going to do through her network of friends and community connections, she and my daughter went on a trip with the dance school so I am home all week with the boys and have to find fun activities to keep them busy. What am I supposed to do to find these events if only I had an easy way to find out what is going on around the community without searching through papers and making phone calls. Then I discovered the and their new widget that can be installed to keep you up to date with events right in your community. Parents Connect is a website that brings parents together with a great resource of information to help you with your family, right from pregnancy to the teen years and everything in between. I wish I had discovered this site years ago when we first started our family. This new widget that they are offering keeps you up to date with events and allows you to fill your calendar up with fun activities and right now they have a contest to see who's widget can get the most views so install your widget to day and get your chance at winning $1000