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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hard Penalty for Gibbs Team

I was disturbed by the recent developments in Nascar where the Gibbs nationwide teams for Joey Logano and Tony Stewart where caught decieving the Nascar folks by placing magnets under there accelerator peddle to deceive the dyno tests post race. There is a couple of issues I have with this first being why is Nascar limiting the Engines in the Gibbs camp to begin with if those teams can build a better engine than everyone else within the limits and rules set by Nascar than they should be allowed to do it, if they dominate the races than you know what the other teams need to work harder to catch up. It is a shame that they felt they had to deceive the tests, it is aweful to be the best in Nascar isn't it, we should penalize and hamper the teams that can do the most within the rule book. If you can build a better car you should be able to run it. Why do you thing Petty or Earnhardt were so good for so long, yes good drivers but they also had the best of the best equipment that was out there.
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