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Friday, October 3, 2008

Flying Solo

Well I have survived the first week of my wife being back to work, almost with out any disasters. I have been struggling getting any sleep thanks to the puppy that wants to go out to "P" 2-3 times in the night. Usually once I wake up it takes me a 1/2 hour to 1 hour to get back to sleep so if you do the math I have only been getting about 4 hours of sleep a night for the last few months. It all came to a head Wednesday when I also had to go to work early so I got up at 5 losing another 2 hours of sleep. I worked all day and than traveled the kids around to their activities. By the time I got home it was almost 9 and I put the kids to bed and decided I wasn't going to do anything so I sat on the couch until picking my wife up at 11. Oops I fell asleep and was so exhausted I didn't hear the phone ringing to go get her until 11:36. Needless to say she was pissed and I certainly don't blame her one bit. I was very disappointed in myself for letting her down.

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