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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mother's day Solutions

A great solution for my Mother for Mothers day is always a family picture and some flowers, she has always seen this as a tradition from us an looks forward to the updated pictures as we live too far away to visit often. I recently discovered a new twist on the traditional photo and frame with mothers day gifts from I heard about this site from the Oprah "O" list and than found it on this link to the twitter page. ( They are currently offering a $10 gift certificate just by emailing and claiming it by May 4th. The service offers you the ability to upload your own personal photo's and add cool effects to them. My favorite is the oil painting conversion which I think Mom will love this year.

Solving a Debt Problem

In unsetteled economic times where the cost for everything seems to be rising while our pay checks are staying the same or getting smaller it is becoming increasingly common for people to find it difficult if not impossible to manage their debt effectively. The first step to fixing an problem with your finances is simply admit there is a problem, trust me I know this first hand, I tried to float for years before coming to terms that my debt was crushing me. It can be humiliating to enter a bank or debt council and meet face to face for the grilling and accusing questions. There are new options available that allow anyone to turn to Online Debt Settlement as a real solution to our finacial crisis. You can review the website and after just a few steps find out how much you can save off your monthly unsecured debt. The site offers live councilors that will help you through the process every step of the way and answer any of your questions. They will have all the negotiations with your creditors for you and work out a plan to get you on the road to financial recovery once and for all. If you are ready to take the next step check out the link above to get on your way to financial freedom.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking your best

Working as a manager of a large business it is always important to look your best. When dealing with staff and making business contacts it is important for me to make the best first impression I can. I take pride in my business appearance by keeping my attire updated with the latest styles. When it comes to accessories it is important for me to have high quality accessories with good looks. I certainly enjoy having a watch that not only provides me with accurate time but shows off a quality and style that makes me look professional. Being time crunched I find it easier to shop online than travel to stores when possible and have found a great dealer of new and used rolex watches at They offer the best watches at the best prices with a great warranty. Best of Time also offers fast, free shipping by Fed Ex so you know you can trust you will get your order in good condition.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dreaming of warmer places

I have always longed to live in a warmer climate, as any of my regular readers know I am often critical of the cold weather here in Canada. We are basically living here at about 5 degrees celcious every day. I often dream of the warmer climates and wish to live in the beautiful Arizona landscapes. When I get really excited about the weather like this weekend when it was supposed to be hot and beautiful but turned into grey and rainy I start to look at sites from Arizona and dream of my dream home there in the heat. I will look at home designs and Pathway Designs to dream out my perfect home. The only hold back is I'm not sure my family would ever move that far with me.

A natural Alternative

It is a shame the amount of people that are dependent on strong drugs to maintain a daily life. We are belonging to a society that has grown a dependancy on the strongest drugs avaiilable. There are so many people stuck on anti-depressant drugs like Prozac, Valium and Xanax to be able to function through daily life. There are differant natural alternatives to these strong drugs that have been used for generations. Natural alternatives like kava kava have long been used for their relaxation qualities that have been able to help many people cope with daily life stresses and anxiety. You don't have to rely on heavy pharmacutical drugs if you haven't tried some of these natural alternatives first.

Swimming with the boys

Yesterday I got to go swimming with the boys with their local youth group. It was a good thing I went because there wasn't enough room for all the kids to get a drive. I was lucky to get some quiet boys in my group thankfully. It was a fun swim, too bad for Kohl as he hasn't done a lot of swimming lately and couldn't do the laps in the shallow end to be allowed to go to the deep end and use the diving board like last year. We enjoyed ourselves and had some pizza and pop before heading home for the night.

Retirement Planning

With the current economic troubles it has certainly had a nasty effect on many peoples retirement planning. I have been looking for different investment options to boost my retirement savings. The power options website offers people the technology to make smart investment decisions to maximize their investment returns. The technology is patened and has the ability to search through thousands of stock options to find the best returns for your money. They can also help you work with your covered calls portfolio to minimize the fluctuation of your portfolio. Whatever help your investment stratagy might need the team at Power Options can help you with education materials an qualified onine support staff to help you through every step.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bachelor Days

Well we are almost at the end of my week with just my sons. My wife and daughter went to a dance competition this week and the boys and I stayed behind. I had to work and the boys stayed for school. We really would have liked to have gone too but just couldn't get the time off. The week went surprisingly fast for us and we managed to have some fun with dinners out, basketball games in the driveway, and a movie night. Tonight is our last night without the girls and we are heading out to swim with the local youth group. We all missed the ladies very much and look forward to getting them home tommorrow.

The end of an Era

I was very disapointed today when I heard that GM has decided to shelve the Pontiac name brand of vehicles. I have owned a car or van for the last 18 years and I can honestly say every single one of them have been Pontiacs. From my first car the "Firefly", well actually first 2 as I wrecked my first one. I than had a red sunbird, a blue sunfire..finally gave up and agreed with wife and got a burgandy Montana for our growing family and most recently a White Montana SV6. This Spring when my wife finally bought her first vehicle it to was a Pontiac, a Torrent. I am not sure what brand my loyalty will move to next, we have never been a big fan of the front end of the Chevrolet product but might have to go there to stay with GM product.

Wedding Day Memories

I can remember our wedding day like it was yesterday, the months of planning and arrangements for that one beautiful moment. We had a beautiful outdoor wedding in a garden setting, we couldn't have asked for a better day, the Sun was shinning on our warm beautiful day, not a bit of breeze it was fantastic. Now it took a lot of planning to get to that day and we were excited for sure. We were recently helping our friend with their wedding and what a differance these days. Now there are websites devoted to every aspect of wedding planning. You can get everything you want for your special day, ready to ship right away. You can get the dress, the honeymoon, the bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts and unique personalized wedding favors for the reception all in one stop. It is totally incredible to be able to save time by working with one spot for all your accessories. Making your special day extra special doesn't have to be difficult when you have access to a one stop shop.

Talladega Baby!

It's count down time, one of my favorite Nascar races of the year is coming up from Talladega. This is 3 wide racing at it's finest 200mph bumping and banging through the corners with the "Big Wreck" always looming. How will this race end up, you should check it out for yourself Sunday Afternoon. Last years fall race there had some pretty exciting moments with the leaders wrecking each other in an all out mechanical brawl to the checkered flag.

Camera Critter How much is the puggle in the window

Friend of ours recently bought a little puggle pup, we had never heard of this breed of dog before and were totally aw-struck by the little guy. Our son has always loved pugs and has about 10 little stuffed ones and we have always loved Beagles. This type of dog is a mix of the best of both breeds and is totally cute. We found one at the pet store the other day but they wanted about $1000 for him so for now he had to stay at the pet store. We thought it would be a great companion for our Beagle to play with, and the kids fell in love too. Note to more trips to the pet store.

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Time to take the next step

I finished my undergraduate degree in Business many years ago and started out on my career, I had always wanted to go for my Masters in BA but once I got into working and met the love of my life and started a family. I found myself working to keep the family provided for and found it impossible to find the time to go to school, work and try to spend time with the kids. I recently came accross and option that would allow me to take online college courses and get the education I need to further my career. The online courses are extreamly flexible and allow me to work at my own pace when I have the time. This is the perfect option for me and I am sure many other people will find it as a viable option. Capella is a fully accredited university that is currently serving over 24,000 students from all over the World. It allows students even in remote areas that don't have access to a University to get the education skills they need.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Planning for fun

It's funny to me, as soon as the Sun starts to come out and warmer days are upon us the kids start to bug about certain things. In the last week I have heard, "when are we going to the beach" and when is Halloween. Our kids absolutely love Halloween, it would almost rival Christmas in our house. We start to decorate the inside of the house right after the kids go to school and start the outdoor decorations around Oct 1. The kids always like to pick out their costumes out early so they know what they will be. This year we discovered a new website dedicated to great costumes and fancy dress up. Costumes can be an all year round thing, since reviewing this site we even found some costumes that we can use for the kids dance routines

Friday, April 17, 2009

Finding love in Miami

It's one of the most beautiful areas in the World with lots of beach and beautiful people but that to can make it harder to meet great people that you can share interests with. Going online to meet your soul mate has become increasing popular over the last few years with many sites dedicated to bringing people together. There is a site developed specifically to bring people together in Miami, the miami personals are easy to use and you can create your profile and start browsing users in just a matter of minutes. What do you have to lose if your looking for love under the Sun check out this useful tool.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Comparison web site

It's all about the experience, when it comes to creating a comfortable easy to use website. It's very important to have a site that is easy to add content to and one that is easy for your visitors to navigate. If you find that your current provider is not meeting your needs and you are considering moving or creating a new site you should check out a web hosting review site to get the comparisons on all the best web hosting providers. There are literally thousands of providers out there and it can be a jungle to navigate through them to find the best one for your needs. Windows hosting services may sometimes cost a bit more than other services like Linux but Windows is a more comfortable platform to a lot of users. One of the top rated web hosting sites I found was web hosting, this particular site offers Unlimited hosting space, unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth to ensure you have the capability to build whatever you want for your website. They are currently offering there service for only 2.99 a month and offer great service including support and free set up. From MY PERSPECTIVE this is a great option to getting a new host service without compromising your wallet with low start up cost and a 30 day money back guarantee. Take a few minutes and compare different web providers with to find your new hosting options.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Frustration

What a day, as it was raining all day and everyone was home it usually creates a recipe for disaster with our oldest son. He gets bored easy and usually picks on the kids which in turns gets him into trouble. His day already off to a bad start because it was too wet to go outside got worse when he started coping an attitude to his mother. He was prompty grounded from computer priveledge for the day, another ingrediant in the recipe. The afternoon went buy ok and as my wife was getting ready to go to work he came to me and said he was bored, so I ran through some idea's and we finally agreed on playing Crocino (spelled wrong). All was well for about 1/2 hour while we were playing but as soon as it was someone else's turn he started to spiral again. It cumulated a couple of minutes with him grabbing his sisters 3D glasses off the couch and starting to bend them back and forth. She asked him not to break them and his response was to jump up throw them at her and punch her in the back of the head as he walked out of the room. He got caught red handed as I came around the corner at just the right time. I sent him off to his room which sent him into a fit of crying and rage. I desperatly tried to make him see that he doesn't have the right to hit anyone but in his opinion everyone else is's all their fault and yes when he gets mad it is completely in his right to hit them. It is so frustrating as with him as long as he is doing exactly what he wants when he wants it everything is great but as soon as anyone else gets in his way or has a different opinion the day is totally ruined.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunbathing Beauty...Camera Critter

My son took this picture of our puppy Breigh a few weeks ago, yes there was still snow on the ground. She couldn't wait for spring so she found a nice warm spot with the sun coming through the window. She absolutely loves the sun, and is very happy lately with a few nice days she lays on her blanket out in the driveway.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

A bed fit for the Princess

With the welcome addition of our new beagle "Breigh" last Summer it was really like adding a new member of the family. Our baby is completely spoiled when it comes to food, toys and behavior, she is a little princess. This even comes down to her bed, when shopping around for a designer dog bed we discovered a great site that would allow us to order a custom dog bed, available in a variety of sizes and with almost 40 patterns to choose from you can truly match any decor. These beds are completely machine washable and dryable by removing the inner foam insert and washing the exterior cover. What a comfortable and beautiful bed for our princess, she will be so happy to see it when it arrives.

Handy Helper

With our upgrades to our house one of the recent projects we took on was replacing our ancient old doors off the kitchen with new, modern and bigger doors. This project wasn't too bad and in the end we had nice doors that really opened up the space as they were a couple of inches higher and wider. Now no project in our house would go on without some helpers and this one was no different. Blake helped me with some of the easier parts of the job by breaking off the shims and also using the drill to put in the screws. I enjoy letting them help me most of the time and he had fun and felt good about helping put in his new door.

Keeping the Perfect Smile

One of the hard parts about moving around as much as we do is having to start everything over again. Having moved 6 times in the last 10 years with hubby's work we are experts at starting over and building new relationships. Once we get settled in our new area it's time to get out and find new doctor's and a Plano Dentist. With 4 kids we have to be able to trust our dentist to have our kids best interest at heart and be willing to be patient with them. Our kids take a lot of pride in their teeth and do a very good job taking care of them, never forgetting to brush or floss. Finding a good dentist that can take care of all our families needs, including cosmetic and routine care is so important to us and it really helps to get this looked after as soon as we move to feel rooted and taken care of.

Welcome back Spring

It was a beautiful day today, the sun was shining and it was pretty warm. There was a slight breeze off the water but overall the best day this Spring. We decided to get the power bikes out of the basement and let the kids run a few laps on them. They didn't use them much last year for some reason but they had a great time running today. They pretty well wore the batteries out in them so we had to plug them into the chargers to get ready for the next nice day. The kids want to take them over to the local ball field to give them a good run. We are hoping it will be decent enough Sunday afternoon to get them back out.

The Fantasy Bedroom

With Spring finally arriving we are starting to think about getting back out to our cabin. It was built a few years ago and it has been worked on every summer, it is finally going to be finished up this year and it is time to start decorating. I always wanted to keep the outdoor type feel for the cabin and thought it would be fun to decorate with rustic furniture. I found this bedroom suite and thought it would fit the bill perfectly for our master bedroom. These pieces are built from Red Cedar wood which I love and are all hand crafted which would give it the quality and character to fit the atmosphere. I especially love the red accent on the drawers, it really sets off the whole set. Now I'm just thinking about sitting out on the front deck with the BBQ cooking up some delicous Ribs on a hot May weekend.

Monsters vs. Aliens in 3d

Today as a pre-Easter treat we took the kids to see the new movie Monsters vs. Aliens, now we had to choose between regular or 3D. We picked the 3D, a little more expensive but sooooo worth it. The kids had never been to a 3D movie and they couldn't believe the effects. They were attacked right from the previews, by dinosaurs, falling hamburgers and once the movie got started it was even better. They and we had a great time with this movie and can't wait for some of the other movies coming out this year in 3D like Ice Age and Meatballs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Bunny is coming

Easter is only a few days away, do you have any special traditions for Easter? Our family has an Easter egg hunt in the morning than usually follow that up with a good breakfast, eggs, bacon, toast, fruit. When we are all done depending on the weather, we will take in a movie or find something fun outside to do. This year it is threatening heavy rain mixed possibly with snow! Luckily there is a new movie out, Monsters vs. Aliens that the kids want to see so chances are good that is what we will be doing. My work is always closed on Easter but this year is the first year that my wife is back to work and she will be working in the Evening so we will have to fit all our fun into the daytime:0(

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Camera Critter "Guess Who's Coming"

Next Weekend Guess who's coming to visit, yes the Easter Bunny is coming to town and I don't know about you but my kids are getting pretty excited to find some Easter Treats come next Sunday Morning. This is my first visit to Camera Critters, I think it's really cool that this is around for all of us that enjoy sharing our animal critters. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mens slimming shape

As a male it is difficult to admit I might have a body image, men are not supposed to care outwardly what they look like, but it is true I have been struggeling a little bit with my weight and how I look infront of the mirror. As much as I want to feel good in my old jeans it just doesn't happen anymore on a regular basis. I kept them hidden away in the back of my closet hoping that someday I would magically wake up and be a size smaller but it just won't happen on it's own. While searching for workout wear for the treadmill I came accross a line of Shapewear specifically made for men. This product is made to wear just like a 2nd layer of skin and give you a free range of movement without restriction or stiffness you might find from other wear. It is specially designed to wear comfortable from casual wear to workout wear and keeps you dry and comfortable even through the most vigorous of workouts. It has special moisture wicking material that draws moisture away from the body and out into the environment. While this clothing line is comfortable it also works to slim your figure down and can reduce your clothing size by one size just by slipping it on for the first time. It's special material also helps promote circulation and will increase your power and energy by as much as 12%. As an added bonus the material is also coated with an anti-microbial coating that protects against odor after a long workout or day of activitiy. The Marena Everyday Collection is available to people of all shapes and sizes and will be able to help you instantly reduce your clothing size by one full size. If while you are shopping you think of any questions you can not find an answer for you can easily be connected to one of the live representatives that are standing by to answer your questions.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shopping for Jewelery

For guys like me that hate shopping in the mall I have found the perfect alternative to get a nice gift for your wife or significant other. I recently was doing a search on Online Jewelers and found a company called holsted Jewelers. On doing a little research on their site I was pleased to find that they have been serving millions of customer over the last 30+ years and have a great, easy to use website full of every kind of jewerly you could possibly be looking for. They have a great assortment of engagement and wedding bands that come in great styles to fit everyone. They also offer a great assortment of chains, bracelets, ear rings and more all with affordable pricing. The best thing I found about this site was the Risk Free Guarantee. If you are not pleased with your purchase you can simply return it with no questions asked.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gypsy Lifestyle

With my work we are always waiting for the next promotion and move. It is becominging increasingly difficult as the kids get older and more involved with friends and sports to keep moving but we always know there will be another move coming. It is so important to have a moving company that you can trust to handle moving your entire life. If you are in the market for a move and searching for movers Toronto area you can checkout this company that can make your move as easy as possible. This company can transport you belongs anywhere and specialize in Residental and Commercial moving and also offer storage if you are in between locations.