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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Saving money online

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

LIfe is an interesting game of give and take, sometimes it's all about being in the right place at the right time. If you enjoy playing the online bidding game trying to save your money you need to check out the new site that was recently launched called Bidazzled. Bidazzled is a different kind of online auction, commonly known as a penny auction, they work by the participants buying their bids ahead of the auction. When the auction begins you start by placing your bid and as you do this a few seconda are added to the online auction site to allow others the opportunity to increase their bid. The bidding stays open until there are no more bids. Generally you can save up to 90% off the regular retail of an item so you could potentially win that Wii, laptop or other item for a bid of only a few dollars. This is definetly a different option available that can have a significant benefit to your online shopping experiencé.

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Christmas Shopping

It's official...with a week to go from my perspective I am done shopping for Christmas. It wasn't easy with many shopping trips to the mall to make sure I had the right color, the right size etc. Now that it's all over with I can truly enjoy the rest of the Christmas season. Merry Christmas to all

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Turkey Time

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Club House. All opinions are 100% mine.

There is nothing better than a traditional Turkey Supper with all the trimmings, we always went home for Christmas but a few years back we moved about 7 hours away from home so it made it a bit more difficult to do that so we had to start our own traditions. I can remember that first year when we tried to cook the turkey and make gravy afterwards. It just didn't work, the gravy was too thin and then it became too thick and by the time we were done it was totally inedible. It's hard to find gravy on Christmas day with all the stores closed but I managed to find a store that carried a packaged gravy from the "Club House" brand, I was skeptical at first but there is no doubt that these packages were able to save the meal. This has become our traditional Gravy alternative we look forward to our "Club House" every year. With the Clubhouse Website you can take advantage of the newsletter sign-up and contest entry to get even more ideas and value from your Club House experience.
Club House has an entire line of spices to spice up and add flavor to every recipe if you are looking for more information and ideas to perk up your holiday entertaining by checking out the gravy tips video online on the Club House website

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Secrets

I have a terrible dilema, how does one keep his wife's Christmas present a secret from her. I have no where to hide her gifts that she won't come accross. The only spot that I can think of is down in my basement in my work shop area. She can be a little on the nosey side as I have seen her open presents and peek in them and then wrap them back up. I have to find a new hiding place and wondered if anyone has any ideas that I could use.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm dreaming of a "Creamy White" Christmas

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NESCAFE. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been looking for the perfect coffee machine for my folks for a while now, with Christmas coming up I wanted to get them a real nice machine that they can make use of. It took a bit of research to find what I thought was the perfect machine for them. They often complain about their machine because it is so big and it is hard to make just a cup of coffee for just the two of them. The NESCAFE Dolce Gusto machine is an incredible new machine that not only brews coffee but can be used to make a variety of beverages both hot and cold. The Gusto is also available in 3 designer colors, candy-apple red, creamy white and sophisticated black. It prepares beverages that can rival the quality of coffee houses at a fraction of the price. It uses capsules to make the differance and you can order these online or get them at your authorized dealer. The Gusto even comes with great bonus in every box. Included is an offer for 16 Free capsules to help you try a variety of beverages at no risk to you. You can enter a contest right now to win your very own Gusto Machine but hurry as the contest closes December 20th.

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Look out here come the IN LAWS

It has been almost a year since my in-laws have been here to visit us. With the busy time of year the house work has fallen a little behind. I have been very busy the last couple of weeks getting all the Christmas lights up. I began to get some cleaning done tonight while my wife is at work but after sweeping the floor I went for the mop and realized that we threw out the mop head after the last cleaning. It is too late tonight to go get one as all the stores are now closed. I guess mopping will have to wait for tommorrow. Wish us luck it usually is a very hectic time when they come to visit.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Game Time...Snack Time

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of henderson bas. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have to admit I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up to the demands of daily life. I have a wonderful (busy) family including my beautiful wife and our 4 children ages 5 - 13. My wife recently returned to the working world after spending a number of years looking after the household. It was important for her to get out of the house a bit and also to get that little bit of extra funds to help with the raising costs of activities our kids are involved in. We are constantly on the run between school, basket ball tournaments, bowling and dance activities we are busy almost every night of the week. Sometimes I am just looking for a quick lunch on my way off to work or something quick while my wife and I do the kid switch off. My favorite fast lunch is the Crustini, I keep the jumbo box of Philly Steak in the fridge at all time. They are incredible, tasty and filling while actually coming out of the microwave crispy with the special crisper tray. I just heard that the makers of Crustini's are lunching a Game Day Promotion that allows anyone in Canada to enter for a chance to win a VIP trip for two to Las Vegas to check out a game, the prize package includes Airfare, and 4 nights of accomadations at a deluxe hotel. While spending your $1,500 spending money you can also enjoy chauffeured limosine service to help you get around town. Now there are also secondary prizes that are really cool too including 3 Home Theatre Packages and a weekly prize of a digital camera. You won't even have to wait to see if you have one because the contest is set up as an instant win so as soon as you enter the information required you will instantly now if and what prize you are eligible to win.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Shopping

What an exciting day, it is December 1st and I have to admit to being completely finished my Christmas Shopping List. I have never been finished this early, usually I am rushing to finish on Christmas Eve. It is a very great feeling to be all done, it was a combination of buying less and working with the budget. This will allow us to enjoy our December so much more not rushing around for Gifts.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seeing Clearly

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our vision is one of our most prized possessions and having good vision is a gift many of us take for granted on a daily basis. I can't even imagine what a day must be like for people that have severe vision problems. Luckily today there have been many advancements in the form of Laser Surgery to correct vision problems. To celebrate the improvements corrective surgery can have in people's lives Abbot Medical Optics Inc. has lunched an awareness contest which allows people to submit video's of how laser surgery has improved their daily life. Check out the
iLASIK Video Contest now to see all the video's that have already been submitted and take the opportunity to submit your own story for a chance to win one of the fantastic prizes they are offering. The grand prize is $5000 and there are other prizes as well, 1st prize in each catagory is an HDTV package valued at $2500 and 2nd prize (again in each category) is a FlipHD camcorder valued at $199. It is very inspiring to check out all the videos that have been submitted so far to see what a differance these surgeries can have on someones life is so amazing. While visiting the site you can also get a listing of iLASIK Doctors in your area so you can book your consultation.

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My Olympic Experience

I had an opportunity this week to run in the Olympic torch relay, I was a bit hesitant initially to accept this roll but I am very excited that I took the chance and did the run. The reality of this once in a lifetime opportunity hit home when I was standing with my torch awaiting the runner before me. That moment that we touched torches and my flame lit up was an awesome experience that I will remember for a lifetime. I would encourage everyone that has the opportunity to take part in the run as it comes through your community and support the runners as they pass by.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Financial Responsibilities

It can be a very awakening moment having children and a family when you start to realize how many lives actually depend on you for their emotional, physical and financial support. Life is one thing for sure and that is unpredictable so it is important to have a financial plan in place that will ensure the security of not only myself but my family as well. My expertise is not in financial planning so it was important to look at consulting with a Las Vegas CPA, Certified Professional Accountants, have the expertise needed to help look at my current financial condition and make a plan to help me achieve my financial goals.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coffee Perks

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NESCAFE. All opinions are 100% mine.

When tough economic times hit it becomes important to start taking a review of your spending habits and cutting where you can. For me my one main vice is trips to the local coffee shop, at least a couple of times a day...sometimes more I will make the journey to the coffee shop and drop $2-$3 for a hot delicous cup of coffee, do I really need to do this, can I find a better way. Indeed it is time to break down and get a NESCAFE Dolce Gusto machine so I can make my own coffee in the comfort of home. The Dolce Gusto makes a variety of beverages from piping hot coffee to beautiful Iced drinks so it is very versitile and I can use it in the summer too when I normally convert to the iced mocha's etc. Now I can make my coffee and take it on the go with me in the morning, it will even save me time and allow me to get to work early instead of waiting in line at the drive thru window with all the other coffee addicts. If you want to find out how you can win one of these machines for your own home check out the link above.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Olympic Torch Relay

I had a great time at the Olympic Torch Relay, my kids ran along beside me as I carried the torch for my segment. I am waiting for the camera to come home so I can get the pictures uploaded so I will be back to add pictures from the event. I would highly recommend anyone that has the chance to check out the event as it travels through your community in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getaway Sale

If you are planning on travelling between now and March of next year you should take a look at the World Sale being offered from British Airways. You can travel from Canada and the US to many beautiful destinations from London, Paris, Cairo and many more. The World Sale packages include round trip airfare and 3 or 7 night stays in a hotel. Some packages also contain a rental car for the duration of your trip. I have often wanted to take a trip to the Paris and when you see a deal like 7 days with hotel and car for under $900 it seems to good to be true. The British Airways line offers superior service before, during and after your flight to ensure all your concerns are taken care of. You will enjoy all the comforts you would expect including complimentary food and cocktails on all flights. The seating is ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind, featuring adjustable head rest and recline options to maximize your comfort zone. 165 You can quickly find the rate of your dream destination by entering the information on line to get the various rates from 3 to 7 days including hotels and car rentals where applicable. You need to book before November 19th to take advantage of the World Sale pricing specials.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas countdown is on

We have been getting ready for Christmas for a few months, with 4 little ones it the house it is important for us to budget wisely in getting everything ready. The kids are getting really excited and we have been paying close attention to the things that they are interested in while out around the stores. We are in pretty good shape so far with only a few major items left to pick up.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Investment Opportunities

It is a very good time for investing in gold and silver coins and metals. Over the past number of years the available stock of silver bullion has depleated to levels where demand is exceeding the supply driving the price up. It is a good time to invest in Silver as this trend will continue over time with the limited supply. If you are interested in finding out what the best investment alternatives would be for you. Companies like the Monex company have been working with companies and individuals to buy gold coin for years. With their reputation and business collections they are able to access products that the average person can not have access to that will help you build your collectoin and investment.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Fun

Halloween is just around the corner and one of our favorite family traditions is the carving of the Jack-O-Lantern. It was always the kids the did the cleaning out of the pumpkin and I would do the carving but last year our oldest(13) wanted to do the carving so I passed on my job to him. We will spend some time to pick out the perfect design. I looked around the net for a while and came up with this design for him to give a try. I can't wait for the day to sit down with the kids and do some carving.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Chase is on

I enjoy Nascar and like the Chase format for what it is, so many people complain about it and how contestants fall out too early and never have a chance but when you think about it under the old rules really many years it was a run away chase and many of the contestants would never have had a chance at the championship under the old format. I certainly hope that someone else other than JJ#48 doesn't win, there are so many other choices that would provide a better story for fans and Nascar. Mark Martin finally winning his first, Tony Stewart winning as an owner or perhaps even Jeff Gordon winning his 5th championship. We will have to wait a few more weeks to see how the end comes to be, but it will be fun to go along for the ride.

Friday, September 11, 2009

End of life Suffering

It could be just me but I recently heard of a very distinct group that opposes the use of Medical Marijuana for "end of life" patients. Now while I certainly respect every ones opinion and their right to it, really what is the difference with this type of treatment. When you have someone in constant pain and agony that is nearing the end of their time in our World why would you encourage that when there is an alternative. Relative to many other drugs they could be given that are not as effective and cost much, much more why not support the need these people have. If it can take the edge off so they can spend time communicating with loved ones and making plans why not allow them to live this way.

Kitchen Renovations

We are approaching the end of our kitchen renovation phase one. We are doing a complete overhaul of our kitchen and are redoing the kitchen cabinets. It has been a lot of fun working with my wife to get the project done. We had a mill works business build us the new doors and we picked them up today. They are going to look so good when they are up. We are in the process of putting the stain and varnish on the next couple of days and are hoping to hang them on Sunday.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fresh Veggies

During our visit to Grandma's and Grandpa's house we managed to get out and enjoy their beautiful characters. Now we didn't see much of them so perhaps a trip down to empty the pool will allow them to have a good time while we are goneew toys. They decided to only a few things for the kids.

Combat Arms Fun

My boys are huge Combat Arms fans and will set up their computers side by side so they can take on lots of cool missions together. It is one of the only times that they will get along really well like you would want brothers to do. They have been developing an interest in Paint Ball and Pellet guns so they are looking to add to their gear so they can get out and have some fun. It can be a delicate balance both they show a lot of responsibility with their equipment and play so I don't mind shopping for an airsoft rifle for them. We decided to shop online as it is difficult to find anything in our local area. The main site we found offers fast shipping and affordable prices. Another great thing I enjoy about this site is that if you need to ask more information or just want to speak to someone you can use their toll free customer line to quickly get connected to a knowledgeable associate to help.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Here's the bunny

While in the garden we were very surprised when all of a sudden the dogs caught onto the scent of something and there was a sudden beige blurr. Belle had discovered a bunny hiding in the garden. Grandpa figures it was the one that went missing from his barn last year. That sure is a log time to have it lying there.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Claiming the Man Space

It's finally my space, I started a renovation last Spring on what was formally a Garage. The original intentions were that we were going to create a wonderful "Family" room for us to just hang out in and have fun. It was too bad that I did too good of a job on the renovation that my wife decided to move our bedroom down there instead so we could be below our youngest son. After a year we finally convinced her that we should move back to the main house and re-create our "family room". Now I get to go shopping for some new gear to set up our room, first of all we needed a new LCD flat screen to mount up on the wall for our super movie nights and of course for our oldest son's new PS3.
I can't wait to finish off the room with a home theatre to finish off our theatre experience. All I have to do is head down to the store for some popcorn and soda's and get ready for great nights with the kids.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dreaming of White Sandy Beaches

Are you searching for the ultimate getaway, Karisma Hotels and resorts offers high quality vacations with more than you would expect. They have a number of properties located on the beautiful white sand beaches of the Mexican Riviera Maya. They offer vacations to match any lifestyle checkout their website to find which resort would best match your family vacation plans. They offer an all gourmet inclusive package that isn't just your ordinary food experience, they don't have buffet bars. Their meals are served in top of the line restaurant settings and sleek bars as well. Creating their breads, pasta's and other specialties in house creates the feeling of fine restaurant eating. They also offer fantastic spa treatment packages that will pamper you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. On-site beach butlers will attend to your every need while on the beach. It's your vacation so make the most of it by planning ahead.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Help my wife's on vacation

I had a dilemma this week, normally my wife plans the family activities while I am at work and we figure out what we are going to do through her network of friends and community connections, she and my daughter went on a trip with the dance school so I am home all week with the boys and have to find fun activities to keep them busy. What am I supposed to do to find these events if only I had an easy way to find out what is going on around the community without searching through papers and making phone calls. Then I discovered the and their new widget that can be installed to keep you up to date with events right in your community. Parents Connect is a website that brings parents together with a great resource of information to help you with your family, right from pregnancy to the teen years and everything in between. I wish I had discovered this site years ago when we first started our family. This new widget that they are offering keeps you up to date with events and allows you to fill your calendar up with fun activities and right now they have a contest to see who's widget can get the most views so install your widget to day and get your chance at winning $1000


Friday, July 31, 2009

Camera Critter : Puppy Days of Summer

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Riley seems to be making himself right at home here, he had a great day today, here he is after having a swim with the kids. I think his teeth are almost sharp enough to actually chew through this cable, he loves to run around and when you are least expecting it he will muckle onto your foot with those teeth.

How could you really stay mad at a face like this, yes he may have just dug 2 great big holes in the lawn but common you have to give it to him for being cute.

He and Breigh are starting to get along well and enjoyed an afternoon nap to get away from the heat. It has been more fun than I thought it would be having 2 dogs, hopefully they will continue to make it fun.

Building Security and peace of mind

Every so often you here on the news about an airline plane that has had problems but when you really think about all the planes and all the flights that happen everyday and the vigorous task given these air crafts it makes you consider where are the parts created to keep these planes in one piece as they soar through the air.
It truly is amazing to research the manufactures that work in the aerospace industry day in and day out and the amazing tests that they do on a regular basis to ensure all their Fasteners are of top quality and will stand up to the abuse they will take at high altitudes, pressures and conditions time and time again. It isn't that they have to make a part that will last once but they create parts that work without fail for multiple applications.
My wife is heading on a flight with my daughter and her dance troupe tomorrow morning which made me start to run through all the different scenarios for their flight. Luckily I found a website for Airplane Part Manufactures that goes through the entire process and reliability. I will be able to sleep easier tonight knowing the time and effort that went into preparing the aircraft that will be carrying the two most important ladies in my life.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting outfitted Right

I have been looking for some comfortable boots for my soon to use with his paint balling action games with his friends. I have been looking for a military or Police boots that would provide him with durability but also provide comfort. After getting some advice from a friend I discovered a website, that provide a great assortment of boots, tactical gear and police accessories. They offer very competitive pricing and convenient shipping options to get your order to you in up to 5 days. They can offer the efficient service because they have warehouses strategically places throughout the US. No order is too big or too small for the team of specialist whom take great pride in every customer transaction to guarantee your satisfaction.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fast Football stats directly to my inbox

After finishing 2nd in my football fantasy league the last couple of years I decided it was time to make the move so I could be collecting the big prize at the end of the season. With my busy life it's hard to stay on top of all the news and updates from the NFL so I needed to bring in the big guns.
WaiverWire is a cool service that delivers all the latest news and updates to my email inbox so I don't have to spend my time scouring the news wire. It's so cool to have up to date stats and news alerts to help me make the adjustments to be a winner. For the investment of only 9.99 for the entire season I get injury updates and player news as soon as the news is released. Waiver Wire also provides me with in-depth stats and analysis of all the players and teams so I can make wiser decisions without spending all my time analysing the stats myself. I really hate to admit that I can use the help working out my fantasy picks but it really gives me the edge in the competition. I can't wait for the new season to get started so I can start putting all this information to use.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camera Critters: Down on Grandpa's Farm

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On a recent visit to my folks home we were hanging out in the yard one evening. The kids love visiting Grandpa's Barn because you just never know what kind of animals he will have in it when you get there. We have seen just about everything over the years, pups, cats, sheep, chickens, cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, probably the most exotic were the Peacock and the Emu's. Grandpa has been cutting back a bit the last couple of years and basically has sheep, cows, chickens and his dog. I took this picture at dusk with my son and his cousin hanging out on the fence looking at the sheep playing in the field. It was a fun trip and hopefully there will be some cool animals there when we head back next week to pick up our new puppy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fair auto body prices

It can be so frustrating the last thing we ever want to have is an accident, but when it happens you want to get your vehicle repaired as fast as possible. Now finding a reliable auto body repair service can be tricky, how do you know who to trust your repairs to. Turning online you can find a network of repair specialists from coast to coast. The Collision Repair Experts offer you reliable connections to auto body repair specialists in your area. Trusting these teams to help you with your auto body needs will allow you to have peace of mind knowing you have received quality work at a fair price.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Investing in your future

Investing in our future and retirement is one of the most important planning activities we all need to take consideration of everyday. It is important to have a good plan to secure your financial security. When decided what to do with your investments you should take advantage of the best programs available. Power Options is an internet provider of technology that will assist you in making the best investment decisions using their options screener data provider will help you cut through the options and leave you with the best investments to provide you with the return you need. It's your money, make the most of it.

Water Fight

With one nice day while we were away on the weekend we couldn't fight the urge to break out the water hose and water guns. The kids had a blast soaking each other down and occasionally hitting a parent/adult that wandered into the line of fire.

Jay, Kohl, Blake and cousins Connor and Lannie getting soaked,

notice Trin is no where to be seen, she was hiding inside.

Kohl taking aim on his next target

Blake taking matters into his own hands with the hose and sprayer, watch out guys

Ice Age 3

With the weather really crappy here this week I am enjoying a great week of vacation with the kids. Today we went to Transformers which was an excellant sequal to the original and tommorrow we are planning on heading to Ice Age in 3D. We have been waiting for months to see this movie and I can't wait any longer. I really enjoy taking the kids to the movies and normally they are very well behaved. It will be exciting to see what trouble Sid, Manny and Diego can get themselves into this time around.

Saving without sacrificing Style

We are all experiencing the current economic down turn but you don't have to let it interfer with your style. You can add beautiful pieces of costume jewelry to your collection that would take a true jewelery expert to tell they were not the real thing. Holsted Jewelers has been in the business of providing it's customers with the "Wow" factor in every single package they deliver. They offer a beautiful collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. They offer a secure shopping environment with free shipping to get you your order fast and efficient. They have been delivering quality costumer jewelery to millions of customers for almost 40 years so you know you will be getting only the best.

Michael Jackson Ghosts

My daughter was a bit bored tonight and while I was working on the laptop she was changing the channels and found a Michael Jackson special called "Ghosts" I must say I was forced to watch it with her. I was a huge MJ fan as a kid and always felt bad for his decline in popularity. You had to admire his early work and incredible dance moves. It was pretty entertaining video/movie and we really enjoyed it, my daughter never really got to experience any of the true MJ in his prime and I would say she was impressed with the dance moves.

A new member of the family

We decided to adopt a new member into the family, with our pup turning 1 and her mother having a new batch of puppies it was time for us to add another member. We met "Riley" for the first time this weekend and instantly fell in love with this little guy. It will be a few weeks before we can take him home as he is still to young leave his mother. Here is a picture of Riley with my wife and Riley with his Sister our dog "Breigh"

We decided to adopt a new member into the family, with our pup turning 1 and her mother having a new batch of puppies it was time for us to add another member. We met "Riley" for the first time this weekend and instantly fell in love with this little guy. It will be a few weeks before we can take him home as he is still to young leave his mother. Here is a picture of Riley with my wife and Riley with his Sister our dog "Breigh"

Making Memories

I have so many pleasant memories from our families "Baby Years" my wife and I had 4 children and they were born close together so we always had a baby in the house for a period of about 8 years. We really enjoyed the time with each of them and tried to make as many special memories with each of them as we could. One of our favorite memories were our personalized baby gifts that we got so we could keep them and pass them down in the kids "baby box". We know these will be cherished memories for years to come. If you are lookign for an interesting site for all sorts of baby type gifts check out the for a huge assortment of items for everything tot related.

Down on Grandpa's Farm

We visited Grandpa's farm this weekend and had a great time. While the cousins were visiting Blake wondered off with Cousin Brooklyn to check out the sheep in the field. They were like 2 little peas in the pod and had a great little conversation as the watched the sheep grazing away. It was one of those moments that you just had to snap a few shots of.

Glow bowling fun

We decided to go Glow bowling with the kids Saturday night with their grandparents. Glow bowling is basicly the same as normal bowling but under a black light so everything glows. The kids had a blast with the cool music and disco ball. They enjoyed some coaching moments from Grandma and in the end the kids beat the parents and won a slushie from the treat bar before we left.

Dream Vacation.

If you happen to be a market for a great vacation and enjoy spending time on the beach I recently found a great line of hotels and resorts on the white sand beachs of the Mexican Riviera Maya. The resorts offer an all inclusive option and provides their guests with one of 5 personalized vacation destinations. They have resorts abailable for both Adult vacations and family vacation. You can enjoy warm beautiful scenery while your family enjoys the beaches. It's time for you to take a look to see all the options available to you, your dream vacation might just be more affordable than you think.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Girl is one

My puppy recently turned one and she is always willing to pose for the camera. We got some great pictures of her on the weekend while she was visiting with her mother and meeting her new siblings. She is growing into such a great dog and I think with the new addition of one of her little brothers she will be even better.

All the reletives

We had a great trip home to visit with family this weekend, one of the highlites was a great breakfast and visit with my brother and his family on Sunday morning. We managed to gather them all up long enough to get a few pictures of them together for my mother. They wanted to pose "goofy" and here is one of the shots of them together.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trustworthy time piece

It was time to go shopping for a new watch, having a time management issue I have been searching online for a watch that can set the time and style. I recently found a site that offers genuine Rolex watches at a fraction of the costs you might pay from a jewelery shop. The site offers new and used Rolex watches and becuase they are an independant dealer they can offer pricing that other dealers can not. If you are interested in finding your next watch at a price you never thought you would pay checkout the website at They offer a full range of mens and ladies watches in all sorts of styles, you can shop at your leisure and when once you place your order you will assured you are getting a quality time piece with a full 3 year warranty. Best of time is officially accredited with the Better Business Bureau with the highest rating possible. 160 Knowing you have a quality watch is something you can be proud of and with a name like Rolex you can have faith that you will have a time piece that will take care of you every minute of every day.

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Best Of Time

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Father's day wish

I have been working on renovating and upgrading our home for 2 years and I am almost done I think. We probably not, my wife is fantastic at finding new projects for me to do. I normally have a list of 20-30 things that need to be done. Anywat I think all the major projects are done so it's time for me to start relaxing a bit and I always wanted a nice big recliner that I could sink into and relax with a good movie or show at night. This is my favorite chair and hopefully it might end up in my house sometime in the near future. The latest project involves creating a rustic cabin in our new bedroom and it took some work to create the cabin feel but it looks pretty cool. To add to the atmosphere we needed to find some rustic furniture to fill it up. I did some searching and actually discovered a company that creates beautiful rustic furniture that show the natural characteristics of the wood. They use maple, oak, hickory and cedar to create their beautiful furniture collection.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who are the best Website Providers

With the economy in the current condition that it is in and with no relief in site it is important for each and everyone of us to really take a good look at our expenditures and what we can do without or how we can shop around to get the services that we want but still save money. My wife and I have been blogging for a couple of years now and what originally started out as just one blog about our life for family away to keep up with has grown into over 10 blogs between the 2 of us. I found we were spending too much on our hosting services and really wanted to take a look at different options to help us stay on our household budget. The big question is where do you start and how do you even know what it is that you really need. With a little research I was able to discover a webhosting comparison site (webhostinggeeks) that takes all the guess work out of finding a host provider. Their site compares all the best webhosting services under $10 a month. The site offers links directly to the webhost home page so you can find out more information about the services and promotions they are offering. For us we felt that the BlueHost offered us exactly what we were looking for in a host, we wanted to be able to continue using our current domain but transfer it over to the new host. They provide unlimited domains, great for us as we continue to grow our blogdom and unlimited space which is great so we can load whatever we want into our websites without worrying about them running out of space. We are looking forward to many more years of fun, communicating with people all over the World and developing great new friendships along the way.

Making some time

A couple of weeks ago the kids had a fair day at the school and one of the kids favorite things is the yard sale in the gym, they always find all kinds of (*treasures*). This year Kohl's favorite find was an easy bake microwave oven, it came in the original box with a couple of pizza mixes and he wanted to bake bad. We checked it out that night while Carrie was at work and to his disapointment and my relief there was no pan in the oven to bake with. I thought maybe he would forget about it but everyday he would ask when we would by him a new pan for his oven. I finally thought up a new idea today after going around shopping at some stores, and we made a date to bake tonight. I took some tin foil and quadruple folded it and made a small square pan with sides, I even impressed myself with this one. He took off upstairs for his baking set we were ready to bake Pizza, he came down very disappointed, his mixes have gone missing. We looked around a bit but couldn't find them anywhere, seeing the puffy eyes coming I went into back up mode. I knew I had a 1/2 bag of cookie mix in the cupboard so why not try to make cookies instead that would be tastier than the (God only knows how old) Pizza Mixes anyway. With homemade pan, batter and toy microwave oven in hand we got down to business!

Here are my two super helpers giving the batter the final mix up and it appears taste test.

These would be the faces that made it all worth the effort to pull this off!

Trying their hardest to be patient

The final product, I was also baking a batch in the oven to make it go a little faster, we were right at bed time and didn't want to be too late.

The glimmer tells me that it tasted pretty good, the battery died right after this picture but Blake had just about the same expressions as Kohl just a little goofier as you'd expect from him!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Online Shopping

Looking for an easy way to get the medical supplies you need has never been easier. With the team from Allegromedical you can review their entire assortment of products online. Their website allows you to search by condition making it easier than ever to do your shopping. The site also features the option of setting up automatic re-ordering for the items you use on a regular basis. It really is a one stop shop and works especially well for people that have a hard time to get out of their home or live in more rural area's that might not have access to all the supplies. Allegromedical can offer a wide variety of products like diabetic supply, medical supply, sexual well being supply along with maternity and baby supplies. If you are looking for anything from latex exam gloves to exercise and medical supplies to meet all your needs.

That's my boy

I was very proud of my son as this weekend was his year end dance show. He is the only boy in his class and as such gets a lot of the attention through the dances. This is him with the girls in their ballet costumes for Music Box Dancers. They one a gold medal recently at competition with this dance and it took the crowds hearts at the dance show on the weekend. He had a blast performing on stage and we loved every single performance.

I'm going to get your snack

Jay was having a snack the other night and I walked in on him with Breigh desperatly trying to find a way to get a bite of his snack. She went around from one side to the other trying to figure out a way to get a bite off of him. It was really funny to watch but a bad habit for her to start. I had to pull her off him after getting this shot before she got carried away.

A new education alternative

I have been searching for an alternative that would allow me to upgrade my education while still allowing me to maintain my current career and my commitment to my family. This wasn't an easy task, especially considering I live in a fairly rural area with access to the nearest University setting an hour away. It was impossible to find the program I would need to work on my Masters Degree. I recently discovered an online option that will allow people like me to take their degree online. The fully accredited online university programs offered by Capella. Capella offers over 100 graduate and undergraduate programs and is currently serving over 23,000 students in over 45 countries. Programs are designed to be flexible enough to meet your scheduling requirements.

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A boy and his Auntie

Jay was very excited to have his favorite aunt come to visit him for his birthday celebration. He really enjoys spending time with her and likes to talk and msn with her in the evenings. Of course she totally spoils him and she always has but it's good for him to have someone he can just spend time with, without expectations. He is hoping to go spend a week with her in the summer when Carrie and Trin go off to New York which would leave me with just the 2 boys.

Party Girl

Even a girl has to join in on the party, we had our relatives over for the weekend to celebrate the kids dance show and our oldest sons birthday. When we got into the cake celebration we started to feel pretty sad for our girl and decided to share a little piece with Breigh. It didn't take her more than a few seconds to devour the treat and she really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summertime is coming

Although it isn't even close to being warm we decided to set up the pool to give it a chance to warm up slowly. The kids can't stay out of it going for a swim everyday after school. I tried to stick my hand in the other day and it felt just like a million daggers being shoved into my hand it was that cold. It doesn't seem to bother the kids though they just hop in and have a great time. I sure hope they have a great summer in the pool, it's plenty big for them and looks great in the yard.

Twilight Night

With lots of company over for the weekend we had to find some fun things to do. Saturday night we all decided to watch the movie twighlight movie. The kids thought it was a really cool movie and really enjoyed the snacks and cozy time with family. A couple of them fell asleep during the show and couldn't make it to the end. We had a great weekend with all kinds of food, fun and dancing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking for some Relaxation

After a long day of work and the evening with the kids I am usually quite ready to spend some quality me time relaxing before my wife comes home from work around 2am. It is my time to spend a bit of time working out and doing some relaxation and yoga techniques to release my day's events and get ready to refresh my system with a good nights sleep. I recently found an online forum that sells lots of Tibetan relaxation items that can be used to help me relax. A new product is the Crystal Singing Bowl which are made out of quality quartz crystal and are available in either clear or frosted color. The sound that is created by the singing bowl is so relaxing when done right. The site I found also offers a variety of chimes, gongs and beads to truly help you find great forms of relaxation and harmony.

Asbestos Exposure

Recently their was a home in our area that was discovered to be full of asbestos, the insulation that was used in this home was made with this cancer causing ingredient and being that we live in a small area and news spread quite quickly of the concert. It is a very expensive and tricky clean up when Asbestos is discovered in an older consturction product. For decades it was widely used in construction materials all over the world. Many companies that manufactured this product actually knew about the effects of this product long before it was revealed to the general public leading to many more exposures than should have occured. Asbestos is most commonly linked to Mesothelioma which is an aggressive form of Cancer that attacks the membrane of major organs like the lungs and liver. Once it is in the body it spreads very aggresively and leads to death. It is appaling to think that these corporate tycoons continued to reap the rewards and profits from this product while many people were exposing themselves. Many of these manufactures have gone bankrupt through compensation hearings that awarded compensation to those effected by their negligence. If you or someone you know has been affected by Asbestos it is important to have an experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer on your side that has the ability to properly build and present your case and get you the most compensation possible.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer time gas prices

Well you can tell it's summer time again, as we watch the price of gas go up week after week. The cost of gas has risen over 25% over the last 2 months and I am fully expecting by the July long weekend it will be up to the same level as last summer. Does the government really think we are that neive that we don't notice the changes and the rhytm to them. Long weekend coming you can guarantee at least a 4 - 5 cent increase. I can't wait until we have solar powered vehicles for the mass public to use.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Car repair tip

One of the most frustrating expenses when owning an vehical is getting body work done. It happens for a variety of reasons, an accident, vandalism or just mother nature takes its toll on our vehicals appearance. When you find yourself lookign for auto body shops california to help you with your repairs you can turn online to track down the best repair shops in your area. is dedicated to building a network of only the best repair shops and anyone wanting to be listed in this database must pass a variety of quality control tests before being listed. When you pick one of these locations you are getting the best body shops in your area. If you find one that you would like to set up an appointment you can do that right on the site to save yourself time. It doesn't have to be painful to get repair work done, just take a little time to research your options first and you will save yourself headaches later on.

The Maniac Mansion Project

A friend of mine bought this old house last spring and I have been helping him gut the interior for the last year in our spare time. It is finally cleaned out back to the framing and ready to get fixed. He is hoping to have at least 1 unit finished for the fall so he can get into it. I have a feeling it will be a busy summer up there. The beauty of this house is it has a beautiful view of the ocean and the harbor so you get to watch the boats in and out all summer.