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Monday, September 29, 2008

Auto Body Repair Shop

When we were rear-ended in a collision last summer it was a very upsetting experience for our family, we had to ride to the hospital via ambulance for our daughter with neck pain. Luckily she didn't suffer more than pulled muscles but at 7 it can be very dramatic. Since we had just recently moved we had to search for auto body shops
in the area so turning online to the collision repair experts was a great resource, it gave us all the local body shops with ratings from actual customers that had used the service. We got repaired and back on the road in no time thanks to the great service from our local body shop.

The new bedroom suite

We purchased a new(used) bedroom suite for my oldest son today on a local buy/sell website. It's a great resource that lets you post ads for free and gives you access to all kinds of great deals. This was a steal, a queen size bed/frame/headboard with long dresser w/mirror and a tall boy dresser all for only 200.00. There were a few nicks and stuff in the dresser but it still looks really good in his room.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Security Wear

As a business manager I was looking for tactical gear that my security officers could wear that would handle the demands of their job and allow them to carry all the gear they need to be safe on a daily basis. The 5.11 tactical pants that we found fit the bill perfectly, they are affordable and made of high quality material. They feature lots of easy access pockets to carry the cell, walkie talkie, flashlight, hand cuffs etc that my guys need to have everyday. If your in the market for high quality tactical gear checkout the experts that will cover all your needs.

Paint Job

This weekend I will be painting the bathroom and putting up new molding, another project to keep me busy. We were hoping to replace our vanity too but with expenses the way they are we have decided to repaint, add some new hardware and hope to get through with it for a little while longer. The molding was ugly so that needs to be replaced with something a little newer looking and we will be replace the antique(ugly) door soon as well.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cell phone community

In todays world where information spreads so quickly via the Internet it is great to use online forums to ask questions, or voice opinions. I was recently trying to find out some information on various cell phone plans and checked out someCell Phone Forums. It was fantastic because these forums bring cell phone users, vendors and manufactures all together in one place. I was able to view through various threads and find out all the information I was looking for and it really only took a few minutes.

Doggy Dilema

I can't believe what my dog(puppy) did this time, we were getting the kids tucked into bed and when we came down stairs our darling little princess had ripped the carpet up in our room and chewed the corner off it. We have carpet tiles in our room so she dug down and got one up. I figured out what was going on later as my son told me she had taken a treat down and hid it earlier and my wife found it and picked it up so chances are she was digging around to find her treat......errrr.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Brotherly Moment

Jay and Blake had a brotherly moment last night, Blake is into Transformers and asked if someone could build a Optimus Prime out of Lego, not quite sure we volunteered Jay for the task. He didn't think he could do it but with a little encouragement they were off. As you can see the results speak for themselves and the boys got to enjoy a few moments.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Save your Money

Running a business is a lot of hard work, in these trying times when the economy is struggling and expenses are skyrocketing, there is increasing pressure everyday on the operating profit of any company. My job in managing my business is to review expenses and find alternatives to save money. A relatively new system allows for companies to set up a new VoIP phone systems that uses any broad band connection to make high quality calls. The wonderful thing about this system is that there is no set up cost and the maintance costs are relatively low. Another great feature is also that costs anywhere in the US is completely free and calls anywhere in the World to another Nimbus VoIP phone is also free.

The first day of school

Here's a shot of my boy being very proud getting back to school. He's moving on into grade 1 this year and is having a great time so far. I'm glad he loves school so much and is really into having fun. He is learning how to read this year and is already back into the swing of things. I get a kick out of the amount of homework he has everynight, it's more than my daughter in grade 3 and my other son in Jnr. High. He doesn't get down about it though he just gets to work and does a great job, with lot's of pride.

Feeling the Heat

Searching for tickets and wanting great seats along with great deals for all your favorites, you can now turn online to premiumseatsusa to find tickets to all major events from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Nascar and of course many concerts and events. They will find you the tickets you want and save you time and headache. One of the hot tickets this fall will be Miami Heat tickets, this team is on the cuspe of an exciting year and have developed into one of the greatest teams in the NBA. These and many more tickets are available quickly and easily and of course you will be able to have the confidence in knowing your transaction will be secure.

Anti Bullying Day

The kids schools had a no bullying day last Friday so we had to go out and buy the boys pink t'shirts to wear to school. I was very proud that they were willing to participate in the cause, I was even more impressed when my oldest Jay came home at Lunch and kept his shirt on for the afternoon even though there wasn't any other boys willing to wear a pink shirt in his school. I think it is a great idea that the school's set up this program

Play Day

Blake is working on getting ready to go to school next fall so it's fun for him to start spending time with other kids. The other day after school my wife's friend let her daughter come over and have a play day with Blake. They had a great time playing together and are planning to have another date soon

Collectible Network

Stop searching for the best collectibles, you need to start shopping at the Collectible shopping network online at Shopcsntv to see the greatest assortment of collectibles that you can imagine. They now have a great assortment of new dollar coins available to give your collection a high quality coin that will hold it's value and beauty for years to come. They also offer a great assortment of stamps, other coins, models, stamps and sports collectibles. They also offer great services and fast order processing by using their secure checkout system to protect your valuable information. Start to build your collection easier and more efficiently than you ever imagined from the source you can trust.

Bath time

We decided that our puppy needed a good bath so we (my wife) put her in the tub and suds here up. I was working on getting the kids to bed but heard my wife calling for me. She thought she might need some help getting her to stay in the tub. I ended up getting the camera instead and taking pictures of the princess being excellant in the tub while we got her all cleaned up and she smelled delicious, probably because we had to use the kids Strawberry shampoo to clean her up.

My Boys

Well this year my youngest son (Blake) will be joining one of my other son's (Kohl) at dance class. They are in different classes because of their age differance, but boy are they excited to be getting to class. Kohl is taking tap/jazz and hip hop this is his 3rd year and Blake is going to be taking tap/jazz classes this year is his first. I'm very proud of their determination to have fun and do what they like.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Software Protection

When it's time to protect your companies software and business data you need to turn to the experts in disaster recovery software. Syncsort has been producing quality products for over 40 years and it is currently serviceing companies in over 50 countries. When you turn to Syncsort you know you are getting the best, just look at their client list to see that they are surving over 90% of the fortune 100 countries. Their programming is designed to help speed data warehouse processing, improving database loads and query performance and back up and protect your important data. Syncsort's emphasis is on excellant customer service and providing the support you need in your time of need.

Getting Ready for Halloween

For the last few weeks my Youngest son, Blake has been talking about Halloween costumes and specifically his favorite costume "Optimus Prime". I finally got one in at work and he had to try it on right away. When he slid on the suit and finally the mask all I heard him say and you have to appreciate his little robot voice, "I am Optimus Prime", what a fun moment. I can only wait for Halloween night when he gets ready to go trick or treating and get that suit on.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Buy Fresh Gain Points

In today's rush paced world of child's activities it is so challangeing to make it to every activitiy we have to keep our children busy and out of trouble. Sometimes you can feel the frustrations at the events, I can remember my son's league last year and one kid's mom, I'll refer to her as "Crazy". She would arrive about 5 minutes into warm up every game and be yelling as soon as she arrived, she constantly complained about ever call and everyone just looked at her like she was, well "Crazy". Her young fellow was always wanting a snack because they dind't have time to eat before the game time. Now we always tried to keep the kids happy by bringing fresh fruit like Chiquta Banana's with us to give through out the game. Wouldn't it make good scence to stay healthy and energized through the game. Now seeing how we are purchasing this and other fresh express products anyway you can earn points through participating freshfunds Produce to use to bid for weekly prizes or give to the charitable organization of your choice. Checkout the great clip from The Sproutwells attached above for some cool fruit and veggie inspired animated fun

Gas is Soaring

With the impact of Hurricane Ike still being felt it is so frustrating to see our gas prices continue to soar. When will we start to see some relief at the pumps, will it continue on, there is some who believe it will continue to get worse and some that say it will begin to get lower. The heating costs are going to be outragous this winter and it might be hard to decide what to do, stay warm, pay bills or put food on the table.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My son's wishlist

My son is getting a little older now so it is time for him to start putting up a Christmas wish list of things he would like to have. Of course as any young man a new Microsoft Xbox gaming system is on his list of wants. He has had a Playstation 2 for about 3 years and it is beginning to be obsolete and un-cool. We are trying to save up enough money to try and get this big Christmas wish list.
We are looking at the Core Xbox System as an introductory item for him and to get him started. He just got a new room this year and wants to feel better. By using ShopWiki to help search the entire Internet I was able to discover different sites that sell these items. This is a great tool because it allows me to search availablility and compare pricing at the same time. I found the best deal in the Amazon Pricing stratagey and hope to have one here at the house .

Gas Gauge

I had a terrible shock this morning when I went past the gas station. When I came home last night gas was selling for 1.33 a Litre and when I went back by this morning it is now 1.45 a big raise overnight. Supposedly this is all because of Hurricane Ike coming up through Texas. Now it's frustrating because we don't know what effect it is going to actually have on everything. The government needs to step in and really take control of the oil companines

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drug interactions

With so many different medications available on the market these days it is difficult for even the best medicine practioneers and pharmacists to keep all the posible interactions clear in their mind at all times. There are now resources that are available that provides software for doctors and pharmacist to review drug interactions quickly in their office or on their pda. Access to this information is so critical to ensure that nobody has to suffer through drug interactions that can be harmful to them. Without this type of software use someone could be suffering from an Acute Headache and if they aren't careful get something that may interact with other medications they might be on.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to the treadmill

Now that summer is offically over it is time for me to get back into the treadmill, it was just too hot and with vacation and the kids around every day I found it was too much. It was exciting the first morning back on and I felt great at work all day long after getting going in them morning. I hope to have many more great days ahead now that I am back on the treadmill again.
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The Full Moon

I got quite a surprise the other night, now our oldest son tends to sleep walk sometimes so it's not surprising for him to get up in the night but the circumstances I found him in the other night were a bit much. I heard him come downstairs, which means he walked by 1 bathroom. He turned on every light along the way and I heard him in the bathroom. I heard the distinct sound of doing number 1 but it sounded a bit off I figured I better check and when I opened the door there he was, he stripped off his drawers so I got the full moon, he opened the shower door and did his business in the shower. I asked him what he was doing and he looked around and said what is it a crime to have a pee, well no I said but if your having it in my shower I don't think it's that great. He looked at me with that are you crazy look and went on about finishing his business...we all had a great laugh in the morning.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Online Shopping for Health Supplies

When you are struggling with mobility or reliable transportation to get out to get your medical, fitness, health supplements there are alternatives to having to go out. You can now shop on-line for a great assortment of products from vitamins, health supplies, medical equipment to maternity and baby supplies at great prices and have your purchases delivered to your home. When purchasing medical supplies from industry leaders like Allgromedical you know you are getting the best quality products at affordable prices to help you get to where you need to be. They are currently offering a labor day sale discount of 10% but hurry as this offer ends tonight at midnight. If your wanting more advise or information you can contact the hotline at 1-800-861-3211 to speak to a representative that can help you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where has the summer gone

Today we emptied and cleaned out the pool, the kids are getting ready for back to school, we are tempted at night to turn the heat on because it is getting cold, the apples are falling out of the tree. These are all signs that summer is over, and boy did it go fast this year. I think it was taking 2 weeks of vacation the first of August because once we got back it has been a fast couple of weeks getting everything caught up at work and home. It was a fun summer none the less and it makes me look forward to next year.
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