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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fighting Back

I think it is incredible how irresponsible big drug companies can be in pushing through their drugs to make more money. Recently the Drug Actos was linked to heart attacks and heart failures in patients taking the drug. This has led to a Actos lawsuit being formed for people who have or are taking the drug to help battle their Diabetes. It is so frustrating to see people that are already trying to battle one disease so debilitating as Diabetes be linked to another scary situation with these heart concerns. I certainly hope that a quick solution is found and that no one is unneccesarily harmed so that Drug Companies can make a quick buck.

Getting ready for BTS

Can you believe that Summer is almost officially over, it is incredible how fast this season has come and gone. The kids are excited about getting back and we are starting to do some extra shopping to get them ready. The kids are having a great time trying on new shoes and clothes to ensure they look their best when they return to school.

Mourning Jack

It came as a surprise when the news came out today that the NDP leader Jack Layton has lost his battle with cancer. We had recently heard in just the last few weeks that he was fighting this disease with all he had and was hoping to return to active politics very soon. What will become of all the success and growth he has led in the last few years. Hopefully he will lead them and watch them continue to grow.