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Thursday, July 15, 2010

All the Glittery Things in Life are Golden

Everyone loves Gold, it has been used since the dawn of civilisation. It has been used to show wealth and power. It has been used as a trading tool and form of payment. Currently the economy is going through much change and uncertainity which creates the ultimate time for investors to buy gold coins in a great and stable environment to maximize your earnings potential. Gold is currently at it's highest value in weeks but remember it is a proven commodity and is as close to a guaranteed investment as you can get. You don't need to to have a pirate map with and X marked to find gold, there are many opportunities and professionals that can assist you in all your investment planning needs.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mouse Problem

It was a funny experience, well not so funny but anyway about a week ago it was late and night and the house was quite and dark. I was moving from the family room up to bed after a movie. When I walked through the kitchen, again it was dark, I thought I saw something dart accross the floor. I convinced myself it was nothing and went to bed. A few days later I was in the kitchen sitting on the laptop when I heard a scurrying and rustling from the wall. Sure enough we had a mouse in the house, we went for traps and set them up but in the mean time the little bugger chewed through the phone line. One night while watching a moving in the living room we heard the trap go off. We thought that was the end but to be sure left the extra trap out, the p.butter when missing off the other trap so I knew there was another one too. Within a couple of days he was caught to so hopefully that is the end. I haven't seen any other evidence around so hoping this weekend with us being away if there is anymore they will feel comfortable enough to sneak out.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sleeping beauties

Why couldn't I get this lucky every day, normally our dogs are full of energy but on our trip home last weekend they were excellant. A few minutes into the trip they curled up and went to sleep and slept for hours. What a pleasure it was to drive in peace from the dogs. We are soon planning a vacation trip and with any luck they will travel this well again, I'm thinking my wife might have slipped them a sleeping pill in a treat or something.