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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unlocking retirement income

One of the biggest assets many of us develop over the course of our lifetimes is our personal home and property. Many of us spend a lifetime paying for and updating our homes into a very personal space. In today's society of increasing expenses and decreasing incomes there are alternatives for people that are approaching retirement that would like to unlock the value in their homes without selling them and moving into retirement homes or in with relatives. Looking into reverse mortgages is a real alternative that can help you maintain your monthly expenses and as you are essentially borrowing money from yourself there are no monthly payback payments required with your loan as long as you live in and maintain your home. There are many
Reverse Mortgage Benefits available to you that you might not realize, the first step is to find out the details of how a reverse mortgage works and than to find the value of your home which can be asseced by the current market value of your home minus the current amount you owe on your home. Taking the right steps to secure your future retirement can be very easy and helpful by using the steps to acquire a reverse mortgage on your property. These types of loans are available in all states just click on the link to find out more information about reverse mortgage California and get on your way to financial Independence even in your retirement.

The impending Big 3 Bail Out

What is your opinion on the impending bail out of the big 3 car companies in the US and Canada? I am very upset that the government would even consider using the taxpayers money to bail out 3 companies. Yes I agree that these companies were an important part in the history of our countries here in North America but it is just business none the less. If it was any other company out there would there be this big push to dole our millions/billions of dollars to save these companies. In the name of big business if you can't make a go of it than you go out of or sell your business to someone that can. I personally feel it is an complete slap in the face to expect this to happen. If any one person is facing financial struggles the government doesn't bail them out are we as people not an vital part our the country?

Reconnecting with old friends

How many times has it happened to you, you were out for a while and you missed some phone calls, sometimes people leave messages but sometimes they don't and if your anything like me it is annoying to have a phone number on you phone that you don't know who it belongs too. Advances in Reverse Phone Lookup services allow you to track any number no longer does it matter if it is a blocked number, land line or cell, you can track them all quickly and easily. It's much easier than just dialing the number and seeing who answers on the other end because it allows you a chance to get prepared for the conversation. You can also use this reverse phone lookup service to reunite with old friends and loved ones. The service will allow you to enter an old phone number that you might remember and actually link you to the persons current contact information, what a great service for finding those old friends that got seperated over the years. Using this type of service from can be a great time saver as you no longer have to make multiple phone calls to find these old acquaintances. For more information check out the website to register and get started on your search.

It's almost over

What an exciting day, I have to admit I am almost finished the dreaded Christmas shopping list. We got the last couple of things for the kids the other day and only have a few stocking things left to pick up, well maybe I exagerate there because we got these giant stockings at the dollarama the other day and it will take a bit extra to fill them up. I am getting really excited for Christmas this year, I can't wait to get the big day here and take a week with the kids.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Social Networking

To help with my Christmas shopping decisions I thought it might be an interesting idea to turn online to find a review site that could give me reviews from actual owners of the things I am looking for. A great new site that was launced recently is acobay which pupose is to bring people with like interest and products together. The site is fairly new and is still working through some of the growing pains but is pretty cool because you can go on and review the products you own and get connected with other people whom own the same items. You can browse different catagories of merchandise from cars, phones, camera's, computers and many other products. For my first stuff item I discussed our current van which is a Montana SV6, which we've had for about 3 years. It has been an extreamly reliable vehicle and has a comfortable ride. It is a little piggish on the gas tank but with the price of gas going down recently it doesn't seem so bad lately. If you would like to link to my stuff discussion check out the Montana Discussion that I left. Take the opportunity to sign up for your free account now and start letting your opinions be heard all around the world. It's a great way to start connecting to people that share the same interests as you do.

Unbelieveable Temperatures

Keep in mind it has been pouring rain here for days but that is way better than if it was cold enough that we actually would have gotten snow. If it had been colder we would be a few feet of snow for sure and had everything closed down. Today it was 17 out mind you a bit windy but what a nice break for the heaters. One thing for sure it doesn't feel much like Christmas without any snow around but we'll have to get over it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A new View

I have been a eyeglass wearer for the last 10 years and have always had the same pair of frames. Now while wearing glasses has become very natural to me the one thing that always bothers me is that I have my glasses and while I like them sometimes I would like some different styles to wear but it is hard to make it fit into my budget to afford extra pairs of glasses. My wife has been talking about getting me a new pair for Christmas so I began searching for good deals. Little did I know that I would actually find the best deals online at optical4less. They have a great selection of eyeglasses with great features like anti-reflective coating, uv protection and anti-scratch just to name a few. The really impressive thing is the price, what a great way to save money when they are offering a big over stock sale of only $15 a pair and free international shipping if you order more than 1 pair. Think about this you can actually afford to have a different pair of glasses for every wardrobe or every day of the week for less than 1 pair of glasses at the eyewear shop. They even offer a virtual try on system so you can get an idea what the frames will look like before you buy and with their speedy delivery system you could be enjoying your new frames in less than a week

I'm not sure I'm impressed

Today was our first snow, and while it didn't really amount to an great amount of snow it was also our pup's first experience with the cool white stuff. She was very timid when first going out but once she got the hang of it she couldn't be convinced to come in. The kids where just as bad as her when they got home from school and they headed to the back yard for some fun too. Wondering what she will think when we get some serious amounts of snow built up for my little winter princess.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outfitting our Young Man

After my son joined cadets he has begun to show a lot of interest in dressing with more of a military type wardrobe. It was challangeing to find much gear in our area but with a little searching online we were able to find a site that offered all types of tactical gear that would suit his developing tastes. They offer tactical pants, boots and even 5.11 tactical shorts that he liked for hiking. They even offer all kinds of great accessories to complete his look from sunglasses, backpacks and boots. Right now they are offering great specials including when we buy 2 pairs of tactical pants we get free shipping a free hat and if needed free return shipping. An extra bonus right now is with every order you get a free Shick Quatro razor so there is a bonus gift for me by just getting him the clothes he wants.

Flying Solo

With my wife working every night I have been flying solo with the kids a lot more than I am used to, last night was the annual kids skating party for my work group and I got to take the kids. It worked out alright, just takes a little longer to do every set of skates. The kids made it there and back without any major injuries and they all had a great time with skating, pizza and a visit from Santa who had big bags to give to the kids including a bear, coloring kits and some treats. Trinity even said it was the best night of her life when we got home.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Preparing for the economic slowdown

With the economic down turn the country is facing I have been considering taking other courses in case I need to find other employment, I have been looking into a online university degree program that I can use to work around my busy schedule at work and home. It is very difficult to find the time to go to a classroom to study at set times so the alternative from Capella university is great for me and thousands of other students all around the world. I can work on my own schedule and still get an degree from an accredited university. The Capella program is very different than a traditional university as it operates completely online serving students from all walks of life from all over the world.

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Great Family Pictures

We have been so busy this fall that we struggled to get our annual family picture done. We finally bit the bullet and went out last Sunday before my wife went to work and got the picture done, it was a little cold but I think we actually had more fun than we ever had getting the picture done. The kids are all getting a bit older which makes it a little easier to get co-operation from them and we had 2 camera's this year so after the family portrait was done we just let them loose to have some fun and got some action shots. Of course Trin was posed in every picture but what else would you expect from the only girl.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Interesting Weight loss article

If you have ever wondered why you find yourself Weighing more at night than you do during the day check out the article I found on MSN it has a pretty interesting take on why your weight varies from different times of the day. I can't imagine eating a whole pineapple in one sitting and I don't think I'll ever look at an eggroll the same way again.