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Monday, May 31, 2010

Lottery plans

You can always hope to win the lottery but for most people it isn't realistically going to happen. It is a much smarter to take the time to due some reserch to learn how to invest properly to secure your future. It is recommended to have at least 5% of your investments in the secure form of precious metals like gold, investing in gold has long been known as a very secure investment bringing wealth to generations of true investors. Gold has recently been raising in value as the resource has become harder to find underground. You have probably seen ads asking for you to turn your unwanted or broken gold in for cash. One of the most secure forms of gold to invest in is to buy gold coins, they are easy to measure and very durable. You can store them easily or display them for there beauty.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia

Jay informed me tonight that he would like to go to see this movie, not sure really what it is all about but it is based on the popular video games that he has been playing the last couple of years. I will have to make a point to get him to this show as we missed the last movie he wanted to see the Green Zone and he was pretty dissapointed. He is getting older and is always a good sport on going to the movies for the younger kids with the family, so we will make sure he get's to this one for him.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great meals start here

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It has been a mad house around our home the last year since my wife went back to work, she took a job that allowed her to work the evenings from 6 until 1am so we wouldn't need any sitters. I find it pretty challenging getting everything done at night when I'm home with the kids. We have 4 and the older ones are pretty self sufficient but our youngest boys 5 and 7 still need lots of attention and guidance. I sure find myself exhausted by the time I get everyone to their extra curricular activities, some supper a trip down the homework lane and off to bed. Most nights it is 10 or later before I even sit down. My wife has started working on getting supper ready for us a head of time the kids love anything with chicken in it and we prefer to use Maple Leaf Prime Chicken in our dishes. We recently found a contest open to Canadian Residents that offers a lucky Mom out there the grand prize of household services for a Year, the
Year of the Mom contest is open only to Canadian residents so all my Canadian followers need to go enter now to celebrate your special Mom for all she does for you. The contest is also offer 1500 secondary prizes of Maple Leaf Prime Chicken Products another great prize offering.

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The Fire Pit

What an exciting night we had, a wonderful BBQ followed by the burning of the giant apple tree stump in our yard. It is so big it takes two of us to roll it back into the hole. We built a huge fire underneath the stump and watched it burn for hours, it is after midnight and we are just getting back inside. The kids had a great time roasting marshmellow's and hanging out. I know one thing I need to head off to the shower before going to bed from all the smoke. We made a lot of progress on the stump tonight but it will still be another night or 2 to finally get rid of it once and for all.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking forward to the long weekend

It's that time of year the first long weekend of the Summer Season, well almost summer. It is supposed to be beautiful here this weekend so I am planning some yard work and a lot of BBQ's...yum. We are also going to take in the Shrek movie but that will have to wait until Sunday afternoon as it is supposed to rain then so we won't miss a minute of the nice weather. After a long couple of weeks of work I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New enjoyable experience

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I recently hit a milestone of turning 35 and apparently it's true that it goes down hill at that point. I find that I instantly found myself being sore at the end of the day, some nights I can barely sit up with my back being so sore. I am hoping it is just a lack fo sleep and perhaps some stretching that might help me get back to my normal self. I am stretching out before going to bed and it seems to help alleviate the issues to allow me a good nights sleep even if the nights are too short.