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Monday, September 15, 2008

Buy Fresh Gain Points

In today's rush paced world of child's activities it is so challangeing to make it to every activitiy we have to keep our children busy and out of trouble. Sometimes you can feel the frustrations at the events, I can remember my son's league last year and one kid's mom, I'll refer to her as "Crazy". She would arrive about 5 minutes into warm up every game and be yelling as soon as she arrived, she constantly complained about ever call and everyone just looked at her like she was, well "Crazy". Her young fellow was always wanting a snack because they dind't have time to eat before the game time. Now we always tried to keep the kids happy by bringing fresh fruit like Chiquta Banana's with us to give through out the game. Wouldn't it make good scence to stay healthy and energized through the game. Now seeing how we are purchasing this and other fresh express products anyway you can earn points through participating freshfunds Produce to use to bid for weekly prizes or give to the charitable organization of your choice. Checkout the great clip from The Sproutwells attached above for some cool fruit and veggie inspired animated fun

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