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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Burton Snowboards

Oh my where do I start? My 12 year old son took an interest in skiing and snowboarding this past winter and guess what he wants this year for Christmas. Yep his very own snowboard but apparently it can just be any snowboard but it has to be one of the Burton snowboards, I am assuming that is what all his friends have. Like any loving father I have been browsing through the Internet trying to find out more about these snowboards and luck has it at I have many items and accessories to choose from. Shop by categories from boots, snowboards, jackets, gloves, package deals and so many more. Now I just hope that I find the right one for him. Maybe I will just have to let the surprise out of the bag and let him pick out the one he really wants.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tennis Excitement

The premier event in the world of professional Tennis is the Wimbledon, all the greats have one this tournament and this year is boiling up to be an exciting event again. I look forward to seeing Roger Federer play for the win this year, he is such an exciting player to watch. All time I would have to say my favorite Tennis Player would be Andre Agassi but he is retired at this point. With today's advanced technology you can watch Wimbledon LIVE from your computer. You can catch matches from up to 8 courts at 1 time all live. If your looking for more information on the Wimbledon check out the MediaZone to get dates and times of the matches and get ready for the best in the world playing each other for a lot of pride and a big pay day.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Blister Prevention

With putting in many long hours at work and needing new shoes I can only imagine the blisters that I am going to have to deal with over the next little while. Sure it is great getting new sneakers/shoes but the agony of blisters is nothing to be desired. This time I won't worry or wait for the blisters to appear, now I have Blister Prevention patches that will take care of the blisters before they even start. Now what can be better than that other than the new shoes! These patches help prevent blisters and are easy to use, long lasting and guaranteed to work ensuring immediate relief.

What a Day....

This morning started off rather rushed and in utter chaos! I know that it is coming to the end of another school year for the kids and they are excited but this morning when I was ready to take them to school so that I could get to work nothing was going right. By the time I got up to the school Kohl my little guy who is 5 years old was in tears from the stress of the morning and I wasn't going to send him to class until he was feeling better. I sure hope he had a better day once inside the school. The weekend is here then only 2 days left of school before starting their summer vacation home with us.

Do you Believe?

As a magician what do you do when it seems like you've done everthing imaginable, you step it up and take it to the next level. Legendary Magician Criss Angel working with the Circqe du Soleil have come up with a one of kind, mind blowing show that will be taking place at the Luxor and is scheduled for a 10 year run. Criss Angel has been working on ways of wowing people from the young age of 7 and has been working on TV for over a decade with many specials and the long running "Mind Freak". His illusions have left spectators stunned for years and you never know what the next thing will be but you know it's always going to be big. This is the creative mind that has just be proclaimed the magician of the decade from the Internationl Magicians Society CRISS ANGEL Believe was named from the secret password given by Harry Houdini on his deathbed to his wife in order for her to know if someone was able to speak to him after death. Believe is the product of 15 years of imagination from the mind of Angel, and will be a show the likes have never been seen before. What has he come up with in conjunction with the Cirqe Du Soleil, you have to come to the Luxor to see for yourself.

If you'd like a chance to see Believe for yourself make sure to enter for a chance to win 2 tickets to Believe!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Store

Now with technology the way it is there are many more options out there to turn to for answers. I am a father of four wonderful children but I tell you I went through and am still going through looking for more answers. I just had the chance to review a great website at and if you are looking for a great baby store and products then this might just be the place for you. It offers real parent reviews on local baby stores, baby products, classes, pediatricians and other great services. This site offers a large search engine that will help you find the answers and reviews you are looking for as a parent.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gas Price Pressure

The price of gas continues to rise, now a litre of gas is over 1.44. To fill my van is well over 120 and best case scenerio might last us 2 weeks. We are trying to think out our travel plans to make the most of the gas we have but it is becoming increasingly difficult to make it work financially. At what point will the gas price level out, will it ever drop again? Why hasn't the government stepped in to lower gas tax which supposedly makes up over 40% of the price we pay at the pumps.

Next Jr. High

Our oldest son is going to be starting Jnr. High this fall, how the years have flown buy. It's going to be an exciting time for him that's for sure, the good thing is we live 3 houses down from the school so he will be coming home for lunch which will help keep him out of trouble then. Soon enough he will be graduating high school the time goes buy too fast

Getting Ready for Paint

I am finished my dry walling of our new bedroom, it was a great learning experience and I am glad it is finally over. I have a little bit of sanding to do in the morning and we have most of the walls primed already. We will be getting the paint for the weekend and I am hoping to get that finished so I can get the carpet down. After that I will only have to do a little bit of molding and the ceiling which will be a drop type ceiling, but that will wait till fall to get finished.

A new Puppy

We are awaiting the arrival of our puppy, a beagle we are going to name Bree ( or some version of that name). We are getting her from my Father, we are hoping she will be ready for July 1st when we travel through as it is 5 hours away and we won't be travelling back until August. It's exciting, almost like having a new baby as you have to go purchase all kinds of new things for the house. I hope all goes well and she will be home sooner than later.

Gold, Gold, Gold

The images of gold coin have become part of pop culture all around the world. We have all dreamed of having piles of gold, from Alladin and the Piles of gold coins to the pirates and their hidden chests of gold coins. Let's not forget the Lepracaun and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, our society is obsessed with gold. The Monex company is the leader in precious metals and has been helping match investors with the rarest of coins for over 40 years. They have access to the best information from all around the world and can find you the rarest of coins. If you are looking to buy, sell or trade your coin turn to the Monaco staff and the Monex Family for your best support.

Gruesome discovery

I just watched a news story on CTV tonight about the discovery of a human foot in the province of BC. What could have happened to these people, this is the 6th foot found since last summer. There is some speculation that they might be from a plane crash a few years ago and DNA samples are being tested. This is the first I heard about this story and could only imagine the horror the people went through that dicovered these remains.

Family Doctor

I recently watched a news story on the lack of Family Doctors, it said over 4 million Canadians don't have a family doctor. Well I can attest that my family of 6 are part of this problem. We moved over a year ago and are still looking for a doctor to take us. There have been no openings in this area for a doctor and it's hard because kids do get sick and we are always forced to go to the ER and wait for 6-8 hours or longer. It can be extremely frustrating for us as a family.

Computer Security

Computer security is of the highest importance, it can be easily over looked or you can be under the impression that you are protected. Symark's purpose is to identify security gaps in software and therefore protect you better. They are so confident you will like their product they offer a free 30 day trial of their programs. Customer support is available 24/7 and you can speak to live representatives from 7am -5pm pacific time Monday - Friday. If you are a company that is looking to verify your are compliant with government regulations in regards to information security, symark can review your system and advise you of your status and solutions to bring you to the security level you need. The password vault will protect your vital information from harm. For all your security solutions contact Symark today.

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Smart Fuel Cars

When do you think the auto companies will begin to push out more economical or gas alternative vehicals. I watched a report the other day that said they are ready to produce but the government isn't pushing for it so they aren't pushing it. It showed vehicles that would plug in when you got home at night and if you ran the battery, it would switch over to regular fuel. With the high cost of fuel you would think we would see more of these vehicals but think of the gas tax that the government collects on our gas, maybe that is why they aren't pushing it so much? What's your opinion

HBC Run for Canada

Coming July 1st to a community near you is the HBC Run for Canada, which basically boils down to a fund raiser for Canadian Athletes. It's important to help support this cause as much as possible because as a country we want to produce the best athletes possible for the world stage. HBC has taken the lead in fund raising for the athletes with their Run, their in store fund raising and of course portion of the income from the sale of their line of Olympic inspired clothing and accessories. Go to your local Zellers or Bay store for more information or check out HBC.Com.

Power Option Trading

Your trying to make smart investment choices with your money, it isn't important if you are an experienced trader or a new trader, it is important to have good information to help you make your decisions wisely. Power options uses exclusive SmartSearch XL Technology which is designed to find, research and make money on stock option trading. This technology is especially designed to help you meet your profit goals. Power Options comes with a free 14 day trial, online user guide and toll free support. It's your money, make the most of it and help pave you path to financial freedom. Stock trading can be very confusing and difficult but with the right help you can make it work profitably for you.

So you think you can dance

My daughter is a huge dance nut, she takes dance classes 3 nights a week all year and is planning on taking classes this summer too. She loves the show So You Think You Can Dance but it's on so late at night. She will be excited soon with school being finished for the year she will be allowed to stay up a little bit later. Except on nights before dance class of course.

Pool Time

With the end of June now upon us it is almost time to get the pool set up for the kids, they are finishing up school next week so we are looking forward to getting the spot relevelled from the winter and filling up the pool. We were looking at a new pool for this year a little bigger with salt water filter but we had to decide on keeping ours at least this year. The kids almost lived in the pool last year and I expect the same this year. Blake is a bit more independent this year which worries me a bit around the pool but we will keep the gate to the yard locked so he can't get in without us.

Radiator Specialist

Whether through accident or just a break down it can be frustrating when you need to make repairs to your vehicle. When you need a radiator for your vehicle turn to the experts at, they are the biggest distributor of radiators in the US, they started out over 20 years ago as a small 3 man operation and worked on the premise of fast delivery and great customer service priding themselves on delivering all over Northern California in under 3 hours. They took this success to the next level and began expanding their operation to today, which covers the entire country. They have the radiator you need no matter the make, BMW, Toyota, GM, Dodge Truck Radiator if you can drive it they have a radiator that will match or exceed the performance of your original factory equipment. All their radiators come with an unlimited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind that you are making the right choice.
The Radiator team is on call 7 days a week 13 hours a day for your convienence and assistance their team of radiator experts can get you back on the road fast. As a special treat they also stock bins of Candy for the sweet tooth and every radiator deliver comes with a special bag of treats as a special thank you.

School year almost over

The kids are finishing up their last full week of school, the year has gone so fast it seems like just yesterday they were starting. Now is the time to start getting ready for some warm days, ummm maybe they will come. It will be nice to not have to worry about school lunches anymore. To make a lunch that is healthy and they will eat was a challange some nights for sure. Anyway we will now be getting ready for a nice break.

Mr. Vice President

Being a Canadian it's funny but we sometimes spend more time following American politics than Canadian. I think it is because America is the World Leader and has a lot of influence on the world and Canada. It was recently rumerored that Al Gore may be a running mate for the upcoming election this Fall. I'm not sure if he would want to go back and do this again but think of where he is in terms of environmental issues and he would be a huge asset to the government and would for sure work to push many issues along much faster than any other politican might. It's a real shame in my opinion that Al Gore didn't win the presidential election the first time around, what a different World we would all live in without having gone through the 8 years with George? We would be so much further ahead on environmental issues and green energy causes. It would be a great ticket, let's go Obama/Al

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

medical software

With the chronic shortage of physicians and wait times that adding extra pressure to the entire system. Every tool a physician or clinical staff can have to access informatiion is a must. In todays communication age with access to information more redily available. It's important for Physicians to make quick and accurate diagnosis and plan course of action as fast as possible. Many physicians today are using PDA devices to keep track of important information and documents. Epocrates offers the most up to date medical PDA software available. Use their software to check interactions between different drugs before making prescriptions to ensure there is no risk and find alternatives if there is a conflict. When you use the epocrates software they will give you free access to use the software on pocket pc, palm and windows desk top systems to allow you to use it around the office as well

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Friday, June 13, 2008

How do you Clean?

Our household is like a category 5 tornado everyday with 4 school age kids running around, it would almost look like a one ripped through by the end of the day anyway. Our home is a combination of hardwood and carpet and we are actually getting ready to put carpet down in our new master bedroom. In our house I'm the vacuum and floor cleaning guy, my wife doesn't like doing that cleaning and I don't mind it gives me a chance to drown out the noise of the kids, just kidding. One fun thing about kids is at the age ours are they always want to help you do stuff so sometimes we make a game out of cleaning. I can hide a treat or two around the house and get dusting done. It was funny the other day, I was finishing up drywalling our new room and had a pile of dry wall dust on the floor. The younger boys thought it would be fun to drive their trucks through it. I wasn't too worried about that it kept them entertained so I continued on with my project. Well after a while they decided to roll through the dust to help clean up. When I came back in the room they were covered head to toe in drywall dust. We pulled out the dirt devil and sucked up the floor and than took the hose attachment to the boys. You wonder why my poor dirt devil scorpion is just about ready to head off to vacuum heaven, it has been through the war here trying to keep up with the little ones, so we are beginning to shop around for a new Dirt Devil There is a new line of vacuums called the AccuCharge, these look really cool because they are cordless yet still have lots of power. In fact they are the only cordless vacuum to ever recieve Energy Star certification. If your interested in learning more about this new line check out the video below.

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Prices up or down

With the tough economic times we are in with gas prices soaring and making everything more expensive it is taxing our disposible income. What do you find when you are shopping are prices more or less expensive in your opinion. I work in retail and I shop the competition regularily you might find things I've discovered surprising. Grocery items available at grocery stores have risin approx 10-15% in the last year where as items of a Hard good nature, cleaning supply, hardware etc have not gone up. I discovered some surprise, everyone believes Walmart to have the lowest prices and for sure on some items they do, those of a highly visible nature like tide or water, items you buy everyday would be less but it's the unordinary items you might not shop around for that are surprising. Example 30' of building electrical wire exact same package Walmart 29.99 - Zellers 9.99 not a sale, regular price on the shelf everyday. Be careful when shopping, give me your opinion or examples, I'd love to hear your opinion.

Friday, June 6, 2008

A small orange web services

In my blogging world I am beginning to out grow the capabilities of my current host supplier and have began to shop around for a new service that can provide me with the environment I want. Through my search I came discovered a great source of hosting A Small Orange Web Hosting They are designed to work with anyone from personal needs up to small business. They provide every account big or small with full support and great features. They have a team of dedicated staff that can build your website for you or simply upgrade what you already have. They worry about the details, does it load quickly, is your site easy to navigate, is it accessible from all servers, you get the point they are there to ensure your site is optimized for browsing and functionability. A Small Orange has ASO Bill software which allows you to collect your payments from clients for the services or products that you have provided. They also have a referral program which allows their users to recieve credit for their bill for referring new users to their system which is really great. It's time to take your business or personal space to the next level and A Small Orange is ready to serve you today and help you grow for tommorrow.


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More renovation Projects

I spend yesterday working on renovation projects around the house, we got the parts to hook up our outdoor plug and worked on molding around the doors. It was a pretty productive day, tommorrow a plumber is supposed to be coming to remove an old water heater in our bedroom so we can finish up the walls and floor hopefully next week. I am working all weekend so I won't be able to get much done for the next couple of days.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School coming to an end....

In just a few weeks my children will be finished school and starting their summer vacation. Our oldest son will be going into Junior High in September and I am left with thinking of how fast the years have gone by. Then I panic wondering where am I going to find money to put my children through College. I know we will do what needs to be done to put them through and further their education and with the many College Scholarships out there hopefully they will help. Is your son or daughter ready for college? Find money for College, check out for free College Scholarship Search and Financial Aid Resource.

Summer is here

It was a long winter and spring was nothing much to talk about. I can honestly say that yesterday and today have both been the most beautiful days yet. I spent the morning getting some renovations done and then it was off to work. There is nothing worse then heading off to work at noon on a beautiful sunny day and lots of things to keep me busy if I was home but I have to work, that 's life. Tomorrow is looking like rain but hopefully on Thursday my day off the sun and warm weather will return.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bleach the movie

A new event coming up in June from Fathom is the upcoming North American debut of Bleach the Movie Memories of Nobody. On June 11th and 12th at 7:30 in select theatres nationwide this animated movie based on the best selling manga series by Japanes artist Tite Kubo. You can purchase tickets for this event in advance by visiting the website and entering your zip code to find the theatre nearest you. The movie follows the story of unidentified being known as "Blanks" that start to show up unexplained and they are soon followed by a Soul reaper named Senna who just as quickly makes them disappear. The characters of Ichigo and Rukia set out to learn the secrets of the blanks and Senna and learn of evil plots as they attept to save the world from annihilation.
I think it would be cool to be in one of these stories, I would have to be KeepKid, powerful keeper of lots of Children.

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Ooops bad day at the office

The Nascar event at Dover was completed yesterday and again the dominant driver this season Kyle Busch was able to drive to victory lane. There was a huge jumble of the standings when on lap 16 there was a major wreck between Sadler and Stewart that took out a number of the top contenders this year. Harvick being one of them, he continued after repairs but could only get a 38th place finish. He is now in 10th place in the cup series standings a rough weekend for him. Let's hope for a rebound this weekend.