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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lingerie Dreams


After a busy day of work I got home and found a nice supper all ready for me, my wife has her mother visiting with us for a couple of days and they decided they wanted to go out shopping on a girls night for "underwear". Now I was thinking they may actually be going shopping for some Lingerie, you may ask why I went there first, well they have both been losing a lot of weight and are feeling great about themselves. Tighter tops and even a bikini(wife) have started to pop up in their wardrobes . As they were going out the door I told my wife to get some sexy underwear thinking maybe she would surprise me with some Designer Lingerie, not for me to wear, for her and for me to enjoy. Some of the favorite designers we have seen include the Freya brand. Freya is full of fun designs for everyone and comes in a variety of fashion colors and have a fantastic fit. There are so many fantastic choices in the boutique ofFreya Lingerie it's hard to pick a favorite but I like the "LOLA PLUNGE". Lingerie can be beautiful for everyone Fayreform is designed specifically for larger-cup ladies who want to express themselves with vibrant colors with fashionable designs that are designed for romance. Fayreform Lingerie is brought to Boudiche from New Zealand is is one of their boutique's best selling brands. Now back to the shopping night, I'm not sure how it went but they brought home bags of socks and underwear but there was some giggling going on as they were showing me all their purchases so as normal I'm not sure what was going on....go with the flow and see what surprises await me I suppose.

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