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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The impending Big 3 Bail Out

What is your opinion on the impending bail out of the big 3 car companies in the US and Canada? I am very upset that the government would even consider using the taxpayers money to bail out 3 companies. Yes I agree that these companies were an important part in the history of our countries here in North America but it is just business none the less. If it was any other company out there would there be this big push to dole our millions/billions of dollars to save these companies. In the name of big business if you can't make a go of it than you go out of or sell your business to someone that can. I personally feel it is an complete slap in the face to expect this to happen. If any one person is facing financial struggles the government doesn't bail them out are we as people not an vital part our the country?

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