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Saturday, September 13, 2008

My son's wishlist

My son is getting a little older now so it is time for him to start putting up a Christmas wish list of things he would like to have. Of course as any young man a new Microsoft Xbox gaming system is on his list of wants. He has had a Playstation 2 for about 3 years and it is beginning to be obsolete and un-cool. We are trying to save up enough money to try and get this big Christmas wish list.
We are looking at the Core Xbox System as an introductory item for him and to get him started. He just got a new room this year and wants to feel better. By using ShopWiki to help search the entire Internet I was able to discover different sites that sell these items. This is a great tool because it allows me to search availablility and compare pricing at the same time. I found the best deal in the Amazon Pricing stratagey and hope to have one here at the house .

1 comment:

Dad Stuff said...

Our son has wanted a Playstation for the last four years.
But we just can't pull the trigger on one.
Hope you find a good deal.