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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grocery fiasco

We are very budget oriented family and we are extreamly price aware. I was very disappointed on our latest visit to the SuperStore. With the raising cost of fuel every business is raising prices the bad thing is our pay cheques are not getting any bigger. 75% of the items we purchased yesterday were 20-30 cents higher than they were the last time we went to grocery store about 3 weeks ago. We purchase the same items every time we go to the grocery store and guess what the increase over the last grocery visit was over $50. It's not much wonder that most people live in poverty, and our government says it can't do anything to help us. When over 50% of the price of fuel is taxes on top of the 30% they take off the top of our paychecks. The oil companies are making record profits, 9 Billion in the last quarter I heard. You can easily tell who's scratching who's back.

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