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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Video Game Trading

If you are a video game junky and find yourself with a huge collection of games lying around your room that you have already conqured there is a new way to turn your old games into new games to enjoy. A new site is now available for you to create your own personal video game trading land. It is so simple anyone can quickly set up an account and get trading. You can begin recieving games in just a few days, and this May you get 100 points to trade with to start your trades. Goozex assigns goozex points to every game so there is no need to barter for a price you know how many points you'll get for your games and how many points it will cost you to get your new games. This site is not renting games but trading so when you receive a game it becomes your property for as long as you want it. When your done with it you can trade it back in again.

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lewisca3 said...

I have used Gooex in the past and have been pretty pleased with the results. One of the items I received was broken upon receipt, but they credited back my account without any problem and I was able to get another item instead.