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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Which Docker Contest Are You

Have you heard, there is a casting call out there just for you, don't let your chance to be a star slip by. NBC and Dockers have joined together to create a cool Dockers contest in which you, your friends, your family or just some dope you find on the street can be the star of your commercial. You pick the location, you make the script, just remember the real star of the commercial has to be your dockers. The contest already has some great entries so you need to get ready and get your entry in. There are some that focus on the fun of dockers, I like the guy who does the plumbing in his dockers, I'll leave you with that visual. I would have to say for me my favorite was one called Dockers SF check it out below which shows the average guy going through his day and all the different Dockers products there are to get him through his day, it flashes from Dad with his son, onto Golf with the guys and of course the hot date with I'll assume is his wife in the evening. This showcases to me the history and versatility of the Dockers Product. What's your favorite video, go online and vote now or better yet make your own favorite and submit it for yourself, who knows you might just be the next big NBC commercial star.


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