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Monday, May 19, 2008

What's Your Style Today

What is your definition of classic style? It could be any thing that works for you. I like celebreties that keep their style simple and not over the top. Brad and Angelina to me show a classic style they tend to wear basic items that anyone could find or wear and always look not over the top. My own personal style is normally based around Jeans and casual and I have a great collection of Dockers. Some well worn that I use for around the house and doing project work. With a big family, 4 kids we are super busy and it's all about keeping it simple. We still want to look good but at the same time keep the image of the average parent. There was recently launched on NBC a Dockers contest in which you can design your own take on the classic Dockers commercial. I've looked at some of the entrants and they are all very good, I would enjoy someone showing us the classic docker used for the everyday person in a 9-5 world while balancing a family and all the activities that go along with that. That would be the comercial I'd like to see. What would you like, get your video camera out and start rolling you may be the next famous commercial director.


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