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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Christmas Thrill

The joy of Christmas is coming closer than you think in only 7 months another Christmas will have come an gone. Now of course if you are a keen shopper you will wait for sales to get the most for your Christmas giving dollar. You can catch the odd deal throughout the year but as everyone knows that Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving is when all the really great sales start. If you are looking for a deal on just about anything someone is trying to sell it. With the help of websites like bfads you can get the scoop on what ads are coming up for Black Friday before anyone else sees them in the newspaper. Even better than that you will even get the links to their websites so you can make your purchases online while everyone else is standing out in the cold waiting to fight with everyone else in line to get their big deal. As you all know video games are huge in my household with three boys there are always games on somewhere in the house. We'll be sure to shop Game Stop to get the greatest deal on the newest games and accessories for the Wii, Playstation or Xbox all three are going strong at our house.


Anonymous said...

The real Black Friday web site is is trying to trick people that bfads is is the #1 black friday web site the last 3 years. Your site is a cheap copy of

People don't be fooled.

Rozella said...

I wish we had Black Fridays here. Thanksgiving isn't a big holiday so there are no major sales and that suxs, especially for us girls. We do like to shop!