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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A day in the life Contest

How would you like to be famous, it could happen to you if you have a good story to tell about a day in the life of your pants. Let your imagination and creative juices flow and come up with the most exciting story to tell and enter the Dockers contest, if your entry is selected as the best of the best your commercial will be shown on NBC. Your story can be as wild as your imagination will allow you to make it. Everyone knows the quality and style that comes with a pair of Dockers, and I'm sure everyone of you out there has atleast 1 pair in your closet or more likely on your body as we speak.
A day in the life of my favorite pants will happen on a day off from work, I have a well broken in pair of pants that I wear when my beautiful wife has jobs for me to do around the house, which is almost everyday off of my day job. Hey I'm on vacation this week and there are a ton of projects being mentioned. These pants are the most comfortable pair and I have had them for years, the pockets are great for projects because they all have a specific job, I have my hammer spot, screw pocket, driver pocket, spot to hook my measure tape on. They work hard but it is all worth it as our home becomes more beautiful, and my wife more happy. I think she likes my butt in those pants too because she is always watching me work. LOL.


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