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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Who are the best Website Providers

With the economy in the current condition that it is in and with no relief in site it is important for each and everyone of us to really take a good look at our expenditures and what we can do without or how we can shop around to get the services that we want but still save money. My wife and I have been blogging for a couple of years now and what originally started out as just one blog about our life for family away to keep up with has grown into over 10 blogs between the 2 of us. I found we were spending too much on our hosting services and really wanted to take a look at different options to help us stay on our household budget. The big question is where do you start and how do you even know what it is that you really need. With a little research I was able to discover a webhosting comparison site (webhostinggeeks) that takes all the guess work out of finding a host provider. Their site compares all the best webhosting services under $10 a month. The site offers links directly to the webhost home page so you can find out more information about the services and promotions they are offering. For us we felt that the BlueHost offered us exactly what we were looking for in a host, we wanted to be able to continue using our current domain but transfer it over to the new host. They provide unlimited domains, great for us as we continue to grow our blogdom and unlimited space which is great so we can load whatever we want into our websites without worrying about them running out of space. We are looking forward to many more years of fun, communicating with people all over the World and developing great new friendships along the way.

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