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Monday, June 15, 2009

My Father's day wish

I have been working on renovating and upgrading our home for 2 years and I am almost done I think. We probably not, my wife is fantastic at finding new projects for me to do. I normally have a list of 20-30 things that need to be done. Anywat I think all the major projects are done so it's time for me to start relaxing a bit and I always wanted a nice big recliner that I could sink into and relax with a good movie or show at night. This is my favorite chair and hopefully it might end up in my house sometime in the near future. The latest project involves creating a rustic cabin in our new bedroom and it took some work to create the cabin feel but it looks pretty cool. To add to the atmosphere we needed to find some rustic furniture to fill it up. I did some searching and actually discovered a company that creates beautiful rustic furniture that show the natural characteristics of the wood. They use maple, oak, hickory and cedar to create their beautiful furniture collection.

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