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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Claiming the Man Space

It's finally my space, I started a renovation last Spring on what was formally a Garage. The original intentions were that we were going to create a wonderful "Family" room for us to just hang out in and have fun. It was too bad that I did too good of a job on the renovation that my wife decided to move our bedroom down there instead so we could be below our youngest son. After a year we finally convinced her that we should move back to the main house and re-create our "family room". Now I get to go shopping for some new gear to set up our room, first of all we needed a new LCD flat screen to mount up on the wall for our super movie nights and of course for our oldest son's new PS3.
I can't wait to finish off the room with a home theatre to finish off our theatre experience. All I have to do is head down to the store for some popcorn and soda's and get ready for great nights with the kids.

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