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Friday, July 31, 2009

Building Security and peace of mind

Every so often you here on the news about an airline plane that has had problems but when you really think about all the planes and all the flights that happen everyday and the vigorous task given these air crafts it makes you consider where are the parts created to keep these planes in one piece as they soar through the air.
It truly is amazing to research the manufactures that work in the aerospace industry day in and day out and the amazing tests that they do on a regular basis to ensure all their Fasteners are of top quality and will stand up to the abuse they will take at high altitudes, pressures and conditions time and time again. It isn't that they have to make a part that will last once but they create parts that work without fail for multiple applications.
My wife is heading on a flight with my daughter and her dance troupe tomorrow morning which made me start to run through all the different scenarios for their flight. Luckily I found a website for Airplane Part Manufactures that goes through the entire process and reliability. I will be able to sleep easier tonight knowing the time and effort that went into preparing the aircraft that will be carrying the two most important ladies in my life.

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