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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Making some time

A couple of weeks ago the kids had a fair day at the school and one of the kids favorite things is the yard sale in the gym, they always find all kinds of (*treasures*). This year Kohl's favorite find was an easy bake microwave oven, it came in the original box with a couple of pizza mixes and he wanted to bake bad. We checked it out that night while Carrie was at work and to his disapointment and my relief there was no pan in the oven to bake with. I thought maybe he would forget about it but everyday he would ask when we would by him a new pan for his oven. I finally thought up a new idea today after going around shopping at some stores, and we made a date to bake tonight. I took some tin foil and quadruple folded it and made a small square pan with sides, I even impressed myself with this one. He took off upstairs for his baking set we were ready to bake Pizza, he came down very disappointed, his mixes have gone missing. We looked around a bit but couldn't find them anywhere, seeing the puffy eyes coming I went into back up mode. I knew I had a 1/2 bag of cookie mix in the cupboard so why not try to make cookies instead that would be tastier than the (God only knows how old) Pizza Mixes anyway. With homemade pan, batter and toy microwave oven in hand we got down to business!

Here are my two super helpers giving the batter the final mix up and it appears taste test.

These would be the faces that made it all worth the effort to pull this off!

Trying their hardest to be patient

The final product, I was also baking a batch in the oven to make it go a little faster, we were right at bed time and didn't want to be too late.

The glimmer tells me that it tasted pretty good, the battery died right after this picture but Blake had just about the same expressions as Kohl just a little goofier as you'd expect from him!

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