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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Lady's Birthday

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Only 31 years ago
An Angel was dropped down from Above
Especially made just for us
We may not have realized at the moment
But a special soul had begun on this day
Caring and loving,
Nurturing to her babies
Beautiful in every way
Inside and out
A smile that can brighten any day
Always trying to make things better for everyone else
Sometimes forgetting about herself
Not wanting to miss a moment, can wear her down by the end of the day
No matter what, she will rise to the occassion to see her little ones be little
We have all grown to love this amazing lady
A little more each and every day.
Here's to 31 more years and 31 after that.
I wouldn't want to miss a day

Love you Dear,
Happy Birthday!


1 comment:

Carrie Smith said...

Thanks for the wonderful birhday!
Lunch was great :0) Looking forward to getting my treadmill this week!