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Friday, March 21, 2008

Green Recycling

It is amazing how much the world has changed in only a short period of time. I can remember when I was a youngster everything went into the Garbage and there was no concern as to what would happen to it after that. I have had the privledge of moving around a fair amount and have seen many different recycling programs set up in different communities. I would have to say the best program I have seen so far is here in Cape Breton. Here we sort all our garbage out and seperate into different classes of recycling, we have the paper type recycling, glass, metal and Recycled plastic material . It is great when on garbage day we will put out our composting bin and 3-4 bags of recycling and only 1 small bag of waste sometimes we don't even have any to put out. I find it fun sorting out the recycling with the kids because it gives as a chance to discuss what each item might be turned into. It's only one small part of making our environment a better place for generations to come.

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