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Friday, March 28, 2008

How do you spell insanity?

It seemed like a good idea, Daughter 8 birthday have a sleep over with friends.
I'm just kidding, my daughter is having a sleepover with 7 of her girlfriends tonight. They are settling down to a movie as I sit here, they were exactly what you would expect, loud, giddy and having lots of fun. So far so good 3 hours in and 12 hours to go. They are certainly having a blast and Trin is in all her glory for sure, she loves being the center of attention. I believe they will be tired at the end of the weekend because tommorrow most of them are going to another of the girls house for another birthday party. Girls just want to have fun.

1 comment:

Mitch McDad said...

That sounds scary. I'm in no hurry for mine to have sleepovers. :)