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Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo Greetings

What a wonderful way to introduce all your family and friends from away to your new family arrival than buy using Photo Cards. You can quickly order photo cards and have them customized to your specific needs. You can include a photo of your choice and have it in the finish you like, whether you want full color, black and white or a sephia finish you can select to match the tone of your card. You can also choose from pre selected verses or customize your message inside the card to match what your occasion is. I recently received a personalized photo card of my nephew and was really impressed. I wished I had access to these back when our kids were little, it would have made for really memorable birth announcements to everyone. Our family usually does up a family Christmas card with our latest photo included but we always struggle with what card to buy, this year we will be able to make the card of us and eliminate that decision. We can also take advantage of great savings of up to 40% and get free shipping. To ad the finishing touch you can even have a copy of your signature imprinted on the inside of the card to complete and really make the card like your own.

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