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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunbathing Beauty...Camera Critter

My son took this picture of our puppy Breigh a few weeks ago, yes there was still snow on the ground. She couldn't wait for spring so she found a nice warm spot with the sun coming through the window. She absolutely loves the sun, and is very happy lately with a few nice days she lays on her blanket out in the driveway.

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i beati said...

Breigh is quite big now Sandy A doll

Karen said...

That's one happy, puppy :-)

Nice shot by your son ..

Me and my puppies said...

She is a beauty! Refrosting her bones.

Tulip said...

great capture. happy easter!

Manz said...


She looks like she is day dreaming about running around outside... or should I say sunbaking under the open sky.

Happy Easter.