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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family Frustration

What a day, as it was raining all day and everyone was home it usually creates a recipe for disaster with our oldest son. He gets bored easy and usually picks on the kids which in turns gets him into trouble. His day already off to a bad start because it was too wet to go outside got worse when he started coping an attitude to his mother. He was prompty grounded from computer priveledge for the day, another ingrediant in the recipe. The afternoon went buy ok and as my wife was getting ready to go to work he came to me and said he was bored, so I ran through some idea's and we finally agreed on playing Crocino (spelled wrong). All was well for about 1/2 hour while we were playing but as soon as it was someone else's turn he started to spiral again. It cumulated a couple of minutes with him grabbing his sisters 3D glasses off the couch and starting to bend them back and forth. She asked him not to break them and his response was to jump up throw them at her and punch her in the back of the head as he walked out of the room. He got caught red handed as I came around the corner at just the right time. I sent him off to his room which sent him into a fit of crying and rage. I desperatly tried to make him see that he doesn't have the right to hit anyone but in his opinion everyone else is's all their fault and yes when he gets mad it is completely in his right to hit them. It is so frustrating as with him as long as he is doing exactly what he wants when he wants it everything is great but as soon as anyone else gets in his way or has a different opinion the day is totally ruined.

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