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Friday, June 13, 2008

How do you Clean?

Our household is like a category 5 tornado everyday with 4 school age kids running around, it would almost look like a one ripped through by the end of the day anyway. Our home is a combination of hardwood and carpet and we are actually getting ready to put carpet down in our new master bedroom. In our house I'm the vacuum and floor cleaning guy, my wife doesn't like doing that cleaning and I don't mind it gives me a chance to drown out the noise of the kids, just kidding. One fun thing about kids is at the age ours are they always want to help you do stuff so sometimes we make a game out of cleaning. I can hide a treat or two around the house and get dusting done. It was funny the other day, I was finishing up drywalling our new room and had a pile of dry wall dust on the floor. The younger boys thought it would be fun to drive their trucks through it. I wasn't too worried about that it kept them entertained so I continued on with my project. Well after a while they decided to roll through the dust to help clean up. When I came back in the room they were covered head to toe in drywall dust. We pulled out the dirt devil and sucked up the floor and than took the hose attachment to the boys. You wonder why my poor dirt devil scorpion is just about ready to head off to vacuum heaven, it has been through the war here trying to keep up with the little ones, so we are beginning to shop around for a new Dirt Devil There is a new line of vacuums called the AccuCharge, these look really cool because they are cordless yet still have lots of power. In fact they are the only cordless vacuum to ever recieve Energy Star certification. If your interested in learning more about this new line check out the video below.

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