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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Burton Snowboards

Oh my where do I start? My 12 year old son took an interest in skiing and snowboarding this past winter and guess what he wants this year for Christmas. Yep his very own snowboard but apparently it can just be any snowboard but it has to be one of the Burton snowboards, I am assuming that is what all his friends have. Like any loving father I have been browsing through the Internet trying to find out more about these snowboards and luck has it at I have many items and accessories to choose from. Shop by categories from boots, snowboards, jackets, gloves, package deals and so many more. Now I just hope that I find the right one for him. Maybe I will just have to let the surprise out of the bag and let him pick out the one he really wants.

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burton snowboard said...

I am trying to get one for my Dad too. he's 50 and still active with snowboarding. he also wanted to gear up hence I am looking for available goods online.