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Friday, April 11, 2008

That new Spark

For my wife and I it all started very inocently we lived away from all our family and wanted an easy way to keep them up to date on all of our family activities. We called alot but with our 4 little ones growing and being very busy we wanted a better way to share our events. We began to blog simply to let us show everyone our kids growing up, it was so easy to blog we found ourselves bloging everyday. It was wonderful because just as we were busy so were our families so it gave them a chance to keep up with us when they had the time. As we progressed we began to hear about opportunities to actually make money online doing basically what we were doing. This was a fantastic opportunity for us as it allowed my wife who was staying home with the kids to make a little money without having to worry about sitters or working around my schedule at work. The hours were as flexible as she wanted them to be and if we wanted to go somewhere for the day she just didn't log in that day. It wasn't long before we were both working on this together and it was fun because it gave us something to work on together. There is a fantastic new site coming called SocialSpark that allows you to make new blogging contacts and make money from your blog at the same time. It is really easy to sign up for the newsletter and get ready for the lunch. I have had the fortune of previewing the site and it really is fantastic to work with. If you are a mom at home or wanting to stay at home it might be worth your while to look into this form of advertising.
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