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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Real Ranks

If you are a currently a blogger that has worked ever so hard in building creative and worth while blogs, you have no doubt spent countless hours working to make many connections to increase your viewership. It can be a daunting task mixing it up and building relationships with viewers to keep them coming back for more. Many of us have worked until we achieved that sought after page rank only to have it spanked away from us completely unexpectedly. Anyone whom has been hit by the page ranking system has asked themselves why, many people out there have different opinions on why we get hit but no one really seems to know for sure what causes this to happen. We are all left wondering what went wrong and what can be done to fix it, alot of people out there will tell you that it is easier just to start a new blog which can be very frustrating to get going and build up your friends again. 164There is now an alternative with the launch of IzeaRanks or Real Rank you get to be graded on the real traffic to your blog and the influence your blog will have in the world. It is clear how you are be tracked and how do you build your rank, simple increase your readership and your rank will increase.

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